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In your life as a business entity, there are many things that you are going to announce to the public, not because you are obliged to do so, but because you want to be in public. Business needs the people because they are its customers, a source of income. You may also like party announcement designs and examples.

The first announcement and simple invitation that every business has encountered is the announcement of the launching of the business. Since you are still new in the market, you must make yourself known first so that people will be familiarized of your entity and for them to recognize your existence.

You can also announce job opening, new business location, layoff, budget surplus, change of policy, event and gathering, and special meeting, holiday closing, business anniversary, special rates and promos, and a lot more in the unending list of announcements. This does not only inform people with regard to your announcement but also makes people remember your company, thus enhancing your branding. You may also see graduation announcement designs & examples.

To help you in your announcement designs, below are several examples of business announcement designs that may help you in your posters, banners, banner adds, flyer, and marketing collateral.

Free New Business Announcement Postcard Example

free new business announcement postcard example

New Office Grand Opening Launch Party Announcement Example

new office grand opening launch party announcement example

Business Event Announcement and Invitation Card Template Example

business event announcement and invitation card template example

Business Announcements

Certainly, in every business company, there are many announcements to make not only for the employees but also for the customers and the general public. This is to relay important information regarding a certain change with regard to the business or an event to be held by the company. Some announcements may be positive, but there are also those announcements that may be disheartening for the company such as closing or termination. You may also see announcement email examples & samples.

Nonetheless, no matter what announcement you are going to make, make sure that it is not confusing and the information is clear and concise.

Below is the list of business announcement that you may post in behalf of your company. On the next section, provided are the different examples of business announcements that may help you in some cases.

  • Announcement of a job opening
  • Announcement of a job-related party or event
  • Announcement of a new business location
  • Announcement of a business anniversary
  • Announcement of a new partner
  • Announcement of a change in policy or fee amount
  • Announcement of a bad news to employees
  • Announcement of a layoff
  • Announcement of a special meeting
  • Announcement of a budget surplus
  • Announcement of a new employee
  • Announcement of a holiday work schedule
  • Announcement of a holiday closing
  • Announcement of a contest winner
  • Announcement of an employee training session
  • Announcement of an office or store closing to employees
  • Announcement of a change in your company’s name
  • Announcement of certain actions to be taken during a strike
  • Announcement of an imminent strike
  • Announcement of a new business, store, or branch office

Big Business Launch Party Announcement and Invitation Example

big business launch party announcement and invitation example

Trifold Business Card Invitation and Announcement in One Example

trifold business card invitation and announcement in one example

Rodan Fields Announcement Business Launch Party Example

rodan fields announcement business launch party example

Business Announcement Sample Letters

Here are some of the most important and commonly posted examples in a business entity. Hope you may find these examples useful for your announcements.

1. Announcement of a Job Opening

Due to the retirement of Jane Doe this January 2, we are seeking to fill the position of Line Inspection Manager at our Plant II.

All applicants must have at least two years’ line inspection experience, and any qualified persons wanting to be considered for this position must submit an application letter, resume, as well as cover letter to our main office by February 6.

The Line Inspection Manager is responsible for two crews of assembly line inspectors as well as a host of automated inspection and testing operations. For a more specific rundown of responsibilities, please contact our personnel.

2. Announcement of a Job-Related Party or Event

This December 20, mark your calendars for our annual Christmas party at the Grand Event Hall. All employees and their spouses are invited.

The Christmas party is always a fitting end to a hectic year where you can get together, give a fellowship with other office mates, and enjoy the company of fellow employees. A cash bar opens at 7:00 p.m. and dinner starts at 8:00 p.m. Please be there on time for there will be a short award and recognition ceremony. You may also see death announcement designs and examples.

The attire should be semiformal, and please notify your manager by this Monday if you can come or not and who you will bring so we can prepare name tags and reserve enough seats.

3. Announcement of a Change of Business Address

Jane Doe’s Printing Services is moving. Our new location conveniently located at 1100 John Street, just a mile south of Downtown Little Field. This is in order to offer you a better service in a convenient location! Our telephone and fax numbers as well as email addresses and other contact details are unchanged. You may also like birth announcement designs and examples.

Bring a friend with you anytime next week for a 50% discount in celebration of our grand opening!

