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Being a part of an event’s advertising team can be stressful. Sure, you’re given the opportunity to unleash your inner Van Gogh but there’s always the chance of being a complete flop. The possibility of being ridiculed is always a factor, but it’s way worst when your efforts don’t serve its purpose. This is why designers need to create outputs that are as effective as they are good-looking.

One popular medium used for advertising is a poster. A poster is a piece of paper containing graphic and textual elements that is typically designed to be attached to a surface. They are frequently used to publicize a given event, a propaganda, or even an artwork.

Business Poster Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: A3, US


Example Vintage Poster Template

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  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: A3+ Bleed


Event Poster Examples

Music Event Poster

Corporate Event Poster

College Event Poster

Typography Poster Design

3D Typography Poster

Travel Poster Example

 Vacation Travel Poster

But Why Do We Still Use Posters Anyway?

We often associate poster designs with the average teenager’s bedroom wall. It’s easy to imagine it, a room filled with random posters. They can be anything from band posters to concert posters.

It’s simple.

Imagine this, election day is coming.

It’s currently the campaign period and what do you see? Posters of politicians hung high and low. And it’s not just a single paper, you see multiple posters plastered on a single area. The sight of which may be irritating to some, but it caught your attention, didn’t it? Then the poster has served its purpose.

Posters may be stationary to a single area but the amount of people that pass the area in a week may be in the thousands. With this in mind, a single poster has the ability to reach a large audience.

Effective advertising posters are also very convincing. It has the ability to persuade you through its strategic design. Posters have the ability to communicate through graphics and concise text, allowing an audience to engage themselves in the simplest way possible.

Advertising Poster Design

Cosmetics Advertising Poster

Event Advertising Poster

Restaurant Advertising Poster

Music Poster Design

Music Concert Poster

Music School Poster

Music Band Poster

Music Party Poster Design

Business Poster Design

Small Business Poster

Corporate Business Poster

Business Event Poster

How to Design a Poster

Designing a  event poster isn’t all that hard, you just need to know the proper elements to add to your design. Here are some tips for the perfect poster design:

Come up with a good idea. The best posters are those that are unique yet empowering. Think of anything that relates to the subject of your poster and then sketch it out. It doesn’t need to be a symbol with an obvious interpretation, you can create something that is relevant yet mysterious. Be clever with the elements you want to add and be playful with layering different ideas.

Make it readable. Even from a considerable distance, the significant points of your poster must still remain visible. The headline, or the poster’s main subject matter, must have the ability to demand attention. You can do so by using interesting wording and catch phrases that is hard to miss. You can also experiment with different font styles and sizes.

Have a clear layout. Even when you choose to design an over-the-top poster, you still need to be organized. Arrange your layout in such a way that readers may easily locate the information they are looking for.

Create a huge visual. This could be a photo or an illustration. Such visual shall represent the poster as a whole. This would be the poster’s point of focus, one of which an audience is quick to notice. This is usually added as either the center or the back drop of the poster’s layout. One of the best methods is to center the image and surround it with its supporting details.

Experiment with typography. Typography is a technique of arranging text according to a specific style. For the typical art junkie, there are strict rules applied to typography in terms of design. But when designing a poster, there are no rules. Take the liberty of doing so by trying different typefaces. You can use a type that conveys a certain mood or theme for your poster. With the perfect type and color, you won’t need images or illustrations anymore.

Utilize space. A standard sized poster isn’t actually much, especially if you want your poster to be both attractive and informative. But of course, you need to work with what you have. Take advantage of the space by adding elements of every type to your poster’s design. Maximize what you can by adjusting images and text. Remember, tight kerning can cause your text to look blurry at a certain angle and distance.

Emphasize significant details. This could be the important details of an event or a call to action. Amidst the creative chaos, this information must still be capable of standing out. You can emphasize such with size and color.

Remove anything unnecessary. Create a poster that is simple yet loud. You can do so by only adding elements that are essential to the poster’s message.

Wedding Poster Design

Wedding Anniversary Poster Design

Wedding Reception Poster Design

Vintage Wedding Poster Design

Vintage Poster Example

Vintage Movie Poster

Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage Concert Poster

Wanted Poster Examples

Job Wanted Poster

Blank Wanted Poster

Vintage Wanted Poster

Advantages of Using Posters

  • Good marketing tool. Well-designed posters are enticing, it can easily lure in anybody who sets their eyes on it. This is especially applicable for posters situated at public areas that are always busy with people. For instance, at a bus stop. While waiting for the next bus, it is likely for a person to notice the poster out of sheer boredom. A person would then be forced to read the contents of the poster.
  • Cost-effective. You can hire someone to design your poster or you may do it yourself. Your next step would be to have your poster printed and distributed. Printing costs aren’t a problem as there are numerous companies that offer affordable printing, especially when they come in bulks.
  • Visibility. Posters can usually be hung multiple times in a single location. This type of publicity is sure to be noticed at first glance. However, you need to make sure that what you are doing is authorized or legal as some establishments and public areas prohibit such practice.
  • Mass production and distribution. Because of how cheap production can be, large numbers of print may be distributed to the public. This would also mean that a larger audience may be reached. Fortunately, modern technology has also widened the use of posters as they can now be distributed through various social media platforms.

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