How to Write a Proposal for a Project

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

How to Write a Proposal for a Project

As consumers, we often see the end product of every project plan. There are instances when we’re fortunate enough to witness how something came to be.

But prior to all of this, is a long list of rejected projects that we remain oblivious of. You see, every project undergoes a proposal period before it is developed or produced. In a project proposal, every aspect of the given project is thoroughly assessed and explained. Although, there may be instances when the end product does not live up to what was proposed.

Why Write a Project Proposal?

Whether it’s for business development or academic learning, bringing a project to life involves a lot of resources. To make it more specific, you would need enough time, the right manpower, and a lot of money.

For a project to be granted, one must first convince a panel that a given project won’t be a waste of time and effort. Developing a project without a proposal is a risk that not a lot of people are willing to take nor is it advisable. There are just too many uncertainties. It’s important for a team to conduct thorough research proposal and simple analysis before they continue on with a project.

Components of a Project Proposal


The abstract of a proposal is found at the first few pages of the document. It presents an overall summary writing of the proposed project. It’s important to express key points of the proposal that are beneficial to its development.

Statement of the problem

This section of the proposal example expresses the need for such project, specifically what issues are addressed and who will benefit from such. Keep in mind that your project should not be a duplicate of an existing project but instead, an enhancement.


In this part, you must explain how you wish to approach the given problem. This would include the activities and people involved in the development of the project.


Assess the success of such project using the methodology given.


For larger projects, this section must be given much attention and importance. You must be able to explain the given budget proposal, including the possible sources of funding.

Dos and Don’ts in Writing a Project Proposal


  • Solve a problem according to how a client perceives it.
  • Develop a clear project plan.
  • Explain concisely how each requirement will be met.
  • Describe the uniqueness of such project from those that are existing.


  • Do not include anything irrelevant or unnecessary.
  • Exaggerate the capacity or capability of developing the project.
  • Make it in the last minute. There should be enough time given to create a high-quality proposal.

Guidelines for Project Proposal Writing

  • Create a draft. List down thoughts and ideas that might be beneficial to the project report. This will also allow you to do further research on things that appear unclear.
  • Outline your proposal. From the research conducted, highlight points that must be expressed thoroughly in the proposal.
  • Follow the general formatting. This would be in terms of spacing, intention, and page numbering.

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