Tips and Tricks for Creating the Best Business Cards

The world of business is such a tricky place that it is not for the faint of heart. You need to be resilient and wise especially when making important decisions. It is an advantage for a person to always think ahead. The competition is high as well as growth and change are imminent.

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Crafting strategies that would benefit you and your organization is something you should always consider. Making yourself known to the public is one of those strategies to gain more clients. And one of the most common methods to appeal to everybody is to make business cards. Yes, it is traditional but it does the job.

What Are Business Cards?

Not all conventional or traditional ways are left in the past to rot. There are a couple of them that are still applicable these days and are proven effective than the newer means invented. One of them is the use of business cards in dealing with clients and other marketing transactions. Not only does it add formality to the bearer, it also makes the transaction professional.

Business cards are usually small and elaborate pieces of cards that includes the person’s name, the company he/she belongs (if necessary), profession, business address, and other contact details. They are usually used by individuals who have business agenda and are common in business gatherings and other social events. The business card serves as an easy source of information for the person who received it in case he/she needs any help or assistance from the one who handed it out.

The evolution of business cards was not swift. In fact, even up to this date, most business cards are modeled after the first ones that went out. It is believed that as early as 1900’s, business cards were common among the so-called elites in the society. They are used with people who are influential and those who have professions regarded as important in the community. Among those who were believed to have first used business cards were attorneys, doctors, and businessmen. In order to expand their reputation and establish authority, they used business cards to tell everyone that he/she has such profession and thus he/she has to be respected. They also use them to make connections with possible clients thus an increased possibility of developing a growth in their business.

Another quality of a business card aside from its size is its intrinsic design. In the past, business cards were simply black and white. Nowadays, people use different designs and mixture of colors in order for the card to be attractive, therefore appealing better to the vision of the beholder. Production of business cards is limitless. They can be done in batches and different materials are also used especially now that there are more resources available. Some are made of rubber, plastic, metal, and even pieces of wood carefully carved. One would then assume that a carefully designed and perfectly crafted business card corresponds to how the person deals with his/her clients. It then increases the possibility of getting more business prospects.

Tips And Tricks For Creating the Best Business Cards

There are a lot of ways on how to make your business card stand out among the rest. The key is not to use the most expensive materials or spend a large chunk of your budget for a printing press. The secret is to make use of what you have around you and use it to your advantage. Or better yet, keep some nifty tricks that would make an ordinary, surprisingly remarkable.

1. Write the information you want to include on the card. You need to plan out what details should you include on your business card. Remember to prioritize the most important ones like your name, company or business name, your address, other contact information. Your contact details should include at least three options. This is most advisable so that people can have multiple options on how to reach you in case of them will not work.

2. Decide on the size. Business cards may come in different sizes depending on your preference. However, as a common practice, the standard dimensions of a business card are 3.5 x 2 inches. Some others would also use the so-called ‘bleed area’. This is an extra 1/8 inch of space for other design elements you want to add. It could be a contrasting color from the main and larger portion of the business card.

3. Consider your font style. There are more than a hundred or maybe thousand types of fonts as of today. So your choices are not that easy. Find the best font should not only consider how it looks like. It should also emanate your personality. Script typeface fonts like Monotype Corsiva, Brush Script, American Scribe, Lucida Calligraphy, and Edwardian Script are based on different strokes that look fancy. Or you could use the common serif typefaces like Times New Roman and Georgia which really look formal.

4. Make it legible. Font styles are not the only ones to be considered when we are talking about making your business card readable. You also need to consider their size and the amount of information on the card. Do not overcrowd your card because the result would be that you will have to compromise the size of your text.

5. Choose the right color. Whether it is black and white or a combination of bright and dark colors, you need to make sure everything complements. Black and white business cards are sometimes what most people use because of its elegance. Using bright colors could be a little tricky. You should know which color complements the other and weigh in your decisions.

