Pill Bottle Label

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

Pill Bottle Label

Have you ever called someone a pill because their attitude is unpleasant or just difficult to take? Well, the use of the term “pill” as slang is based on the medicine pills that are said to be hard to swallow. Given this negative impression of pills, how then will you promote your pills to your target customers? One way is to create a visually striking and functional pill bottle label. Apart from the aesthetics and branding that a label provides, it is also where the information of the pill is contained as well as any warning and statement of compliance with the law. Not sure how to create one? Use or refer to the pill bottle label templates and examples below.

Pill Bottle Label Examples and Templates

1. Basic Pill Bottle Label

Basic Pill Bottle Label
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher


For your convenience in designing a label for your pill bottle, you can use this basic bottle pill label template as your own. It would be easy for you to achieve the design of your own preference as there are a lot of options for the file formats that you can choose—Illustrator, Pages, InDesign, Photoshop, MS Word, and Publisher. You are guaranteed with elegant and professional label design as this template is carefully created by professional graphic artists. You also have the freedom to modify the content according to your current needs.

2. Medical Pill Bottle Label

Medical Pill Bottle Label
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Apple Pages


Perfect for any your pharmaceutical business, this bottle label can be used for any pills, such as sleeping pills, diet pills, contraceptive pills, memory pills, among others. One benefit that you can experience when you download this template is that it is easy to edit and customize according to your preferences. This also contains high-quality graphics, well-designed layout, and suggestive content that you can edit or modify to fit your own style.

3. Women Diet Pill Bottle Label

Women Diet Pill Bottle Label


A lot of women are conscious of their body weight, size, or shape. In order to address their concerns, entities manufacture diet pills that would help them maintain their shape. However, with the increasing companies manufacturing pills, how can one stay competitive in the industry? The answer to this can be your women diet pill bottle label design. Designing one that is with sophistication and elegance would surely attract potential customers. You can refer to the example above as your reference for your label design.

4. Diet Pill Bottle Label

Diet Pill Bottle Label


Many would resort to diet pills apart from going to the gym, eating healthy food, and having a balanced diet. So, for your pill products, it must be contained in a bottle bearing the business brand or identification, product description and content, product grading, compliance with the law, and promotion. Note that you must constantly include your branding in all your product labels and marketing materials for the people to be familiar in your business.

5. Fat Burner Pill Bottle Label

Fat Burner Pill Bottle Label


Entice your target customers to try your fat burner pill bottle label not just having high-quality products but also excellent product labels, such as the one presented above. In choosing for the colors, you can refer to the color scheme of your logo and other company branding and design elements. In this way, more and more people would become aware of your branding, making them not only buy your pills but also trust in your credibility and become repeat and loyal customers.

6. Slimming Pill Bottle Label

Slimming Pill Bottle Label

Get the attention of those who want to get slim to make them interested in your slimming pill through your bottle label similar to the above example. Besides aesthetics, you must also work on incorporating all the essential information that must be included in a product label, for example, the name of the product, the logo design, the unit of measurement, a short description or tagline, a list of the ingredients used, the product story, and the directions for use.

7. Sleeping Pill Bottle Label

Sleeping Pill Bottle Label


There are some people who find it hard to sleep at night or are struggling to have a good night’s sleep. These people are your target customers for your sleeping pill. Provide them the necessary information of your pill through your sleeping pill bottle label, just like the one presented above. Apart from providing them the ingredients of your pill, this is also a great way of showcasing your brand to your target customers so they would become aware of your existence, which would result to trusting in your credibility.

8. Sleep Aid Pill Bottle Label

Sleep Aid Pill Bottle Label


Gain the interest of your intended audience, those who would like to have a natural and good sleep, by stating the advantages that your pill provides through your sleep aid pill bottle label, similar to this example. In creating a label, make sure that you highlight your branding by using the colors of your logo or any other branding elements.

9. Memory Pill Bottle Label

Memory Pill Bottle Label


Help those who are struggling to improve their memory by introducing them your memory pill through your memory pill bottle label. Make them feel secure when they use your pill by incorporating the ingredients that you include in your pill. Through this, they will know that they are in good hands and that they can trust in your product.

10. Memory Boosting Pill Bottle Label

Memory Boosting Pill Bottle Label


Promote memory boosting pill through a well-designed label, similar to this memory boosting pill label example. This is not just a way to inform them of the content of your pill but also a way to showcase your brand to gain the spotlight in the market, making your name cemented in the industry.

11. Memory and Focus Pill Bottle Label

Memory and Focus Pill Bottle Label


Establish your brand for your business through the bottle label for your pills, just like this memory and focus pill bottle label. Customers are typically concerned with the ingredients of your pill before they can decide to buy your product. They want to make sure that it has no negative side effects and that it is effective in boosting their memory and focus. Hence, to keep them guaranteed of your high-quality products, include the necessary information in your label design.

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