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Don’t you just love the aesthetics that manifest in postcard designs? To others, they might simply be something that pleases our eyes, yet an unspoken sweetness of charm is actually in it. Many millennials, who consider themselves as people with old souls, like to think how the era of digital marketing has extirpated old, ideal romance and has birthed some actions that are not as heartwarming as the olden days.

Although the digital platforms are there to make all things easier to accomplish, it’s no surprise that people who have lived for many years would talk with derision about mobile applications and other gadgetry, which they think are the culprits that forced conventional romance to an ungainly stop. Many would say this is not entirely true, for the sole reason that the advanced technologies that surround us have paved the way for artists to hone their skills and learn or discover aesthetics the ancient days failed to discover. For example, using technology to make postcards more charming than ever.

Vacation Travel Postcard

vacation travel postcard

What Makes Postcards Sweet?

Travel postcards are very romantic and have existed in the world for many years now. With the help of digital platforms, they have reached the prime of their beauty.

Now you may ask what is there to aggrandize about travel postcards when it’s simply a photograph of tourist spots all over the world. I mean you could just look it up on Google and there you have it. If you’re thinking is greatly attuned to this, it’s about time we revive the old-soul romantic in you.

There are of course reasons why the beauty of travel postcards is not just skin deep, or why receiving them is sweeter than printing a picture of places you’d like to visit for yourself.

You may have seen travel postcards that are displayed in your house or your friends’ houses and think that they have gone to that place. Have you ever tried to ask your friend how their trip was in those countries? Well, usually a postcard does not only signify that they have gone to the place, for these postcards might also have been sent to them by an admirer or someone close to their heart who happened to have visited those countries. Sweet, isn’t it?

Not only that, if you happen to receive a travel postcard from your lover who is wandering the vast regions of the earth, that simply means that he or she is thinking of you and longs for your presence in that country. If you are the type of person who gets cheesed out from receiving a love letter, then just imagine yourself receiving a love letter written in a travel postcard. Romantic, right? You can roll your eyes on this, but you know you’ll cheese out from the deed. Although it is common for travel postcards to be sent to your lover, these are also sent to our parents, friends, teachers, or anyone that you cherish.

Thinking about someone else is a touching gesture that is naturally built into human beings as a byproduct of the combination of longing and love. You can pour all of your feelings into a few words at the back of a postcard, and this is what makes it more beautiful than what a postcard physically is. Additionally, these cards express your deep desire to share the joys that you are experiencing in a country that you are visiting.

Sunny Travel Postcard Template

sunny travel postcard template

Tips for Creating the Sweetest Postcard

1. Choosing the Right Postcard

You might think of looking for the best postcard as a challenge if it’s your first time sending one to your lover, more so a long-time crush, for fear of not liking your taste. As a suitor, you have to overthink about what your crush desires because of first impressions matter. Here are some guidelines to help you out in choosing the perfect postcard:

  • Make sure what’s featured mostly in a postcard is either an eccentric culture or a picturesque scenery. You must turn it over in your mind and be patient in your evaluation because the mixture of indecisiveness and anything-will-do-good attitude is never impressive. Being indecisive and settling for its result can be felt by the recipient of the card. That is why you have to take your time in choosing the most fitting postcard, to let it be obvious you are thinking of them.
  • Choose high-quality images on high-quality paper. It’s a good thing that postcards are not as expensive as they were in the olden days, thanks to the advancement of technologies making printing cheaper. This said you can choose the best images that best reminds you of the person, or of the knowledge of a culture you wish to impart to her. If you are having a hard time evaluating the quality of pictures, you can always refer to pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media sites were beautiful pictures are posted. Thus, there is a need for you to be updated to the trend, more so social media trends, for this helps you significantly in charming the heart of that person.
  • Choose a picture that best represents both the country and its culture. This might contradict the second step since there are postcards where the pictures seem to be painted by hand. This type of travel postcard flaunts the longevity of classical infrastructures and culture that have lived through the ravages of time. These postcards give you that old romantic feeling that makes you want to appreciate the beauty of the classics. Once the recipient receives the postcard, it will showcase the depth of your ideas and your good taste in a generation where so much is not taken seriously.
  • Remember that size matters. There is just so little space in a postcard for you to fill it with the entirety of your feelings. If that happens to be the case, you can always go for an oversized travel postcard, which is 6″×11″ or even bigger. Not only will they stand out as they will be displayed in the house, there will be a bigger space for you to write anything that your heart longs to tell her, and add stickers and small photos on them.
  • Get a caption that is witty. The decisions that you make for the above points should match the choice of your caption. A pun in a travel brochure is both witty and funny, but you just have to make sure that she does not roll her eyes at your pun or feel disgusted. Make sure the pun in it makes her roll her eyes yet laugh at it. That’s what makes the whole idea of the gesture memorable.

2. Enhance Your Penmanship

It goes without saying that your penmanship is a reflection of what you are as a person. Although this saying does not apply to all, seeing beautiful handwriting makes us think of a person as similarly beautiful. There is an unspoken charm that oozes in such a person, which magnetizes others to him or her. You may have probably left your penmanship to rust for good since in this high-tech age we use our fingers to type in electronic devices. We are even guilty of taking pictures of a blackboard for our notes rather than writing the contents in it. Hone your penmanship by practicing.

