3+ Promotion Acceptance Speech Examples in PDF

It goes without saying, a promotion is always something employees look forward to. Especially those who have worked for years,  and have been working hard to get to a certain level. So what happens if you are chosen for the promotion? Does one expect to say a few words and thank everyone? It may be to some but a few or some employers expect their employees to make a speech. If this is the case, here are some 3+ promotion acceptance speech examples you can download. 

3+ Promotion Acceptance Speech Examples

1. Promotion Award Acceptance Speech

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2. Reading Promotion Acceptance Speech

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3. Promotion Achievement Acceptance Speech

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4. Promotion Acceptance Reception Speech

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Defining Promotion

Defining the term promotion, this refers to the whole set of activities. The act of inspiring people to do something or to inspire something to happen. Another definition also means to raise someone to a higher rank in a company. To ascend to a better place or role. To be given a better job position than the one they are currently in.

Defining Acceptance

Acceptance means the act of receiving something that has been offered to you. This could be a positive or a negative thing offered. In this case, a promotion on the job. Another meaning could be the action of believing or accepting something that is said to you. Whether this may be a theory or a fact.

Defining the Word Speech

To define the word speech in a simpler one, this means a form of uttering a language or a dialect. The ability to speak or talk. Speech can also mean a formal lecture often given by people during social gatherings.

Importance of Acceptance Speeches

The purpose or the importance of making an acceptance speech is to simply say thank you. To show you are grateful for the opportunity that was given to you. Acceptance speeches are mostly given during social events where you are taking an award or a promotion from work.

Tips for Writing Acceptance Speeches

It is without a doubt that once you accept something whether it is a promotion from a job, or an award for doing a good job, people expect you to make a speech. Writing speeches is easy if you have something to follow or to use as a guide. Here are some tips for you to know how to write a good acceptance speech for that job promotion

  • Think What You Want To Say: Before you write that thank you speech, think about what you want to say. To whom are you  addressing the speech for. What is the purpose of your speech? Once you have done the thinking, draft your speech.
  • Draft and Check: Once you draft your speech. Make sure you add everything that you want to say. Also check the tone of your writing. Do not sound too pompous nor too passive. Make the tone sound professional.
  • Write the final piece: Drafting and checking if your ideas are all in one place, start writing the final piece. This is where you are going to be finalizing and placing your ideas in the right place.
  • Revision is Key: After the draft and checking everything is in place, only revise your speech if you think there is something that needs to be done. Revise if you think it’s time consuming, if it’s too short, if the tone of your speech makes you too pompous or too passive.
  • Practice: Practice once you are done writing. Ask a friend to help you with this and let them give you feedback.

Tips for Presenting Your Speech

Once you are done writing your acceptance speech, the next thing you are about to do is to present it. So here are some tips you can use to learn how to present your speech.

  • Make Eye Contact: The best way to engage with your audiences is to make eye contact. Draw your audience in. Even a single person can make a ripple effect. If you are able to bring one person’s interest with simple eye contact, chances are you will be able to bring the rest of the audience’s attention to you. To do this, eye contact has to be consistent.
  • Voice and Tone: Your voice has to be loud enough for everyone to hear. But do not shout. Also avoid whispering as this can cause your audiences to question you. Chances are, they may lose interest if they cannot hear you. Watch your tone as well. When you present your speech, do not sound too proud or too self belittling. Keep everything as professional as possible.
  • Share your experience: Share some of your experiences in achieving this promotion to your audience. Let them feel and understand that with all you have done, you were able to be where you are now.
  • Share a quote: To lessen the dead air when you make your speech, share a quote or an anecdote that is connected with what you are talking about.
  • Copy of Speech: As much as possible, be familiar with your speech. Avoid bringing the whole page of your speech in front. Eye contact is still a must here.


Why should I not be proud about my promotion?

Do not be too proud of the fact you got promoted, rather be professional. Your boss has the right to take away the promotion if he or she sees you are not fit for the promotion. Be professional.

Can I avoid doing a speech when accepting my promotion?

Your boss may want you to make a speech or say a few good words. But in case you need to say something, it’s best to be ready.

Can I share my tips to getting promoted to my fellow employees through my speech?

Yes. It is actually nice to be able to share some ways of getting a promotion to your fellow colleagues.

Do I need to sound engaging in my speech?

Yes. As much as possible, engage with your audience as well.

How can I memorize a speech I just made?

Be familiar with your speech.

Congratulations to the people who have achieved great success, and to those who are still on the run, don’t give up. This introduction can also be a part of your speech as you are encouraging your fellow colleagues. But remember, a good acceptance speech comes from within. Be grateful, be thankful, encourage others and simply have fun.

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