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One of the best milestone you can achieve is graduating from your academic life. Nothing is ore fulfilling than knowing that you have successfully finished all your requirements in order to graduate from school.

The feeling of getting over the hurdle that comes with studying is incomparable especially since it means you can start on your journey to slowly achieve what you are truly passionate about. Graduation means freedom from the stress that comes with the academe, and facing the new chapter that is adulthood. You may also see travel postcard designs.

Graduation Invitation Postcard Template

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Aside from all of the reasons given above, graduating is the actual representation of what and where your hard work will take you in life. It is the true and actual evidence of what working hard and having a good support system will give you in return.

There is no better way to prove to the people who have doubted you and to also prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind into. Through your undying effort, perseverance and resilience you are able to accomplish such a big milestone and that is something you should be extremely proud of. You may also like how to write a postcard worth remembering.

Vintage Graduation Invitation Postcard Example

Graduation Invitation Postcard Example

Simple Graduation Postcard Example

Creative Graduation Party Knick-Knack Ideas

Of course you ought to celebrate this milestone wit the people who have supported you all the way. You have to commemorate this achievement by being with your family and closest friends. Celebrate the milestone bus most especially celebrate the new beginning you are about to journey into. To help you with you graduation needs, here are some useful tips and ideas you can use for your graduation party:

1. Set Up a Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love getting their quirky photos taken? Setting up a photo booth on a graduation party will surely help you preserve the memories you have had with all the special people in your life. You can also ask the photo both in charge to customize the frame for the photos to indicate the name of the graduate, date of the party, etc. You may also see small business postcard examples.

You can also include a graduation photo of the graduate on the frame as well as decide on the overall theme. The photo from the booth will not only be good for you to keep, but also a cute keepsake for the people who attends your party.

2. Edible Glitter Graduation Cap Cookies

A graduation cap is a universal symbol of graduation. And it is for sure cute to make edible glitter graduation cap cookies that everyone will love during your party. You can make some in the comforts of your own home with some store bought cookie mix of the flavor that you prefer. Molds for these can also be bought in store. You can go crazy with decorating these little cuties. You may also like corporate postcard designs.

3. Timeline Picture Wreath

A cute focal point decoration for you party is a big timeline picture wreath of your academic years. You can start your kindergarten pictures up to your current academic graduation. This will not only elicit cute remarks from your guests, this can also be a good way to start conversations and reminisce wonderful memories from the past. Not to mention that this can also be a wonderful addition to the graduation themed decorations in your venue. It will surely warm your heart and all the guests remembering how far you have come. You may also check out event postcard designs.

4. Memory Jar Keepsake

Invite your guests to write wonderful, funny or weird experiences or memories they have of your through the years. After they write these memories, encourage them to put them into the memory jar. During the party, you can randomly pick out pieces of these paper and read them for the guests. This is a good way to reminisce memories of the past as well as share a laugh with the people in attendance. You might be interested in restaurant postcard samples.

5.  Paper Graduation Cap Decor

To add a cool and cute backdrop to a vacant wall, you can hang these easy paper graduation cap decor. This is very easy to make with various of tutorials available online. Just add cute tassels made of colorful tissue or any material of your choice and it will for sure add to the exciting atmosphere of the party.

Hand Drawn Graduation Postcard Example

Simple Graduation Invitation Postcard Example

Occupational Therapy Graduation Postcard Example

6. Graduation Cap Chocolate Lollipops

For your dessert table, you can make these graduation cap chocolate lollipops that your guests will surely love and enjoy. These can be easily made in your kitchen with store bought chocolate in a cup-like shape and a chocolate bar.

Use melted chocolate as you glue, then use a lollipop stick in order to attach the chocolate cups. After that, use squarely-cut chocolate bars to put on top of the cup add the tassel and you are good to go. These little cuties are will not only serve its aesthetic purpose, they will surely be as delicious as they look. You may also see examples of church postcards.

