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Logos are not only present in business matters, they can be found in formal events too. In special occasions like that of a wedding, it can be made extra special and astonishing by the presence of the bride and groom-to-be’s wedding logo.

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Various themes and concepts can be applied in a wedding logo, it can be classic and formal, or a unique Gothic style, or vintage to retro and even modern logo designs too. Surely, there are lots of ways on how to design and add embellishments in a couple’s wedding. Choosing the perfect logo design in a wedding is a vital consideration too.

Wedding Invitation Logos

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Key Points in Designing a Wedding Logo

Having a wedding logo in your wedding invitations, wedding decors, and wedding souvenirs is a great way to tell your friends, family and relatives how special and worth remembered your wedding is. Since a wedding logo is a symbol for both the bride and groom , it is very important to take a glance on the ways how to create such a lovely wedding logo.

  • Consultation- In deciding for the wedding logo, one must call to mind to consider first how would it look like. Considering the future husband and wife’s likes and dislikes will help in determining the perfect flat logo design for the wedding..
  • Visualize- After being able to know the things what the future husband and wife wants, now its time to visualize, you have to examine if those ideas will be possible.
  • Choose a theme and motif- Theme and motif must come hand in hand, motifs are those objects that can be seen in the wedding day, it can also be considered in the logo that will be present in wedding invitation cards. For weddings themes such as garden or classic can be customized and can look modern by considering today’s modern logo designs.
  • Resort to Timeless Fonts or Typefaces- This would create an impact on the type of theme. Make sure to choose fonts that implies weight if the theme is quite sophisticated, or those light weighed fonts for those who choose the  white or cream colored theme weddings.  It is just a matter of balance
  • Include Photography- This is applicable for wedding logos that would be printed on wedding invitations already. You can go ahead and customize this time. It would be lovely for a wedding logo to be accompanied by a photograph once pasted for an invitation (see also photography logo.)
  • Go Classic (if needed)-  There will be instances when you go on changing your mind and you doubt the designs and plans you’e already made for the wedding logo, so when you are in doubt, do not hesitate to resort to being Classic.
  • Personalize- Making the wedding logo personal for the bride and groom-to-be is still very important, because they are the ones being highlighted in the wedding in the first place. Make sure that their  preferences and personal tastes as a couple is still present.

Being able to know the things you need to consider in making a wedding  vintage logo is a matter of research and creativity, always remember to take time in personalizing, to create an impression of originality.

Vintage Wedding Logos

Vintage Wedding Logo Vector

Vintage Wedding Photography Logo

Wedding Service Logos

Wedding Planning Service Logo

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Hindu Wedding Logo

Hindu Wedding Card Logo

What Makes A Good Wedding Logo?

Wedding logos are such one of a kind idea in a wedding because logos are usually present in business firms, companies and other commercial establishments.

  • A good wedding logo follows the basic key points in creating one. From the consultation of the bride and groom-to-be’s preferences, the right process of choosing the theme, colors, motif, the font, and other fundamentals of designs that needs to be followed.
  • A good wedding logo must be practical and useful. Meaning it must function what it is expected. It must represent both the bride and groom-to-be. It must fit in any surface such as in wedding invitations since they can be very useful because they add up as embellishment in an invitation card or invitation flyer, or in stickers or stamps that will be pasted on wedding souvenirs.
  • A good wedding logo must represent the future bride and groom-to-be. This means that the theme, motif and colors must be easily identified that it is made and personally for the couple and that their preferences are distinct in the logo design.
  • A good wedding logo is simple, simple but not to the extent of compromising the creativity and imagination.
  • A good wedding logo must be memorable, it must inculcate in the minds of the people who gets to see it, that when they reminisce that certain couples wedding, they would still be able to remember the details of the wedding logo and how beautiful it was created.
  • A good wedding logo is timeless and classy, the design must not be boring and could stand the test of long period of time. It must imply how formal or laid back or sophisticated the wedding is
  • A good wedding logo is versatile- It must fit anywhere else, it could be printed in stickers, photo papers, in wedding souvenirs like mugs for example.

So these are the characteristics what a good logo possesses  if you would like, our examples of business logos and photography logos also be helpful for your reference.

Wedding Company Logos

Wedding Planning Company Logo

Wedding Event Company Logo

Wedding Cake Company Logo

Wedding Cake Logos

Wedding Cake Business Logo

Wedding Dress Logos

Wedding Dress Brand Logos

Wedding Dress Logo Vector

Why do you need a logo?

There are lots of business firms and commercial enterprises already engaged in branding their own business, even special events like weddings too. Logo is the most powerful tool in doing such, in order to market and sell the name to the public and potential clients. In the process of creating such it is very important to take part in considering the logo design because it is one of the most important element to remember when you engage your business with its very own business logo, and trying to customize or revise it business flyer is also another way of enhancing your company’s brand. So why do you think you need a logo? Here are the reasons why you should :

  • Consistent- You need logos because they create consistency in branding. If you are consistent which means you could easily be recognized.
  • Permanent Image- Logos serves as your permanent image (especially in branding which is very important). Permanent images in your company or business helps in maintaining its name to the public.
  • Distinct Identity- When you have already the logo as the party flyer in your brand, it means you are distinct, It be easier for you to be recognized ones you have your logo
  • Great First Impression- First impressions last as they say, so you get to justify it, having an astounding logo in creates a great first impression, meaning you have inculcated something already in the minds of the potential clients and customers. Take restaurant logo for example, if your logo is simple understandable and bears what really is a restaurant, then you’re good.
  • Standout from Competitors-  Competitors are always everywhere, it is inevitable so having a logo means you are original, and that’s what separate you from your competitors.
  • Loyalty- There are instances that your competitors in the market tries to match or outshine your service, so how would you be able to make sure that your customers remembers you? A logo, of course.
So are you now are already enlightened why you should need a logo in you business, commercial entities and even in special events? To find  out more about logos please try to check our awesome photography logos, corporate logos and company logos right here in our site. I hope these would be helpful to you.

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