What to Include in a Home Business Plan

What Is a Home Business Plan?

simple business plan for home is a guide that creates a road map for your business. It establishes a free outline example to create a successful and profitable business and details how you plan to accomplish those business goals. It is also a document that analyzes and evaluates business operation, plan, market, and financial statement.

It is more like an instruction manual for your business that helps you to create a successful business and steers your business towards the right direction. Without instructions, your business might end being a disaster and just a waste of time, money and effort.

How to Write a Home Business Plan?

Use this example of business plan outline to guide you in creating a home business plan.

  • Executive summary. A high-level and detailed statement examples in pdf of your business, products or service, target markets, competitive advantage, projected growth, sales data, management plan, and financial requirements.
  • Market analysis. Your home business plan should illustrate your expertise on the following.
    – Industry overview – Market trends, key players, business growth, and sales forecast.
    Target profile – Profiling, demographic, geographic, behavioral pattern, and needs or wants of the customers.
    Competitive analysis – direct and indirect competitor profiles, including their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Company overview. This section is where you detail your company, who you are and what you do, the products or service you provide, your basic business operations, and financial report.
  • SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis is a section of 1–2 pages outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business encounters.
  • Marketing plan. This is where you outline your business’s sales plan, marketing strategies, advertising strategies and communication plan.
  • Organizational plan. A brief overview of a type of an organization your business is running (i.e., LLC, sole-proprietor).
  • Financials. This section outlines and details the financial statement and financial status of your business.
  • Appendix. All the supporting documents in your free business plan.

Why You Need a Business Plan

  • A business plan is a formal statement of your smart goals of the business. It is written there why your business goals are attainable, what are your plans and how you plan to achieve those goals.
  • Your business needs a daily plan for a business if you are looking for some investors or financial institution to finance your business.
  • The business plan will make your business stays on track, keep up with the fast pace of the competitive business world, and creates a strategic plan.
  • You can refer back to your business plan if you want to realign or reevaluate the work plans you have made.

Types of Business Plan

The business plan has two types: the formal business plan and informal business plan.

  • The formal business plan follows the standard business plan outline and commonly requires more valuable and accurate financial section. The formal business plan, consist of 10-30 pages is used when a business is seeking funding from banks or investors.
  • The informal business plan does not usually follow the standards free outlines of a business plan since this type of business plan is only used for internal purposes but still requires to have marketing analysis, SWOT analysis, and marketing plan section in the business plan.

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