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Magazines have been around for decades now. They are simply a visual treat due to the high-quality photos. Magazines also contain well-written articles that provide detailed information on various topics or on a specific subject matter.You may also see digital magazine examples

Want to be the next Top Gear or Motor Trend? This article focuses on car magazines and how to make them. We have provided some examples in which you can purchase at very affordable prices which can help you create your own car magazine.You may also see magazine cover websites

Sports Car Magazine Example

Ford Cover Car Magazine Example

Driver’s Seat Car Magazine Example

Tips in Creating a Magazine Cover

Listed below are some tips in creating a magazine cover. The tips listed below are not only for car magazines only but for all types of magazines as well.

1. Keep in mind placement of text and typography

It will come as no surprise that typography and placement of text are extremely important in magazine covers. Typography is referred to as the visual component of the written word. The term typography is also applied to the style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters, numbers, and symbols created by the process. You may also see e-magazine examples

Typography makes sure that the arrangement of text is correct, as well as make the text readable. After all, a magazine cover can make or break a magazine since readers will be viewing them first than the magazine’s actual contents. Don’t write long sentences, but write phrases instead since the space of the magazine cover is very limited. If you will be incorporating numbers, alignment is also important so that it won’t look cluttered.You may also see luxury lifestyle magazine examples

2. Be careful with colors

If typography is important, so are the colors. Text should not only be the one you should focus on despite the content focusing partly on text. Colors affect the tone and overall feeling of the magazine cover. When using text colors for subtitles and other subheadings, neutral colors such as black and white should be used. Otherwise, you can use other colors for larger text and the title of the magazine.

3. Use high-quality photos

If you are incorporating a photo in the magazine cover, make sure the photo is of high quality even if it takes the whole space of the magazine cover (i.e. Time and GQ magazine covers for example). Poses are important if you are taking the photo of a subject to be used in the magazine cover. Don’t let him or her stand like a tree, it ruins the aesthetics of the cover.You may also see free writing examples.

It is also recommended to place the photo in front of a transparent or solid colored background which can help the photo (as well as text) stand out.

Web Car Magazine Example

Audi Cover Car Magazine Example

Retro Car Magazine Example


Tips in Creating Magazine Content

1. Keep target audiences in mind

Unfortunately, not everyone will be reading your magazine, but you can always focus on your target audience as they are mostly the ones who are reading and purchasing your magazine on a regular basis. Aside from providing you revenues, suggestions and comments for the improvement of your magazine will also come from the target audience, so listen to them as they are the ones who truly care about the content you create.You may also see real estate magazine designs

If you don’t have a target audience yet, think about the content that you will be creating. For example, a target market for a sports magazine are sports fans and athletes. Another example would be for a car magazine, in which its target market are car aficionados or people who simply have a passion for cars.

2. Create a list of article ideas

It is important to brainstorm first and create a list of article ideas. Come up with as many ideas for articles, features, stories, and sections as possible. Try and aim to around thirty to forty ideas, and come up with at least twenty articles. You don’t need to publish all of them in one issue or volume, as you need topics for your future issues. If you cannot come up with at least twenty ideas, refine your theme or topic until you will be able to reach that number.

3. Assemble an editorial team

Making a magazine by yourself is possible but difficult. Divide the workload by forming an editorial team that handles different parts of the magazine. You can also ask friends or family members to help out. With a team, you can easily advertise your magazine on a job board or through a local newspaper.You may also see interior design magazine examples

4. Find writers

Aside from an editorial team, you need the most important personnel when creating a magazine—writers. As previously mentioned, it is very difficult for you to create content all by yourself. You can start looking for new writers via social media, blogs, and in newspapers. You can also go to local writing conferences or post notices in coffee shops. Writers may contribute their own ideas based on the theme, or you can assign them a topic from your list of article ideas.You may also see A4 brochure designs

5. Hire designers and artists to produce exciting new graphics

A magazine without visuals is not a magazine at all. It is more of a newspaper. These should be high-resolution images that relate directly to the content that you provide. You can hire a photographer to scope out local events. You could also find a graphic designer to produce digital art. You could include cartoons, portraits, caricatures, or diagrams.You may also see notebook cover designs examples

6. Organize the layout of your magazine

Organizing the layout of your magazine is essential to avoid making your magazine cluttered. Make a decision on how you want to arrange your text and images. You can opt to going with a clean, white space for your articles, or you may fill the space with images. If you will be placing ads in your magazine, decide where you want them to go and how big they will be.

