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Festivals have long been used by people to celebrate glorious heritage, various culture, and myriad of traditions. Through festivals, you get to rejoice various special moments along with your family, friends, loved ones, and even along with the members of the community you belong in. For a very long time, festivals are an expressive way to add structure to everyone’s social lives even before when it was used to pass traditions to the next generation and until the present time.

What Is a Festival?

Even if you have celebrated countless festivals in your life, chances are, you really have no idea about the precise definition of a festival and all you know is that festivals are a celebration of “something”.

Festival is defined as a festive celebration and a time for merry-making. And as defined by the Encyclopaedia Britannica, a festival is defined as “a day or period of time set aside to commemorate, ritually celebrate or reenact, or anticipate events or seasons—agricultural, religious, or socio-cultural—that give meaning and cohesiveness to an individual and to the religious, political, or socio-economic community.” And since festivals are mostly and generally originated from religious celebrations or ritual commemorations that usually consists of sacred community meals, the term festival, and alternately called as feasts, is just perfect and suitable.

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Types of Festivals

No matter where you live in or travel to, festivals seemingly is the common denominator of everything. As long as there are communities, there will always be something you can celebrate as a community. Various cultures and places around the world makes festival celebrations dynamic. People celebrate festivals for numerous reasons such as religion, the arts, food, and a whole lot more.

Whether you love the arts, food, and even just parties, there’s a special and specific type of festival that is just perfect for you. Just keep in mind that whatever type of festival celebration you are to encounter in your own community or in one of your travels, the purpose of festival celebration also has a common denominator and that is to bring happiness in the lives of the members of a community as well as to strengthen everyone’s sense of community.

With that, we have listed down the common types of festivals that people celebrate all over the world:

National Festivals

The beautiful thing about national festivals is that enables each citizens of a nation to connect to one another and it also connects them to the important moments and even milestones of their nation’s history. Some of the reasons for celebrating national festivals are the founding day of a nation, the end of warring countries or the independence day, and a whole lot more. Most importantly, national festivals enables each citizen of a nation to solidify their sense of patriotism and nationalism for their country.

Seasonal Festivals

Seasonal festivals are celebrated base on the changing seasons. For those countries who have more than two seasons, they experience and celebrate festivals compared to those who only have dry and wet seasons. This kind of season would also reflect the attitude of people towards Mother Earth which could also mean that it could also be related to the food supply of a community. For instance, during autumn or the fall season, people will be celebrating festivals related to harvest, during spring, people will be celebrating festivals related to Easter, and during the winter seasons, some people will celebrate festivals like the Winter Solstice Festival.

Religious festivals

Religious festivals are commonly important for families especially close-knit ones and it is also equally important for a community who treats one another as a family. In fact, most of the biggest festivals around the world are based upon its religion where they get to feast and celebrate and honor their gods. Among the famous religion-based festivals are Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Passover, Easter, Holi and Eid al-Adha–take note that these events are already marked on the calendar so expect that there will be holidays in honor of it .

Religious festivals enable people to teach their principles and ethics to the next generations and that is indeed very helpful in order to keep tradition and culture for as long as they can. Despite the great number of religion-based festivals, its common denominator is their sole purpose of sending the message of love, tolerance and understanding and to express their gratitude and even seek supplication to and from their gods.

Arts festivals

Another source of reason to celebrate is the arts and indeed, most of the major celebrations from around the world are based on it. There various aspects of the arts which means that you should also expect that there are also various festivals that are being celebrated under each aspects. Some of its famous aspects are festivals related to film and festivals related to music.

Film Festival

There are some countries that would organize an annual festival where people would submit their own masterpiece of a film. During this festival, people from around the world will gather to watch movies submitted by talented individuals. Among the famous film festivals held annually around the world are the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival. Through this type of an art festival, filmmakers from around the globe gains a venue where they can share their talents and skills in film making as well as in spreading social awareness or causes.

Music Festival

A music festival is a type of an art festival that is obviously oriented towards music. Every music festival has a theme that is usually based on a musical genre, and it could also base on the nationality or locality of musicians and additionally, based on a holiday. While film festivals are usually held indoors with a parade of actors and actresses on a red carpet, music festivals are usually held outdoors and with a line up of amazing and talented musicians. One of the famous music festival of today is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.


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