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Since a franchise agreement allows the franchisor and the franchise to be reminded of their obligations from one another as well as their rights when it comes to the franchise, it is essential for a checklist to be used for proper assessment of the franchise agreement content. Whether you will use a franchise agreement checklist in the creation of an agreement or reviewing one that has already been made, it is of importance for you to be aware on the purpose of the checklist so you can easily develop its content.

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If you want to create a franchise purchase asset agreement checklist but is afraid that it might not be complete, we have listed a number of important information that you can use as references whenever you are in the process of making or analyzing the specified document. If you still find it hard to make a checklist out of the content that you will see below, using samples and templates as references will come in handy.

Franchise Agreement Checklist Example

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Things to Remember When Making a Franchise Agreement Checklist

A franchise agreement is an essential document if you want to involve yourself in a franchise transaction. This document can both protect the rights of the franchise owner and the franchise which is why it is important to have this document at hand. There are several things that you need to know about a franchise asset agreement which is the reason why you need to have a checklist to guide you through the processes of reviewing it. If you will create a checklist with regards to the franchise agreement, here are some of the things that you must be aware of:

1. A franchise agreement is a detailed legal document and should be assessed in a professional and critical manner. If there are some clauses or information that you do not understand, it is suggested for you to seek legal and professional help. This should be precisely specified in your checklist as you need to follow steps when seeking for help.You may also see management agreements.

2. A franchise agreement commonly protects the franchisor which is the reason why you can see that some terms, regulations, and conditions are commonly favorable to the specified entity. Your checklist should have a list of items that you need to review especially on the financial side of the agreement. Do not think of this as a bias as these terms are lawful and done in an objective manner. However, you still need to be keen on the assessment of particular details so that you are aware of your rights as a franchisee. You may also see business agreements

3. A franchise agreement must be comprehensive which is the main reason why it should be made by experts. Advise of lawyers and legal bodies can make the usage of this tool more effective. On the other hand, as a franchisee, you can easily create a franchise agreement checklist on your own.You may also see sales agreements.

Initial Details that Should be in a Franchise Agreement Checklist

Before proceeding to the body of the franchise agreement, your checklist should first have the basic details pertaining to the franchise owner and other relevant information. These details that should be logically placed on the initial part of your checklist include the following. You may also see roommate agreements.

  • The name and contact information of the franchise owner.
  • The particular amount that should be deposited to start the transaction.
  • The review of the franchise agreement.
  • The objective of having a franchise agreement at hand.
  • The terms, conditions, scopes, and limitations of the franchise agreement.
  • The nature of operations of the business to be franchised.
  • The details of the legal entity who should be contacted should inquiries and questions arise regarding the franchise agreement

Franchise Agreement Checklist Pertaining to the Actual Agreement

Just like any other business agreements, a franchise agreement must be browsed through properly. Once you have already listed the first things that you need to know about the franchise owner, it is already time for you to assess the content of the franchise agreement. Listed below is the information that is essential to be included in this document.

  • The initial fee of the franchise discussed in a more detailed manner.
  • The time duration where franchise fees shall be made.
  • The specifications related to exclusivity grant.
  • The royalty involved in the franchise transaction.
  • The particular terms that should be honored by the franchise owner and the franchisee.
  • The specifications on workforce training and development.
  • The ways and regulations on how the franchise exclusivity can be maintained.
  • The territory that the franchise agreement scopes.
  • Financial document requirements which include accounting reports, financial statements, auditing results and the like.
  • The discussion of the premises or location of the franchise.
  • The agreement related to construction, management, operations, and supplies.
  • The detailed explanation for trademarks, copyright ownership, and licenses.
  • The legalities involved in the franchise termination.
  • The rules for refund, if applicable.

Importance of Having a Franchise Agreement Checklist

A franchise agreement checklist can help you a lot even before entering the actual transaction involving the franchise. Some of the reasons why we believe that a franchise agreement checklist is important and it should include the following:

1. A franchise agreement checklist can help you become more aware of the franchise operations. This means that you can easily assess whether the franchise is worth it.

2. A franchise agreement checklist can make you more knowledgeable of promotional and marketing processes that are honored and followed by the franchisor. Hence, having a checklist will allow you to incorporate your own creativity when developing and implementing advertising strategies. More so, a checklist can also remind you to ask whether the vision that you have is allowed to be implemented based on the regulations of the franchise agreement. You may also see separation agreement.

3. A franchise agreement checklist can make things and processes clearer especially if it involves the ongoing franchise support given by the franchisor to the franchisees. This is very important as you have to know the benefits that can be given to you should you enter the transaction.

4. A franchise agreement checklist will enable you to know more details pertaining to the ongoing and promised franchise training. If you have a list of the items that you need to assess in relation to workforce and management, then it will be easier for you to identify certain matters that can help the operations of the franchise to smoothly flow.You may also business associate agreement.

A franchise agreement checklist may not be as important as the franchise agreement itself. However, if you will have a strong guide when reviewing the content of the document, then you can be more efficient when it comes to identifying the possible impacts of the implementation of what is written in the franchise agreement.

There is nothing wrong with making a franchise agreement checklist. This tool only helps you to be more observant when it comes to identifying factors that can affect the effectiveness of a franchise agreement and how this document can benefit you. Create a checklist examples now and determine whether it has helped you in many ways than one in relation to the development, assessment, and review of a particular franchise agreement.

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