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A flyer is a very common marketing tool used in business to promote and advertise goods and services. Take note that it is not only the sole purpose of a flyer. It also serves as an informative tool of a non-profit activities and events. In a non-profit event, flyers can gather volunteers to raise funds for a certain cause. Flyers are very convenient and handy that is why numerous companies and organizations use flyers to easily disseminate information.

Here are some non-profit flyer designs and examples you can use for your own charitable event. Check them all out!

Charity Fundraiser Church Flyer Template Example

charity fundraiser church flyer template

Fundraising Luncheon Flyer Template Example

fundraising luncheon flyer template

Nonprofit School Event Garage Sale Fundraiser Flyer Example

nonprofit school event garage sale fundraiser flyer

Saving Grace Church Charity Flyer Template Example

saving grace church charity flyer template

Nonprofit Charity Donation Flyer Example

nonprofit charity donation flyer

Custom Education Flyer Example

custom education flyer

Kids Benefit Concert Flyer Template Example

kids benefit concert flyer template

Charity Event Concert Flyer Example

charity event concert flyer

Charity Donation Flyer Example

charity donation flyer2

A Background on Non-Profit Organizations

What exactly are non-profit organizations (NGO)? Generally, they are businesses or community groups which are not affiliated to any public or private entity, working towards social and philanthropic missions and activities. You may also see advertising flyers.

What do philanthropic missions mean? These are missions that promote and protect the welfare of individuals as well as the environment. Examples of philanthropic missions include feeding and donation programs, tree planting and beach cleaning activities, scholarship programs, etc.

If they are not established to earn profit, how then will they survive? These organizations are supported by volunteers (individuals or companies) who want to assist in achieving the organization’s goals. Not only that, NGOs do not necessarily mean that they can’t earn or sell something. It is a common misconception by people that NGO’s do not earn. In fact, they can earn too, but the earnings must all be transferred to the cause they are promoting. You may also see marketing flyers.

What do you mean by ordinary course of business? This means what the organization is regularly doing. For example, if a church sells their unused truck, it is not considered as selling in the ordinary course of business because selling a truck is just an incidental activity by the organization. You may also see business flyers.

Church Flyer Template Example

gospel benefit concert church flyer template

Charity Fundraisers Flyer Example

charity fundraisers flyer

Informational Event Flyer Example

informational event flyer

Charity Golf Tournament Flyer and Matching Event Facebook Cover Example

charity golf tournament flyer and matching event facebook cover

Family Picnic Event Flyer Example

family picnic event flyer

Open House Flyer Template Example

open house flyer template

NGO Sectors

Here are some non-profit or non-government organization (NGO) sectors which are very active in doing some charity and social responsibility works:


This sector includes institutions like schools and other learning centers. Schools are not only limited to private schools but public schools as well. Educational institutions offer after-school tutoring, outreach educational programs, and development programs for teachers and students. You may also see fitness flyers.

Arts and Culture

The arts and culture sector includes the following categories:

  • Visual arts (traditional and digital)
  • Performing arts
  • Nonprofit radio and television
  • Museums (scientific, natural and historical)
  • Orchestras
  • Literary Organizations

The great thing about this sector is that it offers unique and creative programs such as charity performances and auctions. The audience may be aimed towards the wealthy and middle class individuals, but the funds accumulated by the organizations sponsoring these events are tremendous, which can definitely help the cause they are promoting or supporting. For example, majority of the percentage of ticket sales from an orchestra concert will be used to rebuild a community affected by a natural calamity.

Health Care

One of the most common sectors that provide charity work is the health sector. The health sector includes the following categories:

  • Medical practice activities (dental, surgery, vaccination, etc.)
  • Health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, labs, nursing homes, etc.)
  • Health care equipment (bandages, scalpels, gloves, orthopedic casts, dentures, etc.)
  • Medicine (generic or branded medicines)

In most countries, NGOs are given a large budget from the government when it comes to health care activities. You may also see vintage flyers.

Social and Legal Services

This is considered as one of the fastest growing sectors in the non-profit industry due to its high demand of social. This sector includes the following:

1. Pro bono legal services – These are legal services mostly provided for individuals having low income. The lawyer is usually not compensated for his services, but he can have an agreement with the client on other modes of payment. You may also see gym flyers.

2. Individual and family services – These are designed to mostly cater to individuals and families who experienced unfortunate situations resulting from environmental and accidental calamities (i.e. medical, temporary, housing, clothes/food).

3. Residential care – These services are delivered to individuals, particularly to senior citizens  (i.e. medicine, clothes/food). You may also see restaurant flyers.

4. Community and housing development – These services are provided by NGOs with the purpose of providing and developing affordable housing. You may also see club flyers.

Environmental Advocacy Organizations

These are organizations that focus their advocacy on various environmental issues. Some of their advocacies include:

  • Marine wildlife and ocean protection
  • Safe and sustainable fishing
  • Forest wildlife and land protection
  • Environmental law, policy and education
  • Environmental economics and research
  •  Carbon emission prevention

Generally, these groups aim towards marine and wildlife preservation, land conservation, and climate change prevention. You may also see child care flyers.

International Relations

There are also NGOs which focus on creating and strenghtening relations with NGOs in other countries. Their partneserhip will include shared financial, technical and human resources. To more about international relations, here are some theories which can assist you in obtaining more information about the topic.

1. Realism – This has been the dominant theory of international relations which relies on ancient tradition. The main theories of realism are based on statism (the belief that the main actors in international politics are the nation states), survival (the belief that international system has no central authority), and self-help (the belief that no other states can be relied upon). You may also see movie night flyers.

2. Liberalism – The belief of liberalism is that the primary determinant of state behavior are the preferences of the state rather than its capabilities. You may also see tutoring flyers.

3. Constructivism – This is concerned with how ideas define international structure. The belief of constructivism is that international politics is shaped by ideas, values, culture, and social identities. You may also see minimal flyers.

4. Marxism – Its assumption is that the economic concerns transcends all other issues and that the international system is an integrated capitalist system.

5. Feminism – This approach is somewhat biased on gender because it excludes women’s experiences from the study of international relations. There is a belief is that international relations shape masculinity because of its impact to the people. You may also see party flyers.

6. Functionalism – The focus of this theory is on the common interests shared by states. It argues on the theory of statism-realism that the actors in international politics are the nation states. Instead, it highlights that states serve their own functions. You may also see travel flyers.

Final Say

The activities and philosphies supported by non-profit organization make them different from the profit organizations. The main purpose of NGOs is to promote and enhance social welfare and environmental protection. You may also see dental flyers.

To advertise and promote events sponsored by NGOs, flyers are definitely needed. If you are part of an NGO or planning to set up one in the future, we recommend that you purchase from our collection above. You may also see flyer designs.

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