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3+ 2 Minute Self Introduction Speech Examples in PDF

What will you do if you were told to stand in front of a lot of people or a small group of people, whom you do not know and say something? Like say, a speech? Does the idea scare you or excite you? How will you react if you are told to tell everyone about yourself in 2 minutes? Can you do it? Can you stand up in front of the class to simply talk about yourself? Is this scary or exciting? 
Trust me you are not alone in this predicament. Any student or professional can relate to this. But before you start to panic on how you are going to do this, I got a deal for you. This may help solve your problem. Check this out. 4+ 2 Minute self-introduction speech examples in PDF.

3+ 2 Minute Self Introduction Speech Examples

1. 2 Minute Self Introduction Speech Template

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2. 2 Minute Self Introduction Speech for Students

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3. 2 Minute Self Introduction Speech for School Students

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4. 2 Minute Self-Introduction Speech Evaluation Form

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Defining Introductions

Introduction is an act of making acquaintances with someone. An act of getting to know a person through means of talking. To meet someone new and tell them about you. A way of telling someone about you through presenting general details. Giving an overview by introducing yourself to a stranger or someone you just met.

Defining Speech

Speech is a formal or informal discussion between two or more people. It is an affirmation of a person’s ideas. The way of expressing one’s opinions in a formal or informal way. It is the act of talking. Speaking out what you believe.

Defining Self Introductions

Defining self and introduction into two, we get: Self a person, one’s own self. An individual. Introduction is an act of getting to know a person. Put them both together, we get Self Introduction is an act of telling the other person of one’s own self.

Things to Look Out For

Listed below are things to look out for when making a good self-introduction speech. Often than not, people tend to take these for granted. These are also as important as making the speech itself. So here are some few things to look out for. 

  • Think – Think what you want to say in your self introduction. What do you want people to know about you in 2 minutes? Think of the information you wish to share. Are they too personal or general for the public? 
  • Voice – Make sure you can be heard from the back. Also do not make your voice too loud or too soft, rather make it clear and consistent. Your voice will let people know more about you. Meaning, how you speak will explain to people about who you are and how you talk to others.
  • Posture – Do not slouch when you are making a speech. Show your audience that you are confident and happy to be there. Your posture will also be another thing they will notice. If you slouch when making a speech, people will believe you are not interested in introducing yourself or interested in talking to them. 
  • Eye contact – Often taken for granted. Eye contact helps when you are making a speech. It makes the person or the people you are speaking to feel welcomed. It makes them feel that you are really happy to get to know them and vice versa.

Tips on How to Make a Good Self-Introduction Speech

  • General and Short – within a two minute self-introduction speech, you need not tell them your whole life story. Keep it general and short. State your name, your age if you are comfortable, and your course if you are a student and your future goals. The same goes for professionals at work. Keep it short. Two minutes is long enough if you only have a few things to share.
  • PacingWithin the two minutes, do not rush. Do not lag either. Talk normally. Do not talk too fast that your audience or the person you are talking to will not understand. Nor do not talk too slow or they will lose interest.
  • Breathe – One reason as to why people get nervous when doing a self-introduction speech is that they often hold their breaths. Just breathe. This can help you get less afraid and more comfortable. Anyone who suffers from stage fright even when it’s simply making a self-introduction can understand this. Just breathe. It’s okay.
  • Smile – When making your self-introduction, don’t forget to smile. This is a good way of drawing attention to yourself and to make people feel easy.


What other things may I add to a self-introduction speech besides my name?

If you are a student, you may also state your age (if you wish), your course, your hobbies and your career goals after you graduate. If you are already working, you may even add your hobbies.

How do I fit my whole self-introduction in two minutes?

Just talk about the basics. What information do you want to say about yourself? This is not a life story, merely a getting to know you. Your audience will lose interest if you talk about your whole life story. So avoid that at all costs.

Why is it so important to introduce yourself?

Introducing yourself to people is important because this is a good way of meeting new people. This is a good way of knowing new and potential friends. It is also a good way of seeing if anyone is interested in making acquaintance with you.

With all that being said, we cannot avoid doing a self-introduction wherever we go. Whether we are students or professionals or even simply getting to know someone in a party or any type of event that involves people. This can be scary sometimes especially if we get tongue tied, but with the simple tips listed above, you need not worry anymore. Now that you are familiar with how to make a good self-introduction speech in under two minutes, it would be so easy that it comes natural to you.

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