Birthday Card

Every special occasion needs to be extra special and extraordinary especially on birthdays. Do you want a simple yet well-designed birthday card to express how thoughtful you are on someone’s special day? Do you want a birthday card that appears classy and very creative without taking much effort in making it? Of course, who doesn’t want an amazing invitation design or birthday card designs right?

Need help? Sure. This article will surely help you in making quality birthday cards and birthday invitations without being too costly. Here, we present to you different birthday card examples made easy and simple without compromising their quality. These types of birthday cards will surely sway someone’s heart on his or her special day.

Free Birthday Cards

Free Happy Birthday Card

-Free Happy Birthday Card

Free Vintage Birthday Card

-Free Musical Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card Examples

Vintage Happy Birthday Card

-Vintage Happy Birthday Card

Funny Happy Birthday Card

-Funny Happy Birthday Card

Printable Birthday Cards

Free Printable Birthday Card

-Free Printable Birthday Card

Printable Frozen Birthday Card

-Printable Frozen Birthday Card

Printable Happy Birthday Card

-Printable Happy Birthday Card

Handmade Birthday Card Samples

Handmade 1st Birthday Card

-Handmade 1st Birthday Card

Personalized Birthday Cards

Free Personalized Birthday Card

-Free Personalized Birthday Card

Personalized Happy Birthday Card

-Personalized Happy Birthday Card

Different Types of Birthday Cards

If you want to make someone feel extra special, going back to the traditional ways of sending greeting cards would never fail to amaze them.Here are the different and easy yet extraordinary ways to design your birthday cards:

  • Happy Birthday Card – This type of birthday card is very simple yet elegant for it has a touch of Disney (which would be great if the celebrant is a child). you can customize by putting the celebrant’s face in front to be extra amazing, this is kind of customizing since you’re going to put the celebrants face in front.
  • Vintage Card – Vintage cards are pretty cool and unique ways to express your thoughtfulness towards the celebrant. This card can be given to adults or young adults who appreciate vintage era. Its uniqueness in style will surely hit the celebrant’s taste.
  • Animated Birthday Card – This is another fun way to express how artistic you are towards the celebrant. This is easy and fun to make too.
  • Funny Birthday Card – Funny birthday cards are the types of cards that are considered awesome cards to give to those awesome and playful types of celebrants. You can put a taste of how playful and funny you are towards your friend through the message you are going to be sending him or her.
  • Printable Birthday Cards – We also have ready to print cards that are quite simple yet appealing to the eyes and this includes the Printable Frozen Birthday Card. Frozen’s fantastic and magical theme will surely invite the interest of the celebrant especially a young girl who loves princesses. The cool-blue-ice-princess theme of such birthday card is a sure-fire way to a young celebrant’s heart.
  • Handmade Birthday Card – Handmade crafts just like invitation designs and invitation envelopes are pretty fascinating, just by thinking of the effort in doing such as well as the product, our samples here very helpful in achieving a huge smile from the celebrants. For handmade kid’s birthday cards we have one sample here for a baby’s 1st birthday, our 1st Birthday Card samples here are very elegant and quite distinctive for it appears simple yet classy themed just for cute babies like yours.

DIY Birthday Card Examples

DIY Birthday Greeting Card

-Diy Birthday Greeting Card

DIY Happy Birthday Card

-Diy Happy Birthday Card

Black and White Birthday Cards

Black and White Happy Birthday Card

-Black and White Happy Birthday Card

Vintage Birthday Cards

Free Vintage Birthday Card

-Free Vintage Birthday Card

Vintage Vector Birthday Card

-Vintage Vector Birthday Card

Homemade Birthday Cards

Kid’s Birthday Card Samples

Kid’s Birthday Invitation Card

Kid's Birthday Invitation Card

Printable Kid’s Birthday Card

-Printable Kid's Birthday Card

Free Children’s Birthday Card

-Free Children's Birthday Card

Business Birthday Cards

Business Happy Birthday Card

-Business Happy Birthday Card

Further Birthday Card Samples

  • Personalized Birthday Cards- these types of birthday cards are considered one of the most special since it has to be made for a very particular person, which means it has to be distinctively made just for that particular celebrant. You can see on our samples, vibrant colors or you can choose the celebrants favorite color or some objects that represent the personality of the celebrant, by that, your personalized will never be boring and unnoticed. This would be very appealing to the receiver and would surely tickle his or her heart.
  • DIY’s or do-it-yourself crafts are simply creating or decorating something of your own style and of your own choice, which means this activity would be very fun and enjoyable for you while making your own birthday card designs or your very own postcard designs.
  • Vintage – Vintage-themed birthday cards are one of a kind types of birthday cards for it shows how unique it can be in the modern days, vintage is not only present in the early years way back, up until now some people use this type of style not just in fashion but as well as in crafts design just like birthday cards. To make your birthday card design a bit out of the usual styles please try our Vintage Vector Birthday Card.
    Homemade Pop-up Birthday Card – another way to show how artistic and creative you are is designing a homemade pop-up birthday card. This article provides the easy way to create your very own homemade pop-up birthday card designs or if you think of something bigger and an attention catcher kind of birthday greeting you can try our banner designs.

Disney Birthday Cards

Disney Princess Birthday Card

-Disney Princess Birthday Card

Printable Disney Birthday Card

-Printable Disney Birthday Card

Photo Birthday Card Examples

Kid’s Photo Birthday Card

-Kid's Photo Birthday Card

Free Photo Birthday Card

-Free Photo Birthday Card

1st Photo Birthday Card

-1st Photo Birthday Card

Unique Birthday Cards

Unique 1st Birthday Card

-Unique 1st Birthday Card

Hello Kitty Birthday Cards

Mickey Mouse Birthday Card Examples

Free Mickey Mouse Birthday Card

-Free Mickey Mouse Birthday Card

Elements of a Birthday Card

Sending greeting cards to people you know is such a cute and thoughtful deed. It means the person is important enough for you to be sending your thoughts about him or her on a special occasion. Especially on birthdays, our moms, dads, siblings and even our extended family deserve to be greeted so, in some way, they will feel that you are thinking about them and wishing them good thoughts on their special days. Here are further details you need to bear in mind:

  • The front section of the card is very important, you have to take note that the front page must be very eye catching. One must consider what colors he or she might use for colors give life to the birthday card at the very first glance. You might as well consider banner designs to know how banners are made just like birthday cards, there are things you might consider that are quite similar though.
  • The middle section includes the birthday message, the most important part or the one considered to be the soul of your birthday card. You can have additional designs as well like pop-up pictures that may surprise the birthday celebrant. In this part, you have the choice of adding some more pages if your message might be quite long, or even additional pictures, your memorable moments with the celebrant. You can actually turn your birthday card into a mini booklet if you wish.
  • The last but obviously not the least part, the back page—if done right—can give an added impact. You can actually just leave it blank; but if you want to personalize it, you can add your name or your personalized logo or stamp to make it extra cute and extravagant.

Remember, there are few things you need to consider in creating a birthday card. All you have to do is read carefully and follow the things that I have mentioned with regard to the elements of a birthday card. Just like like any other cards, such as invitation cards, that need invitation designs, a birthday card needs a birthday card design too.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your own birthday card! Or you may also want to consider checking out our banners and our beautifully made banner designs and invitation envelopes if you wish to make invitation cards at the same time.

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