Mobile Marketing Statistics in 2023

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Mobile Marketing Statistics in 2023

As a company, developing an effective marketing plan that covers different marketing strategies, such as content marketing and digital marketing, can be quite a challenge. And, with mobile marketing gradually becoming a significant category to uptake, it’s important for marketers to pay close attention to it.

The increasing number of smartphone users, the growing number of apps developed, and the significant time spent on mobile are an obvious indication of the importance of mobile marketing in the present era. That being said, studying mobile marketing statistics is essential towards developing better marketing strategies and gaining a competitive advantage.

Why Focus on Mobile Media?

With the rise of technology and mobile-based media over the years, it’s only right for companies to begin developing or improving their mobile marketing strategies for their business to prosper in the fast-changing industry.

Now ask yourself, how often do you browse through the internet with your smartphone or any other mobile device? For some, it could be from the moment they wake up to before they go to bed. In fact, about 69% of mobile users spend their time on smartphones, and another 48% of these users, which usually consist of millennials, watch online videos on their mobile devices. And, since there are more and more apps of different genres being released for users to enjoy, about 89% of a user’s mobile time is spent on these apps compared to the standard built-in messaging app that comes with their device. You may also see marketing flow charts.

Mobile vs Desktop Devices

Mobile devices are more popular than desktop devices for one primary reason: mobility. There’s no denying how convenient mobile devices are, especially for individuals who are always on the go. But keep in mind that users tend to lean towards mobile devices to carry out simpler online activities, such as scrolling through social media and checking emails.You may also see marketing questionnaire.

You see, desktops offer us a better and more detailed view of a website’s content. This is efficient for filling up forms, making purchases, and carrying out more complicated online tasks. Surprisingly, even with the popularity of mobile devices among the younger generations, specifically, those who fall under the category of Millennials and Generation Z, users prefer both desktop and mobile devices with only a slight difference in percentage. You may also see marketing emails.

To put it simply, although mobile devices may be more popular compared to desktop devices, many website visits are still on the desktop. Using both platforms as a means of visiting websites shuts down the idea of creating purely mobile-centered websites. So, instead of turning your focus to developing mobile-first websites, it would be best to create special mobile apps to offer a better user experience for mobile users. You may also see marketing styles.

Digital Ad Budgets

A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) shows that about 51% of all digital ad budgets in 2016 were spent on mobile.

But 2016 was two years ago, so with the fast-changing industry, why should these statistics matter in 2018?

It’s quite simple, really. The numbers prove that many marketers and advertisers are investing in mobile, which is likely to include your greatest competitors in the market. If you want to get an edge over the competition, you must have a clever marketing strategy in place by now.You may also see marketing presentations.

What Matters to Users

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that fail to develop mobile-friendly websites, in which 61% of users encounter problems while accessing particular websites, not to mention the 40% of them who would prefer to visit competing websites instead. You may also see marketing plans.

Apart from website accessibility, mobile users (about 83% of them actually) prefer a consistent and coherent experience across every possible device. This makes it easier for users to navigate through a website, as it offers a similar experience regardless of the device used. You may also see marketing goals.

Another important percentage to keep track of is the significance of website content with about 91% of users voting in favor of it. Without relevant and valuable content, it would be difficult for you to generate traffic towards your site. You may also see guerrilla marketing.

Most Searched Industries

What do you think is the most searched industry on mobile devices?

It may not come as a surprise to know that the food and beverage industry takes the crown, attaining about 72% in percentage, with health and sports coming in second at 68%, and news & media following close by at 64%. You may also see digital marketing.

Considering the topics that fall under the top-searched industry, it’s safe to say that those industries that fall behind the list must find ways to step up their game. This can be done by improving the content and creating better marketing strategies to promote their respective websites. You may also see internet marketing.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Companies often launch special marketing campaigns for their mobile users to benefit from. For example, ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Grab (which currently caters to customers of the Southeast Asian region), go neck to neck as competitors by offering the cheapest rates with their exclusive promos. This is an effective way to convince users to download or use their apps for personal transport or logistics services.

According to a study conducted by Salesforce, about 86% of users consider exclusive deals in the form of discount coupons and gift certificates as effective mobile marketing campaigns. This is especially beneficial for consumers who prefer to do their shopping online. If anything, coupons can easily persuade and encourage more purchases, as customers would rather take advantage of such deals than to see them go to waste.

There’s no doubt the revolution of the mobile world is quickly growing and shows no signs of stopping. If you think about it, the evolution of room-sized computers to handheld mobile devices is truly remarkable. With the help of the information and statistics gathered in this article, you can make well-defined and rational decisions about your company’s mobile marketing strategy and online or offline presence. You may also see marketing checklists.

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