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There are so many events that are being looked forward to every year and one of the most awaited events is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day only happens once every year but there are a lot of people, particularly couples, who looks forward to this day when they get to celebrate love. You may also see multipurpose show ticket designs.

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Valentines Party Event Ticket Template

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And because this is a hit for most people, a lot of business entities and event organizers are taking advantage of this. Valentine’s Day events are all over the place during the fourteenth of February. It is also through most of these events that a lot of people would realize that Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples but it is for every single person around the world, regardless of his or her relationship status since Valentine’s Day can be an event that goes beyond the romantic relationship. You may also see blank festival ticket examples.

As mentioned, business entities and event organizers are taking advantage of this in a way that it is a win-win situation for them and their target or intended market which is those people who are going to celebrate this once-a-year event. Business entities and event organizers would create events that make the day special for those who are celebrating it. You may also see event ticket designs & examples.

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Corporate Valentines Day Event Ticket Example

DJ Valentine’s Event Ticket Template Example

Modern Valentines Event Ticket Example

Valentine’s Day Activities and Events Ideas

Do you own a business or an event organizing or planning business and would also want to take advantage of the day of hearts? Check out these Valentine’s Day activities and event ideas that will surely help you spice up this special holiday. You may also see valentine’s day banner.

Romantic Movie Screening

Among the top things that couples would do during Valentine’s Day is to go on a date at the movies. On Valentine’s Day, do not just screen the latest romantic movies. Consider screening the old but classic ones or those that are from the early 2000’s favorite romantic flicks that could surely spice up everyone’s date night. Such all-time favorite romantic movies include Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone with the Wind, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s the Man, A Walk to Remember, and seriously, a whole lot more! You may also see love greeting cards.

Now, aside from the romantic movies that they are going to watch, you may incorporate some other fun things that could make their romantic movie screening a memorable one. You could create a makeshift outdoor movie screening where couples could just sit picnic-style before a very large white screen where the movie will be projected. Along with that are some food and drink stands where they can get their food. You may be interested in these gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

And to make it special, you have to make sure that you will be able to set the location or the scene with decorations such as fairy or candle lights to put them into the mood for love. You may also see movie ticket examples.

Craft Workshops

During Valentine’s Day, the usual gifts are store-bought such as flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals. To make a difference for everyone, conduct craft workshops where every couple can create personalized gifts for their partners. Ditch the usual flowers, chocolates, and stuffed toys because giving a gift a that is personally done, no matter what the result may be, is way better since it is made with love and effort. You may also see valentines day breakup playlist checklist.

You can even hold a craft workshop ahead of the actual Valentine’s Day so that some people can already prepare a surprise gift for their partners. You can also hold a craft workshop on the very day of love that can serve as their date especially those couples who have a creative side on them. You may also see wedding greeting card.

There are a lot of possible crafts that can be done in such kind of workshop. It can be as simple as creating Valentine’s card making, cake baking, mosaic-heart making, candle making, knitting, and even perfume making. Couples have various interests so just make sure that you will be able to provide a variety of workshops that everyone can join and have fun. You may also be interested with these Valentine’s card designs and examples.

Printable Valentines Day Event Ticket Example

Red and Gold Valentines Party Event Ticket Example

Red Hearts Valentines Gala Event Ticket Example

Romantic Dinner and Romantic Love Songs Night

To quote Orsino from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: “If music be the food of love, play on”. For your Valentine’s Day event, you can use both of the elements found in this statement which is food and music and that will be in a form of a romantic dinner that will be accompanied with live romantic songs. You may also see love greeting cards.

Most couples would go out on a date on the night of Valentine’s Day and for most restaurants, it is one of the days when they will be very busy. Take advantage of this and hold a romantic dinner for the couples who will be dining in your restaurant (if you own one). Serve special dishes that are good for sharing between two people and also serve a sweet dessert that can add up to the sweetness of the night. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

To make it more romantic, invite a live band or a live performer who can play music as the couples will be having their romantic dinner. Among the best genres of songs to accompany couples during their late night dinner date out are jazz and r&b. Keep in mind that the music you are going to choose to play for the customers during Valentine’s Day dinner date can actually make or break the ambiance and the overall success of a couple’s date. Choose the inappropriate songs and you will surely have customers going out of your restaurant before they could even get to eat their dessert. You may also like romantic greeting cards.

