Thank You Greeting Card

Did it ever happen to you when you want to say thanks to someone but you hesitate, hold back, and shy away because you feel awkward or you’re just being so timid? What do you do about it? Did you fight and muster your strength or did you give in to your timidity and walk away?

Worry no more. Of the different ways in showing your gratitude to someone, giving a greeting cards is proven effective for shy people who are hesitant to express their appreciation and may not be very vocal in saying thanks. An effort will surely do in conveying your thanks to someone.

There are a lot of ways to show your appreciation and gratitude to someone who made an impact on your life may it be a not-so-significant one or one that is so great that it leaves traces to your whole being and to the composition of your personality, and giving a thank you card is one of those ways. Whatever the cost may be as long as it comes from the deepest portions of your heart, a simple thank you greeting card can mean a lot to the recipient. especially if it comes as a surprise.

The next paragraph will discuss the common reasons to say thank you to the people around you who gives you an extra reason to smile and to continue pursuing life and the brief history of greeting cards.

Thank You Greeting Card Samples

Photography Thank You Card Template

Printable Thank You Greeting Cards

Printable Thank You Greeting Cards

Wedding Thank You Greeting Card


Lovely Thank You Card

Reasons to Say Thank You

To Your Parents

First of all, it is fitting and proper that we will thank our parents not only for conceiving us but also for molding us to become a person with dignity and helping us to stand on our feet. Our parents are the first ones that give unconditional love to us even when we still floating inside the womb of our mother. However, at some point, we get to grow and our affection towards our parents are not shown well or we became shy in expressing thank to our parents. Here are some of the top reasons why we should thank them. you may also see printable thank you cards.

For the Love and Support

Again, our parents are our first love, and they are always on our backs, supporting us whenever our knees get a week and we became overwhelmed by the challenges of this world. Their love is so unconditional that they sacrificed a lot for us. Sometimes, we may not understand why they should leave for work and spend a little time for us, but believe it, they did it to feed us, their children; all they want is to give us support and love. You may also see thank you note examples.

For the Advice

Our parents are also great advisers as they have already encountered so much in their lives. They are our role models and a living example. We must be always grateful for the advice that they gave even though we doubted their advice at times and there are moments that we want to spread our wings on our own. For teens, who are innately risk takers, it is best to take heed to the pieces of advice from our parent because they are normally just for our own good.

For the Comfort

Another reason for giving thanks to our parents is for the comfort that we are experiencing right now. We may feel so down because we do not have the latest gadgets or our clothes are not anymore new, but try to think again and ponder—our parents are working so hard to give the best for us may it be a material thing or the intangible ones such as love and care. So, the next time you think you are not living in comfort, assess it over and over again: are your parents not providing you the basic necessity—a roof for shelter, a food to eat, and the love you need? you may also see diy thank you cards.

Printed Photo Thank You Cards

For Giving You a Gift

Most of us celebrated many events in our lives such as birthday card, graduations, anniversaries, and promotions, and, most probably, our parents are supporting each of them morally or by attending the events and/or by giving us gifts. Almost always, we are so much fascinated by the gift that we forgot to thank our parents who gave them. Aside from tangible gifts, we should also be grateful to our parents for being an instrument in giving us the gift of life.

For the Allowance

There must be a big smile on your face when your parents gave you your allowance. Despite the times we grumbled over a small amount of allowance and ask for more, our parents continued in providing us allowances to sustain us in our daily living. That is enough reason to thank them!

To Your Sibling/s

Admit it, there are really times when we want to count the hair strands of our sibling and pull them all out especially when we argue over things that we want or we want some stuff but she won’t let us use it even just for a short time. However, even though we constantly clash, it is undeniable that we are bounded by blood and our sisters or brothers are one of the first ones who get to know our attitudes well. There are a lot of reasons to thank them, and below are some of the most common ones.

Fall Thank You Card Template

Fall Thank You Card Template

Hand-Drawn Flower Thank You Cards

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For Listening to Your Rants

Be grateful that you have a sibling to listen to your rants about other people or your problems in school and everything that keeps your mind sick. Even if sometimes they can do nothing about your complaints, it is just somewhat helpful to have someone around listening to your rants and serve as your outlet for the outburst of your emotions.

For Keeping Your Secrets From Your Parents

There are really some things that you don’t want to share immediately to your parents such as having crushes to one of your classmates but you can immediately share it to your sibling because either they understand you or they do not mind at all. Either way, it just feels good to have someone who keeps your secrets (although it oftentimes becomes a weapon for blackmail) from your parents.

For Letting You Borrow Their Stuff

There are stuff from our siblings that we wanted so badly, we must be grateful to our siblings for letting us borrow his or her stuff. Let us just make sure not to create wreak havoc so we can borrow it again!

For Covering Up When You Broke the Rules

We sometimes broke the rules, intentionally or unintentionally, and we know that our sister or brother is there to cover us up and help lessen our punishment. This is one of the greatest things why we should be thankful to our brothers and/or sisters.

