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A new school or a new college means meeting new people. Getting to know a different environment and a new set of individuals. To most, feeling welcome is the greatest feeling to have especially when you are not familiar with everything and everyone around you. But this is not the only reason to use a good welcome speech. People  also use these types of speeches for certain events. To lessen the awkwardness with meeting new people and a new environment, here are some 3+ welcome speeches you can check out.

Definition of Welcome Speech

The definition of a welcome speech is a kind of speech that introduces and welcomes people to the event they are currently attending. Welcome speeches can differ in length and information needed. Any type of event in school almost always requires a welcome speech.


Use of Welcome Speeches

The use of a welcome speech is to simply and politely greet people who are gathered at an event. It also gives out highlighted information about the event. 

Importance of Welcome Speech

The importance of a welcome speech is to draw your attention to your audience. Whether or not they take interest may depend on how you present your speech.  One thing to remember is that a welcome speech can be both short or long. It has information that is needed for the event. Your speech must not be too short that your audience may lose interest, nor too long that it may make your audience fall asleep.

Events That Use Welcome Speeches

Any event in school, students are always going to expect a good welcome speech given by the dean, the principal, the professors or even fellow students. Here are some examples of events that use a welcome speech.

  • School events
  • Acquaintance Parties
  • Groups
  • Fundraising

1. Welcome Speech for School Template

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3. Welcome and Thank you Speech for College

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Tips for Writing Welcome Speeches

Here are some tips for writing a welcome speech for students, followed by tips on writing a welcome speech for teachers.

  • Brainstorming: thinking always helps when you want to write a welcome speech. Ask yourself some questions and go from there. 
  • Draft it: Once you have thought out what you want to write in your speech, draft it. Make a copy of your speech and write what you think should be included in the welcome speech. Don’t worry about making mistakes, as this is not the final outcome. This is a good starting point to reorganize your ideas and thoughts. 
  • Tone: The tone of your writing should be professional first and foremost. 
  • Spelling: Be mindful of your spelling mistakes. This can be done in your drafts, but avoid making them when you are writing your actual speech.
  • Revise:  If you have the time before presenting the speech, do some revisions. This would only take one to two minutes. This is just to make sure you have added everything that is necessary as well as your spelling and grammar are checked as well.
  • Length: Your welcome speech should not be too short that your audience will lose interest nor too long that may take up a lot of time. The length of your speech should be enough to last for 5 minutes. Nothing less than that.

Tips for writing welcome speeches for teachers:

  • Ponder: Ponder on what you are trying or what you want to say. Also be mindful of the audience for your speech.
  • Outline: After the first step, it’s time to outline your ideas. From your train of thought to your writing.
  • Scribble: Once you have done outlining your ideas, it’s time to write the final output.
  • Reorganize: Reorganize everything if you have the time. This is also where you can practice to see if the tone and words fit your audience.
  • Emphasis: The tone of your speech should match the occasion as well as your audience. If you are using words that may be for adults, go back to reorganizing. The same goes if you use words that are fit for children and your audiences are college students.


How long is a welcome speech?

The word count for a welcome speech must be around 750 words, and lasts between three to five minutes.

Do you introduce yourself in your welcome speech?

Yes. You can introduce yourself in your welcome speech as you are the one presenting it. But do not add unnecessary information such as your age, location and contact details. Your audience need not know about that. They will think you are not taking this seriously.  So avoid that.

Why do I need to watch my words and actions when making a speech?

The reason to watch your words and actions is because you are up on stage making a speech. Be polite and professional at all times. Making rude comments or rude gestures should be avoided.

Welcoming people to an event or to a new environment is also one way of saying, I am happy to meet you. Remember, welcome speeches and first impressions often count.

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