10 Examples of Recruitment Brochure Design

Letting the public become aware that your company is in need of skilled workers is not something to become pressured of unless the recruitment team only has weeks before they hit their quota. Thanks to the collaboration of conventional methods, to mention we have advertising flyers, business brochures, name cards, and others, and digital platforms, recruiting employees are not as hard as they used to be. One of these conventional methods that are still practiced is the distribution of recruitment brochures.

Recruitment brochures, which can be in a soft copy uploaded to your company website or in a hard copy for the sourcing and talent acquisition team to distribute to the public, have proven to be still effective in the era of post digital revolution. Not only are they cheaper in this generation, internet software is developed which caused drastic changes in brochure design. Thus, increasing the rate of its effectiveness. That being said, a recruitment brochure is a great company document which can be shared with the targeted audience to lure them away from joblessness.

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Every company brochure is to advertise the business’s  products and services, and also to attract potential workers to take part of the company’s projects for personal and professional growth.

You might wonder why there is a need for brochures to be produced when a company can just write something in its company website about urgent hiring, or develop some advertising posters and post it in a public place where it will be hardly ignored. A company invests so much about advertisements because these are what allows it to hit its desired needs.

Companies don’t just settle for one method of advertisement for this does not enable them to progress hastily. Here are some reasons, why there is still a need for a company to produce recruitment brochures, and why brochure production is a great way in advertising a company.

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Why Use Recruitment Brochures?

There is a variety of ways in announcing a company information to the targeted audience as a means of attracting prospects. Compared to other forms of company recruitment advertisements, brochures are still used as a way to attract potential applicants because of their advantages. In this section, we will be enumerating the advantages of best brochures to give you all the reasons why you need to practice this as a method of advertising your company:

1. Recruitment brochures are straightforward. To be general, all InDesign brochures go directly to the point. Time is everything for businesses and in providing general information to recruit someone to be a part of your company the brochure gets right into the process of compelling readers to be a member of the company. Detailed statements of facts are manifested in it, which causes the prospects to be intrigued. And, too, the information in a recruitment brochure answers all possible questions that are raised by your target.

2. They demand to be read. Recruitment brochures are never a wasted investment when handed to the targeted audience. It is important for you to curate the right community that you will be distributing your brochures to. Even if these PSD brochures are not handed to a target, there is a great chance that an effective recruitment brochure will still be read and be distributed by someone they know is in need of a job.

3. They increase public awareness effectively. When handing recruitment brochures to the targeted audience, there are instances where a prospect keeps the brochure and inform a friend or a neighbor. Hence, increasing your sphere of influence. Brochures are not only distributed in malls, or in some designated posts that a distributor stands. Brochures can be converted into PDF so universities or schools can just print it. Some companies mail these brochures to houses.

4. Recruitment brochures can be carried anywhere. Recruitment brochures are treated with the greatest care by interested prospects since they contain vital information about the company. Not only that, they can just refer to the modern brochures anytime. In comparison with advertising boards, brochures may not be as exposed as these but there is only too little information that can be seen in them. Moreover, your prospects are not likely to visit the area again where the advertisement board stands just to check again the details in it. They are just going to browse in their computer about your company.

When putting brochures and company websites in comparison, the latter has its challenges most especially if the target is hunting for jobs. The target might have searched for jobs in different job portals or has gone through various landing pages, chances are retargeting ads may appear somewhere in the screen. If this retargeting ad catches the attention of your target, chances are he/she will forget about reading the information in your company website. A brochure entices the reader to become interested with an offered position by mentioning the benefits that they will be indulging once they become a family of your company and other factors that make your company an ideal one to work with, convincingly.

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5. Balanced image and content. You can only fit so much information in a brochure no matter how big your company is. Having this stated, there is a need for a recruitment brochure to balance the content and the images that are to be put in it. The balance of both makes the brochure readable to your target. If the balance of content and image are not borne in mind, this would greatly nullify the effectiveness of it. Typically, a recruitment brochure is not heavy in images.

Pictures of your clients and candidates are found in it with their testimonials to add conviction. Not sure what to write in a recruitment brochure? Here’s a guide to help you out with your content:

  • Start by stating how your business plan came to be and what inspired you to do such a business and the background of a business’s founder. Keep everything brief at the same time compelling to not bore your targets. Write how your business has progressed over time and how employers and employees have benefited from this. Putting some statistics in your recruitment brochure is a very good way to persuade prospects.
  • Enumerate all the services in your business. A company is divided into different departments for it functions well and, too, reach its goals in the expected time. Educating your target about the specific departments of your company comes with absolute necessity, for him/her to know which department best fits the target’s skills, and , too, for his/her professional growth.
  • State all the qualifications of the position that is available for a candidate and the procedure of determining if they really are the best fit for such position. This section does not only excites potential employers, in fact, this also allows clients to know that your company consists of the best people.
  • Include client and candidate testimonials fortifies the reputation of the company. Considering the size of a brochure, 3 testimonials would suffice.
  • Provide company contact information. This includes 1 mobile number, 1 landline, company e-mail address, company website, and Facebook page if there is.

6. Recruitment brochures are cost-effective. During the digital revolution, the price of the printing press has decreased dramatically. The production of the brochure can become even cheaper if they are produced in great quantity.

7. They help enlighten the targeted audience determine the edge of your company from your competitors. It is important for your prospects to know what they will get from your company for their personal and professional development. You must never assume that the audience you are targeting is not only up for a good salary. They are after a reasonable salary from services that they will be subsequently performing, which supports the progress of the career path that they have taken.

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8. Recruitment brochures are versatile. No matter what positions are available in your company or kind of business you are handling, advertising brochures can advertise it to the public without that feeling uneasy for whatever is promoted in it. The scope of promoting something using a brochure is limitless.

A recruitment brochure can be used by companies to get the interest of qualified applicants who can fill different work positions open for employment. Through the versatility of this tool, a business can get the attention of job seekers in a wider spectrum. Moreover, a recruitment brochure that contains general information about the hiring processes followed by a business can be used for various hiring functions within a long time duration.

These are the main reasons why the production of recruitment brochures are still practiced. Despite the technologies that are capable of facing out these marketing strategies, brochures have continued to exist for they have developed adapted to the digital era. With all the reasons stated above, what’s there not to like about brochures?

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