7. Giant Photo Wall

A giant photo wall will serve as a good backdrop for all the pictures you want to take. Somewhat arrange the photos in a chronological order like that of a timeline. Include cute baby pictures up to the current ones and this will surely be a picturesque corner in your venue. It can be a backdrop and it can also be like a trip to memory lane corner; talk about dual purpose! You may also like holiday postcard examples.

8. Graduation Photo Centerpiece

To make the centerpiece of your tables more exciting, you can include a graduation photo as the main component of the centerpiece. You can also include another picture of the graduate to act like a compare and contrast or a before and after. Just make sure that the frame of the photo as well as the stick to prompt it up complements the color of the flowers or whatever the centerpiece may be. This wills surely let the guests know who the graduate is as well as add a cute little something on each table. You may also check out marketing postcard examples.

9. Personalized Cupcake Toppers

You cupcake can be cuter with an addition of a personalized cupcake topper. You can either add a picture of you or the graduate or something else that you would prefer. You can also go for school themed cupcake to add to that school spirit on the event. This will be really applicable on a high school graduation party where the theme of the cupcake is based on the college university you have been accepted to. You might be interested in superb postcard design samples.

10. Keys to Success Advice Tag

You can encourage your guests to share their keys to success that they would want the graduate to remember. You will only need a store bought key, then add a string and a tag where the guests can write their advice, reminders and whatnot. This can be a cute keepsake the graduate can look into whenever he/she might need some encouragement.

Get a Job Graduation Postcard Example

Handmade Graduation Postcard Example

Watercolor Graduation Postcard Example

Printable Photo Graduation Postcard Example

Graduation Party Planning

To make sure that your graduation party goes on without any glitch or issues, you need to plan ahead. Planning ahead will help you organize the party smoothly, identify possible issues and find solutions ahead of time so that you can be stress free on the day of the party. Listed below are some planning tips you can use on your graduation party:

1. Pick the date early

You need to set your graduation party early on. As soon as you know you are qualified to graduate from high school or college, you have to start planning on your graduation party and you can start by picking out the date. You don’t your guests to have to choose between your party and someone else’s. You may also see examples of real estate postcard.

2. Keep everything simple

No need fro over-the-top decorations and preparations. Keeping everything simple and in a minimum will not only lessen the chance for a problem to occur, it is also easier to execute. Unless you hire a party planner, keeping it simple will guarantee you a stress free graduation party. Set a budget and a theme you want to follow so that you can start on buying or making your decorations as well as planning your simple menu.

Felicitations Graduation Postcard Example

Positive Quote Graduation Postcard Example

Motivational Graduation Postcard Example

Simple Congratulations Graduation Postcard Example

 Retro Style Graduation Postcard Example

3. Choose appropriate venue

If you want to hold your party in the comforts of your home, don’t worry that your home is not perfect. The guests are here to enjoy and celebrate your success and not to do an open house.

As long as you have your things  that the guests will most likely see organized; leave your rooms and closets be, that is not where the party is. If you want to hold it on another venue, choose the appropriate place for the number of guests you have in mind as well as the theme you want to follow. You may also see photographers postcard examples.

4. Have backup plan

Your party should not be weather dependent. Should the weather decide to go against what you have planned, you should have a back up plan. For example, if you are having the party in  your backyard, you can set up a tent or backyard umbrellas to shield your guests from direct heat or rain. You may also like examples of wedding postcards.

5. Gift registry

Buying gifts can be really confusing, it is better to set up a gift registry to help you guests have a clear picture of what you would like to receive as gifts. This wills save them so much time and stress. There are a couple store who offer online gift registry, that is efficient for you and your guests. You may also check out examples of postcard design.

Final Thoughts

Graduation is a special milestone someone has the privilege to go through, and it should most definitely be celebrated. This accomplishment is a big deal as the graduate spent four to six years of his/her life just to cross this finish line.

The feeling he/she may have during this day simply cannot be taken for granted, therefore, it should be acknowledged. The struggles and difficult circumstances he/she has faced and pushed through shows his/her resilience and perseverance. We hope this guide was helpful for you. You might be interested in psd postcard examples.

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