Classic Car Magazine Example

Digital Car Magazine Example

Creative Car Magazine

Best Cars of the Decade (So Far)

The 2010s has seen the best automobiles to be released in the market. A combination of convenience and technology, cars have taken a great leap in technology in terms of functionality and safety while also enhancing fuel efficiency and mileage. Here are the best cars released so far this decade (2011–2018). Expect the list to be updated next year and as the decade ends in 2020.

1. Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Fusion Hybrid is dubbed as the best hybrid, with the family sedan offering a combination of spaciousness, price, and overall normality. The popular Buick LaCrosse sedan and Volkswagen Golf are also noteworthy alternatives to the Fusion Hybrid.You may also see multipurpose business brochure examples.

2. Chevrolet Volt (GM)

The Volt’s ability to drive long distances using gasoline power (40-mile all-electric range) is just amazing. The Volt is a significant milestone since it uses General Motors’ Voltec electric drive system that proliferates to a variety of models and body styles. GM has been on a roll in recent years, winning the North American Car of the Year with the Chevrolet Malibu and also winning the same award with the Saturn Aura.

3. Honda Civic

A new Civic will be debuting this year at Detroit’s road show and promises to be an exciting event. But the outgoing model is no slack off as it is not only of the best cars of the decade but one of the best cars to be ever manufactured. The current Honda Civic also won the prestigious North American Car of the Year award, with its features including a broad model lineup (coupe and sedan body styles) and various power trains (hybrid, gasoline, natural gas). Runners: Ford Fusion (the improved ’10 model won the award in hybrid form) and the Pontiac Solstice sports car.You may also see travel schedule examples

4. Mini Cooper

The classic Mini Cooper is always on the list of best cars of the decade, no matter what decade. This fun-in-a-box with bolted wheels at the bottom also won the North American Car of the Year thanks to its responsive handling, fuel efficiency, and ease of parking in crowded urban streets. Mini Cooper blows its nearest competitors, the four-seater Infiniti G35 Coupe and the two-seater Nissan 350Z out of the water. You may also see travel essay examples.

5. Toyota Prius

The second-generation Prius distanced itself from its predecessor from being a clunky plaything to a real car with broad appeal to a cross-section of consumers, all thanks to its increased power, space, and efficiency. Hatchback lovers were also glad to see the practical body style appear in an appealing vehicle. The Toyota Prius also won over a couple motor-journalist favorites including the Cadillac XLR and Mazda RX-8 sports cars.You may also see book cover design

6. Ford Focus

Ford’s current One Ford strategy is aimed at developing models it can sell all over the world. The European-developed Focus replaced the highly successful yet retiring Escort (which itself debuted at a world car when it replaced the Pinto) in 2000, and critics were ecstatic that it used a combination of small car practicality, handling and efficiency in a crisply styled package. Focus also has its own set of competitors, including the audacious Audi TT, its cousin the Ford Lincoln LS (which borrowed hardware from global subsidiary Jaguar).

The Evolution of Cars

It’s amazing to think the technology implemented in cars these days. Technology has developed so fast that you become very curious to what comes next in the automobile industry. The technology in cars today was nonexistent 10 years ago, and the technology in cars 10 years ago was nonexistent 20 years ago.You may also see Examples of advertisement design examples

Computer-powered engines are already present in all new automobiles. GPS and navigational systems have become more accurate and reliable. Fuel efficiency is at its most environment-friendly (Euro 5). Convenience and the interior and exterior designs have also massively improved. The cars you see in movies are becoming more and more of a reality. Who knows in 10–20 years, floating and jet-powered cars will now be available in the market. Traffic will now be moved from the roads to the skies. How exciting and interesting would that be?

It is a fact that cars are still a luxury item. A person receiving the minimum monthly wage simply cannot afford to purchase a car. But car companies have now created a partnership with banks and other financial institutions to make it easier for individuals to purchase their dream car. Installment payments with low interest rates are now made available, in which this mode of payment was nonexistent 20–30 years ago. If a person has a sizable income and that the bank or auto company thinks that the person will be able to pay his monthly amortization, then he or she can definitely obtain a car.You may also see article writing examples.

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