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For years, many companies and organizations have struggled to employ the right advertising campaign that best suits their line of business. While the gradual rise of digital media has revolutionized the way marketing is executed, many businesses continue to utilize traditional advertising tools to promote their brand, one of which includes the good, old business banner. You may also see event banner examples.

In general, banners can benefit a company in a lot of ways. While choosing the right size and location to put your banner has always been vital, it’s also important to ensure that your content projects your brand message effectively.

Corporate Roll-Up Banner Design

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Business Roll-Up Banner Example

Company Trade Show Business Banner Example

Types of Business Banners

Banners come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually serve a shared purpose, which aims to make the brand known to its existing market.

For instance, there are high-quality vinyl banners that are perfect for drawing attention toward your company. The vibrant print and exceptional quality of your banner is sure to be noticed by anyone who sets their eyes on it. There are also waterproof banners that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. These attractive banners can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, not to mention the rowdiest crowds and their spilling drinks.

But when designing a banner, you first need to take note of its function. Do you plan to hang it up on your storefront? Or will it be used at an upcoming convention right across town? For cases like these, it’s always best to design two unique types of banners to suit your every purpose.

1. On-Site Banners

An on-site banner is the type of banner you keep around your establishment. Most business owners like to hang up these banners by the store window, along the product shelves, near the store counter, or perhaps even by the entrance like a regular vertical banner design.

But when designing a banner to use on-site, keep in mind that these banners may be used for different purposes. Ordinary advertising banners must contain the name, logo, and company tagline of the brand it represents. It must also convey the message that the company wishes to emphasize. In-store promotional banners may also include the type of banners used to announce seasonal sales, off-price deals, and other discounts offered. These banners may be used multiple times, as long as it serves its intended purpose effectively.

As for banners that are used as official business signs, additional business information such as your contact details and other store locations might be necessary. It’s also important to use bright, clear fonts that are visible even from a fair distance away.

2. Off-Site Banners

Unlike on-site banners, people who get to see your off-site banners generally possess little to no knowledge about what you do and what you could offer. For this reason, you need to concentrate on introducing yourself and making an impressive first impression that’s sure to be remembered.

Apart from general business information, the banner must also include a short description about your company, along with a few images of your team, the store locations (or the main branch) that you own, and the products or services that you offer. This will make it easier for prospects to grasp what your company is all about. Keep in mind that these off-site banners must also be as versatile as possible. You may also see roll-up banner designs & examples.

If you’re creating a business banner for a trade show, a conference, or a festival, then consider how potential customers and clients are likely to encounter the banner. Whether you plan on putting it behind your booth or from a table in front of it, make sure to consider its visibility for you to decide how its content must be constructed. You may also like examples of anniversary banner designs.

Consultant Business Banner Example

Flat Trade Show Business Banner Example

Party Business Banner Example

Green Roll-Up Business Banner Example

Six Ways Banners Can Improve Your Business

A banner is one of the most powerful advertising media that many companies and organizations continue to use to promote their brand.

Though this shouldn’t be the core of your advertising plan, it’s still something you need to consider for your multi-channel marketing efforts. So if you’re looking for a complementary advertising medium to help reinforce your brand to consumers, then here’s how a banner can be of great help to your business:

1. To generate foot traffic

Imagine that you’re a realtor holding an open house event around a quaint neighborhood. Apart from advertising your event on various digital platforms, using a banner to attract people who didn’t plan to attend in the first place can easily be achieved with a good banner design. You can use a compelling headline to pique the interest of passersby, and prompt them to check out the house to feed into their own curiosity.

2. To drive sales

One way to increase sales and generate significant revenue is through the use of an attention-grabbing banner design. Say for example, you own a booth at the local trade fair. Among the many other business that have set their own booths around the area, you need to find a way to stand out among the competition.

By crafting a banner that showcases your brand identity, customers are bound to recognize the distinct edge that differentiates you from other businesses.