Business Launch Announcement and Invitation Template Example

business launch announcement and invitation template example

Annual Business Event or Conference Announcement and Invitation Card Example

annual business event or conference announcement and invitation card example

Rose Gold Business Announcement and Invitation Template Example

rose gold business announcement and invitation template example

4. Announcement of a Change in Your Company’s Name

A lot has changed in the world of electronics since Jane Doe established “Doe Radio and Television Service.” Because we are now a leader in computer services, we are changing our name to “Doe Computer Technologies.” We think John would be pleased of these changes. You may also check out funeral announcement designs and examples.

We invite you to stop by any time during the next month to receive a special 20% discount on any compact discs, computer equipment, or cellular phones as part of the event. It is always our pleasure to serve you and to give you the best products and services.

5. Announcement a New Partner

The Jane Real Estate Group is pleased to welcome a new partner, John Doe. John grew up here in Little Field but has spent the last five years working in commercial real estate in Chicago. This year, he has decided to return to her hometown and bring her experience to our office to give the customers and clients the best services. Please call Jane Real Estate for help with all your real estate needs.

6. Announcement of a Contest Winner

We are pleased to announce that John Doe of Little Fields Elementary School is the winner of our poster making contest with the theme, “The Improvement of the Business World.” The judges had a unanimous decision and chose her entry out of 50 artworks received from elementary students all over the city. You may also see baby announcement postcard designs and examples.

John is a sixth-grader and the daughter of Joe and Jane Doe of Little Fields. She will receive a $100 savings bond, and her artwork as well as the artwork of the top ten contestants will be posted in the Little Fields museum for one month starting this Sunday, February 6. Congratulations, Jane! You may also like party invitation examples.

We also want to acknowledge all of the students who entered and all our sponsors who believed in us. Every student who entered will receive a certificate of participation and a $50 gift certificate from our sponsors.

7. Announcement of a Holiday Closing

Please mark your calendar and note that Friday, February 6, is Independence Day. So, our store will be closed all day and will resume opening at 10:00 a.m. on Monday next week. We hope you will enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

Rodan and Fields Business Announcement and Invitation Example

rodan and fields business announcement and invitation example

Corporate Business Pro Postcard Announcement and Invitation Example

corporate business pro postcard announcement and invitation example

8. Announce an Imminent Strike

After long hours of negotiations last night, the members voted to go on strike at midnight tonight. Demands yet to be met include a benefits package featuring an increase in the hourly rate, increase in medical benefits, 13th month pay, as well as two additional paid holidays per year. Management has offered only a $1.30 an hour increase across the board. You may also check out event invitation examples.

The members are willing to continue negotiations, and as soon as we reach a tentative agreement, the members will vote again. We hope these issues will be resolved as quickly as possible for the employees to resume work.

9. Announcement of Bad News to Employees

The management announced that our parent company, Jane International, is instituting a “no flex-time” policy. Most of us rely on the ability to fine-tune our personal schedules, but as of February 1, we will no longer have this convenience. I hope that everyone will cooperate with this directive and maintain good spirits toward work. You will be duly informed in case the decision is reversed. You might be interested in invitation email examples & samples.

10. Announcement a Budget Surplus

The management is pleased to announce that our company has a budget surplus. Within this month, department chairs will receive notification regarding the amounts available for their use. The funds are unrestricted, but we encourage department chairs to use them for the scholarships of deserving students. In this way, we can ease the burden of some students when it comes to their finances. You may also see baby announcement designs and examples.

Agnes and Dora Business Announcement and Invitations Example

agnes and dora business announcement and invitations example

Legal Corporate Law Firm Business Postcard Announcement Design

legal corporate law firm business postcard announcement design

Cocktails and Conversations Business Party Announcement Example

cocktails and conversations business party announcement example

Business Launch Party Announcement and Invitation Example

business launch party announcement and invitation example


In the life of a business entity, there are certain events in our life that we must share to the public may it be positive or negative. And unlike our personal affairs, the affairs of the business must be made known to the public especially to the loyal customers and prospects for these changes and announcements may affect their decision-making. You may also like free birth announcement design examples.

Hence, if there is something to announce with regard to your business entity, never hesitate to inform the public by posting an announcement or invitation. In this way, you are not only providing information to the public but also making your business known in the market, which is needed in your branding.

Hopefully, the examples of announcement designs as well as the wordings presented in the previous sections would be of help to you.

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