How to Write a Legal Statement

There are many facts under the law that people need to turn their attention to. If you have a particular situation in mind that you want to shed some light on, it’s best to come up with a legal statement. Before you do so, it comes highly recommended that you educate yourself further about this particular legal document. Read on and you will not only discover things like the legal statement meaning and the types of legal statements, but you’ll also come across one of the best legal statement examples that you can find anywhere else.

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As stated before, a legal statement is all about facts, particularly about specific scenarios. Its importance lies within various legal purposes which will include judgment on a court or accounting witnesses for any information he or she has given. This written document is therefore essential to a wide range of legal cases. Through this, it can accurately depict situations through the information provided by the individual who drafted the legal statement to begin with.

Now comes the part where we learn how to write a formal statement letter. While it’s true that one can always download a legal statement letter template, such as the legal statement template above, there are those who would want to know how to draft legal statements from scratch. Consulting an attorney is often a must, but following these tips can still serve you well:

Tip 1: Keep its Purpose in Mind

First, you have to be aware of the purpose of the legal statement. Determining the results that you would like to achieve can help you write an effective legal statement that will work to your advantage. Also, be aware of the specific activity where you will use the legal statement. This way, your legal statement can precisely identify the details that are necessary to help you to attain the result that you would like to gain.

Tip 2: Never Neglect the Small Details

It is important for you to specify the date when the legal statement has been formulated. Place this on top of the document so that legal entities who will review the legal statement can be aware of its date of creation. Other details you must never forget is your name, the location, and your affixed signature.

Tip 3: Be as Specific as Possible

It is important for you to clearly identify the details pertaining to the parties involved or specified in the statement. Be precise with their involvement in the process. As much as possible, break down the details that you would like to discuss. The more relevant information you can provide, the better.

Tip 4: Review and Provide Support

Review your statement letter with regard to the legal issue. Assess whether these statements are strong enough to be used. Depending on the statements that you have provided, attach the documents which you think can be solid pieces of evidence that you have specified in your legal statement are accurate and true.


Legal statements will differ depending on their purpose. One statement that is meant as a motion to dismiss a frivolous court action, for example, will be a different type compared to a statement meant for a character reference or a witness statement.

Every statement is going to have key elements like the date, which always appears at the very top of the statement. It will also include the statement’s subject. At the end of the statement should be one’s name, job description (for those signing on behalf of a business), and signature.

What are the different law classifications?

Within the United States, there are two primary law classifications: civil law and criminal law. The latter has its own subcategories, which are administrative codes and tort law.

There’s no denying just how useful legal statements can be in a wide variety of scenarios. Realizing its importance and understanding how one can acquire such an important document often proves to be the difference-maker for those who need it. Now that you are better acquainted with this amazing document, what will you do next? Some will turn to attorneys and try to draft their own statements, but others may yet turn to the downloading of a legal statement template word. Regardless of your choice, be assured that you are much better off now than before reading this article. Decide and act fast today!

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