  • You have to bear in mind that you will be writing something in a postcard using ink. Make a mistake and everything becomes a waste or you will be forced to make or buy new postcards.
  • Use a scratch paper first before you write something in the postcard to minimize possible mistakes.
  • Buy a pen that improves that quality of your penmanship or makes you feel comfortable in writing. You have to make sure that the pen’s ink you are using dries instantly, so the postcard will not end up in a mess, and neither will your hands.
  • Writing a postcard displays the peak of your affection to your family, friend, crush, or lover when you are both separated by a considerable distance. It also shows the degree of your consciousness and how well you manage yourself in such events of emotion.

Travel Business Postcard

travel business postcard

Vintage Camping Travel Postcards


Cruise Ship Travel Postcard Template

cruise ship travel postcard template

3. Organize Your Thoughts and Make It Brief

There are times where your thoughts are stars forming in an unfathomable constellation. In this situation, you have the tendency to write what enters the stream of your consciousness, thus writing all unnecessary details in it.

You have to always consider the size of your postcard. Even an oversize postcard’s space might not be enough to pour all of your feelings in it. And don’t forget, you might fancy putting stickers and pictures on the back of your postcard. Aside from sending these postcards to your crush or lover, you have to consider your family and friends, who you will also be writing this to. Below are some ideas which can be a good help for you regarding what to write in it:

  • If you will be sending to your family, tell them how you are doing, that you are not starving, or that you feel homesick as you are away from the embrace of your mom and dad. Friends usually want to know the fun part of your travel, the interesting culture that might be a course for laughter, or how you find the locals in the country. For your lover, you can write them your condition, your longing for her presence, or write her a poem about that endures the cruelty of distance and time. If you are sending this to your crush, you can write how the place reminds you of her, or how the beauty of the moon’s reflection in the Maldivian sea matches hers.
  • As you travel to a country with a foreign tongue, a curiosity grows in you to know the basic of their language. In the greetings section of your postcard, you can write it in the language that is uttered by the locals.
  • A witty joke or a good pun is very compelling to read and totally makes the postcard worth reading.
  • Share some facts about what you have learned from the diverse cultures in that country.
  • You can write relevant quotes in it that reminds you of the person you are writing this to, as you are reminded by the image of that person from the image in your postcard.

4. Review Everything and Make Sure That All the Details in It Are Correct

The details we are talking about this are the name of the recipient and her address. Most often than not, postcards do not reach the recipient because it lacks some information in it. It would be unfortunate for you to have poured your heart out in the postcard just to hear it misplaced or not delivered by postal services.

Simple Travel Postcard

simple travel postcard

Vintage Travel Postcards


Holiday Tour & Travel Postcard Template


Doodle Themed Travel Postcard

doodle themed travel postcard

Travel Postcard Bundle


World Traveler Postcard


Relevance of Sweet Travel Postcards

Creating a travel postcard is just as fun as receiving one. Though we have advanced digital platforms and electronic devices, the charm of making a postcard is still undeniably one of the most interesting things to do in relevance to the practices that have been done way before social media and other online platforms are used as means of communication. A few reasons why travel postcards are still relevant up to this modern day are listed below.

Travel postcards are physical documents. Though virtual communication offers a more convenient and faster way to talk to someone, sending a postcard with a sweet note is something that is more worth keeping. More so, this tool is something that the receiver can hold and see every single time—even without the presence of an Internet connection. Unless you throw or you’ve lost it, a postcard can never be deleted, unlike the online posts that you have made previously. Having a physical document that reflects love, longing and affection is something that can never be replaced by online platform advances and developments. As postcards are documents that you can actually keep, here are a few ways on how you can maximize the usage of a sweet travel postcard:

  • You can place it in a frame and display it in any area of your space so you can always remember what it is all about.
  • You can also keep it in an album so you can secure it for a long period of time.
  • If you’ve received more than one postcard, you can actually put them together so they can serve as your collection.

Travel postcards are more personal. Most social media posts can be seen by other people. Though it is truly sweet to see a person who is proud of saying that he/she misses you, there is something with exclusive communication that makes a moment more memorable. Also, don’t you just love it when you are the only one who is aware of what a person thinks about during a particular time period? Hence, postcards that are shared are also memories being given. If you are far from the person or people that you love, creating and sending a travel postcard is one thing that you can do for them.

Travel postcards capture the beauty of a location at a specific time duration. Travel postcards provide a specific moment in a foreign place, kept and remembered through the usage of a photograph. Since travel postcards are from a different location where the receiver of the document currently is, it serves as a way to show a place through the eyes of the person who sent the sweet postcard.

Let us be honest that there is something with printed photos that makes the act of looking at it nostalgic. When you put the visual focus on a photo, you feel as if you are in the location that it depicts. If you have been to that place before, the feeling of seemingly being able to come back to that exact moment is truly strong and powerful. What more if these emotion-evoking photos contain a short message from someone who is truly important to you?

Travel Tours Postcard Templates


World Travel Agent Postcard

world travel agent postcard

Physical documents or letters may come to a point where they are no longer needed by a community and only exists in the historical context found in websites. But, thinking about the relevance of physical letters like travel brochures, wedding cards, greeting cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, and many others gives you an idea that perhaps the destined time for them to be considered extinct might not be as sooner as you imagine it.

Of course, the rolling of the dice remains unpredictable. Well, it’s best for you not to concern about the fate of these physical letters and documents and just send these postcards to the people closest to your heart while they are still used in the current.

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