3. To attract a crowd at public events

When a business exhibits their wares and services to their general audience, people are bound to grow curious about your brand. Banners can help point clients and customers to a booth during public events in order to generate an interesting crowd. And if people start crowding around your booth, this builds a level of curiosity among passersby who might also want to know what the fuzz is all about. The trick is to get even more people to stop by your booth through the use of a captivating banner ad.

4. To develop a stronger brand

As you know, it takes more than just a single chance encounter for people to start taking your business a lot seriously than they initially did. Constant exposure is one of the most effective ways to obtain successful brand building and visibility. If potential clients and customers are consistently exposed to your brand, then this will increase the impact of the ad and further embed your business in people’s minds. You may also see party banner designs and examples.

5. To provide guidance

Some business banners can also be used to guide people toward your outlet. If you don’t have a permanent sign to display, then you can use a well-designed banner as an alternative for it. These modern banners can also work to guide customers around your store by indicating where particular products are displayed, where the cashier is located, and other significant information that customers might want to know about.

6. To promote sales and offers

Over the holidays, shop owners work rigorously to unload their stock and close the year with good profits, which is why clearance sales and special offers are often more prominent toward the end of the year. To do this, you need to let people know you’re having a sale. Sure, attractive flyers and elegant posters are enough to attract attention, but nothing beats those huge banner signs that cover the store premises for passersby to notice.

You can create multiple banners to promote your offers, and convince prospects to take action before it’s too late.

Photography Roll-Up Business Banner Example

Office Store Front Business Banner Example

Saloon Roll-Up Business Banner Example

Floral Table Business Banner Example

Vertical Business Roll-Up Banner Example

Why Use Business Banners?

Among the dozens of digital marketing tricks there is, why go for something as conventional as a business banner?

Delivering brand awareness is one of the primary marketing goals of any business. Though there are many ways to reinforce your company to prospects, using a business banner proves to be a simple yet cost-efficient approach to help achieve your goal.

With a business banner, you could easily attract attention at trade shows, conventions, conferences, and even concerts. These business banners can be displayed just about anywhere to generate a crowd of prospective clients and customers. Since promotional events often take place at different locations, you can travel around with your banners to ensure that you leave a lasting impression wherever you go. You may also see sale banner designs and examples.

If you still aren’t convinced, then think about how practical business banners actually are. Banners are incredibly easy to produce, and they’re sure to fit in your marketing budget. Many printing firms offer to produce business banners at a cheaper price if you order more than just a single one. This allows you to keep more business banners of different sizes around your store for customers to see. You may also like vintage banner designs and examples.

Whether you opt for a digital banner or a printed roll-up banner wouldn’t really matter, because either way, they don’t break the bank. Business banners are also reusable, which means you could use the same banner multiple times for different occasions. You can put the banner out front or in a window, or perhaps by the counter for paying customers to take notice. These are a portable and lightweight marketing tool that may be employed anytime, anywhere.

Banners are also of a relatively visible size. Like a billboard ad, a business banner helps develop brand recognition. The company name, corporate logo, and other graphics associated with your brand builds a level of familiarity among an audience. You even have the option to fully customize your banner according to how you want to be perceived by potential customers. This makes it easier for them to distinguish your brand from competitors in the market.

And if you’re worried about attending a public event even if your brand hasn’t fully established itself to its target audience, then a business banner will help you manifest credibility. This proves that you’re serious about your business, and that you’re capable of delivering quality goods and services to your desired market. You may also see congratulations banner designs and examples.

Despite living in an age of digital media, there’s a good reason why banners still take the business world by storm. Besides being an inexpensive and versatile advertising medium, business banners continue to help brands and organizations communicate a message to a given audience through excellent quality content and visual graphics that are nearly impossible to ignore. You may also like digital billboard examples.

With the proper knowledge and execution of banner advertising, you’re sure to whip up the perfect business banner in no time!

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