Future Deco Thank You Card

Floral Thank You Greeting Card

Floral Thank You Greeting Card

For Sticking With You at Family Events

Many children hate family gatherings for you can be in the spotlight and your personal stuff will be brought up, which you really hated. Another reason is that some children are not comfortable having many adults around wanting to know your business. Because some family events could be so boring, be grateful for having a sibling who sticks with you during those awkward times.

To Your Other Relatives

Your other relatives include your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, and your other distant relatives. They also serve as your support apart from your immediate family. Here are some of the reasons why we should thank them. you may also see wedding thank you cards.

For Cheering You Up

Aside from your family and friends, your relatives can help you, too, in cheering you up when your mood seems cloudy and when the odds are not in your favor. So, it is just right that we remember to thank them in our own little ways.

Calligraphy Floral Thank You Cards

Hand Lettering Thank You Greeting Card

Hand Lettering Thank You Greeting Card

Vector Floral Thank You Card

Vector Floral Thank You Card

For Giving You Motivations

Our relatives are also great motivators at times when we think of giving up. They push us up when we feel down, and make sure that we get driven to continue facing the reality of life.

For Having Your Back Through Everything

When you have no one to talk to or when your parents are away and busy and so are your siblings, you can always run and take refuge to your other relatives. They have your back through everything for it is certain that they have sympathy for you as a relative. And, that is why we should also thank them for that.

For Standing in the Gap

Sometimes, we have grandparents or aunts and uncles who substitute in our parents’ absence, and even if thank you is not enough, that is the only thing we can do for now.

For Standing Patiently

We should also remember to thank our relatives who remain patient with us when we are already anxious and grew impatient over some things and those relatives who patiently hear our sentiments and give an advice.

To Your Other Half

It may be your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband, your other half plays a significant role in your life, and there are so many things that you must be thankful for apart from them coming into our lives and giving us sweet discomforts.

For the Constant Love

We should be thankful for having their constant love towards us despite the times that we argue and we have some misunderstandings. At the end of the day, love prevails and it grows more and more if you constantly feed it with hope and trust.

For Carrying With You Your Burdens

Your other half also shares with you your burdens in life and help you carry them throughout the journey, suggesting solutions to make it lighter and easier for the two of you to carry along the way. Thus, we must learn to appreciate the effort that he or she has expended just to make your burdens bearable.

For Being Your Shoulder

At times when we need a shoulder to lean or cry on, our other half is always there not only offering his or her shoulder but also his or her hands for you to hold when you can’t anymore understand a single thing in your life. It may sound exaggerated but there are really those times when your other half is the only person who is stayed by your side when things seem wrong.

For Cheering You Up

It is not all the time that your weather is fine; there are also gloomy days in which you need someone to give you inspirational talks to cheer you up. It is indeed comforting to have your other half motivating you and pushing you to your limits. Thus, we need to thank him or her for this.

For the Sacrifices

Some sacrifices are blatant but some cannot be easily seen. We must never forget to thank our partners for the sacrifices they made for us, the sleepless nights just to watch over us when we’re sick, the sacrifice of waiting for an hour just to go home together, and many other sacrifices that we sometimes overlook.

To Your Friends

We all have so many friends and each of them plays a different role in our lives. We sometimes forgot to thank our friends from the deepest of our hearts because we constantly see them. But, as we get separated, that is the time when we appreciate them and miss the things that they usually do for us. So now that they are still with us, spend the most of your time and don’t forget to thank them for being a part of your life.

For the Fun and Laughter

You may never forget the times when you enjoyed so much with your friends, but you might forget to thank them for that. Hence, pause for a while and remember the good things they’eve done to you and thank them with all your heart.

For the Warmth and Kindness

Many or all of our friends give warmth to your heart and you feel welcome and accepted around them. You can even be your true self when you are with them. Because of that, this is another reason why you have to thank them.

For Being Selfless

We must also give thanks to our loyal friends who are giving their all to us and retaining none for themselves; they are our selfless friends who put us first before their own self.

For Treating You as a Family

Our friends can also be our extended family where we are not anymore shy to reveal our true identity and self for we know that they still love and accept us just the way we are. We must be very grateful to have a confidant like them.

For Breaking You Out of Your Shell

Our friends push us to our limits and challenge us to try new things and go out of our comfort zones. We are confident in going out of our shells when we are with them for we know that we have their backs and they are always there to support us whatever happens.

There are a lot more reasons to say thank you to the people around you such as for being a guest in your wedding or a visitor when you were sick. Just remember and think about your blessings, and be grateful to the instruments who are bringing those blessings into your life. There is nothing wrong with being grateful.

Chalk Thank You Cards

Thank You Greeting Cards Today

From the traditional handmade thank you card from hundreds of years ago up to now, thank you greeting cards paved its way to the digital era and many are sending them through the internet. However, whatever the form you choose in sending the card and whatever the design you pick for your card, it is the content and thought and intention that really counts. And, the receiver will surely appreciate it especially when you are giving it with a sincere heart.

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