Notice Letter for Leaving Job

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Notice Letter for Leaving Job

Jordan K. Lee
123 Willow Lane
Springfield, ST, 45678
[email protected]
(555) 234-5678
March 1, 2024

Roberta Wallace
Human Resources Manager
Innovative Solutions Corp.
789 Industry Drive
Springfield, ST, 45679

Subject: Resignation – Jordan K. Lee
Dear Ms. Roberta Wallace,

I am writing this letter to formally announce my resignation from my position as Senior Analyst at Innovative Solutions Corp., effective two weeks from today, March 15, 2024. This decision was not made lightly, but after much consideration, I believe it is the right choice for my personal and professional development.

I have accepted a position that will offer me new challenges and opportunities for growth. While I am excited about the next chapter in my career, leaving Innovative Solutions Corp. is bittersweet. I have genuinely enjoyed my time here and am grateful for the opportunities to work on challenging projects and grow under the guidance of supportive colleagues and management.

I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will do everything in my power to wrap up my duties and assist in handing over my responsibilities. I am happy to help train a successor or work with the team to ensure that my departure is as seamless as possible.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the professional development and personal growth I have experienced while being a part of the company. Working here has been a significant phase in my career, and I will always value the insights and experiences I gained.

Please let me know how I can assist further during this transition period. I wish Innovative Solutions Corp. continued success, and I hope to maintain a positive relationship with you and the company in the future.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to be a part of Innovative Solutions Corp. I look forward to staying in touch.

Warmest regards,

Jordan K. Lee

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