Tips for Writing a Thank-You Note

Thank-you notes carry an individual’s gratitude and appreciation towards another individual’s kindness. Usually, we send thank-you notes after receiving a present or a good deed from the person we are sending the note to.

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A handwritten thank-you note template & example is one way of expressing our thanks and somewhat of repaying such person for his/her good deed. This will be enough to inform him/her that you appreciate the deed, and that you are sending him/her your most heartfelt thanks.

When Are Thank-You Notes Appropriate?

Sending free notes is not compulsory, not it is a requirement for anything.

It is, however, a common way of expressing gratitude (or manners), to a good friend or at least a colleague for a thoughtful deed towards you. Typically, we send thank-you notes upon receiving something and the recipient is not present to be thanked in person. However, many people prefer to send thank-you notes even when they already thanked the recipient verbally. Most people commonly write thank-you notes immediately after receiving the gift.

At times, one may also send a thank-you note for different occasions, most commonly when simply expressing gratitude to a teacher, a long time friend, or a loved one. You can also send thank-you blank note when saying farewell to people upon moving or leaving a job, especially to those who you were close with.

Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Thank-You Note

Writing a thank you email note is a key process in maintaining relationships with other people. And there are things one must and must not do when writing or sending a thank-you note. Here are some:


  • Use a stationery that appeals to your eyes. Or at least one that will remind the recipient of you. Make sure it suits your recipient, and is appropriate for the situation.
  • Create a draft first. This will enable you to organize your thoughts first before writing it in your note.
  • Match your tone with the situation, or your relationship with the person. If it’s for a close friend, write just like the way you converse with them. If it’s for an elderly relative, write in a casual yet respectful tone.
  • Mention the gift or generous deed. If it’s a gift, also mention how you plan on using it.
  • Personalize your note. Write it by hand, include messages or things which would represent you or your relationship with the recipient.
  • Check for spelling or grammatical errors. Before mailing your note in pdf to its recipient.


  • Put off writing or sending your thank-you notes. However, if for some reason, the note template is delayed, you can include a quick apology for the delay then say your thanks.
  • Overthink. Some people struggle in finding the right words to write in their note. Just write what is on your mind. This is also why you need to draft your note first.
  • Write negative remarks. Chances are, you’ll offend the recipient, so stay positive. A thank-you note needs to be positive. If it includes a negative subject, write positively.
  • Include unrelated topics. Save that for another note or thank you letter.

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