6. Add vibrancy. Being vibrant means being full of life energy. Making the content of your business card is just the one side of the coin. The other part should be dealing with how your card should look like. Just as the famous saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”, so should it apply to your business card. Add a picture to give it a little flavor and taste.

7. Use letterpress. Letterpress is a printing style wherein letters are pressed against the main material used, often times paper or cardboard. Using letterpress adds a sophisticated look on your business card. You are definitely giving out an impression by using letterpress on your business card that you are taking your work seriously and that your customers are worth your investment.

8. Consider your detail positioning. You cannot simply put all the information on the front page of your business card. That would make things more complicated and your customers will be confused or worst case scenario, they won’t understand a thing. Prioritize all the important things like your name and your contact details and put them in front. If you want to add more information like a quote from an influential person or your own saying, put it at the back.

9. Use foil stamping. Foil stamping is another printing process where a foil film is heated until it attaches to a surface or this case a paper. Foil films come in different colors so you have to be very careful when selecting which ones would match or complement the paper. You can either use foil stamping on the texts on your business card or add a symbol or a figure on it.

10. Choose the right material. The material for your business card should be one of the things you need to give more importance. Never use a very thin paper for your business card as it might connote unpreparedness, therefore, becoming unprofessional. Don’t just settle on the ordinary plain paper that most people use. In business, never be mediocre. There are other materials you could choose from like colored papers, scented papers, plastic, and wood.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Business Card

Almost everyone in the business industry is trying to compete against one another and that for sure is a reality. I think no one wants to be behind the game and see every else soaring high in achieving their goals. Yet we have to face the truth that not everyone has the ability to succeed in business. Some fail because of one reason. And that is not knowing which strategies to use or sometimes none at all.

The best part of being in the business industry is that you have the freedom and control over your success. Some say that hard work will definitely pay off for an individual who possesses it and yes it is true. Apart from being hardworking, you also need to know what methods to employ. And one of the most effective methods, especially for telemarketers and those business startups, is using business cards. And why do you need them? Here are the reasons why.

  • It creates connection. Nowadays, not everything is done through the use of digital technology. You can use social media as your business strategy in order to market your product or service to a large audience. However, when it comes to personal connection, nothing beats the use of the business card. When you give out business cards, it is unavoidable to create eye-to-eye contact and then followed by a short conversation. When you meet someone that would be a good prospect for your business, it would be more appropriate to hand out a business card. Often times, these people you meet are off to something, therefore, keeping them busy. By giving them your business card, you can set an appointment and talk more about your business.
  • It is an effective marketing tool. One of the ordinary and conventional ways of marketing a product or a business that is still seen effective is through the use of business cards. Your company could be using brochures, digital advertisement, and flyers in order to introduce a certain product or service. However, when you give out a business card, it amplifies the possibility of getting more clients. Come to think of it, when you hand out a business card what do you usually do? You talk to that person right? So when you talk, and when you have excellent marketing skills, it makes the person trust you and then you gain his/her confidence. And when this thing fall into its place, you can make your business grow.
  • It makes you a professional. Not everyone can afford to have a business card printed, especially the ones that are carefully prepared. So when you hand one out to a person walking at a shopping center or someone you meet on the street, you create an impression that you are not a piece of cake. The fact that you have a business card separates you from the rest thereby giving you an edge. Plus, carrying a business card with you all the time means that you are in a serious business. When you display professionalism in business, it is a guarantee that you are going to have more clients compared to your competitors.
  • It creates a web. Imagine yourself in the middle of a shopping mall or in the middle of the street and you have in your pocket about a hundred of business cards ready to be distributed. Even if we say you do not talk to everyone you give your business cards out, there is a greater possibility that your name and your business will spread like a virus. We know that man is a social animal. We have a group of people, that includes our families and friends, who we talk to whatever topic it may be. So when you are running a small business and your product or service is something that people will easily bite, and you spread the news through the use of your business card, your success could be limitless. You will create a web. People who will get to know about your business will call you through the contact details on your business card and then that person will talk to a friend or a relative about your business. You can guess where the story ends.

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