Event for the Ready-to-Mingle Singles

Who says Valentines’ Day is just for couples? Single men and ladies also have a room for this day and you can make it possible if you are going to hold an event that is solely dedicated and targetted for the singles market. You do not have to worry because aside from the fact that Valentine’s day is known as being an event for the couples, it is also a popular time for when singles events are being held especially for those singles who are ready to mingle. You may also see event ticket designs & examples.

There are a lot of ways and formats that you will be able to get single individuals to mingle. There is that famous speed dating wherein couples would be dating with a number of people in a short span of time with the purpose of having to have more than one option. While speed dating sounds too bold and are seemingly created for people who are brave enough to encounter and speed date a number of individuals in a short span of time, there is also a “slow dating” for the lesser bold ones out there but would still want to date and meet new people during this day of hearts. You may also see blank festival ticket examples.

Whatever format of a singles event you may have planned out, just make sure that it will be an event that will ensure that the single men and ladies (who are ready to mingle) will be having fun. Even without partners, creating friendships during this event is something they deserve. You may also see carnival ticket examples.

Simple Valentine Event Ticket Example

Simple Valentine’s Pass and Party Ticket Example

Romantic Dance Date Night

What’s Valentine’s Day date night without romantic dances? For those ‘unofficial’ couples, this activity or event is their perfect and great excuse for them to get close and personal. For, well, official couples, romantic dances are just another way to show their love and affection to their loved ones. You may also see bridal shower boarding pass tickets.

If you could get more creative, you can also create a contest wherein couples would compete for each other from bagging the best dancers of the night with a grand prize that could possibly be a free dinner date at a high-end restaurant or a free overnight stay at a hotel. You may also see multipurpose show ticket designs.

You could also provide dance lessons for couples who are still learning and are very much willing to learn how to master various kinds of dances such as slow dancing. Right after such lessons, you could also hold a dance showdown among couples and if there are singles during the event, you can also hold an optional speed dating event. You may also see summer party ticket designs.

Another thing that you can add to the list of your dance-related event for Valentine’s Day is a masquerade ball. It’s dancing with a twist since you get to add romance and mystique in the mix. You can get couples to dress up and put on masks for a night of romantic dancing. This masquerade ball can also add to the possible singles events that you might be planning to hold. You may also get these Valentine’s greeting cards.

Special Party Valentine’s Event Ticket Example


Valentine Day 2018 Special Party Event Ticket Example

Valentine’s Day Party Event Ticket Example

Valentine’s Day Spoken Word Poetry Night

Allow people to release their inner Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson by organizing a spoken word poetry night where attendees will be given a chance to present their spoken word poetries. Spoken word poetry is a kind of performance oral art that is based on words and is keenly focused on the aesthetics of wordplay including the inflection of voice, the rhymes, and the intonation. You may be interested in these tips in poetry writing.

This kind of event can be open to both singles and couples alike since when it comes to literature, everyone is welcome. People can express through their spoken poetry their different experiences when it comes to love. Brokenhearted individuals can present their self-penned poems about what caused their broken hearts. Happy couples can present some sort of duet of spoken word poetry where they will reply and perform their poems with each other. The unconventional and even forbidden experiences that are related to love can also be expressed with no holds bar during this event.

You might possibly get an idea to hold a contest but since poems can come in different aim, purpose, style, and matter, it may be unfair for some to have their poem about heartbreak be pitted against a poem that is about a happy relationship. While you can have separate categories for that, it might be best to just have a poetry slam where people will get to have a “showdown” of their love poems. You may check out these poetry symbolism examples.

Valentine’s Pass and Party Ticket Examples

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Night Event Ticket Example

Valentines Pageant Event Ticket Example

Valentines’s Movie Night Event Ticket Example


There are actually a lot of things, events, and activities that you can do to bring everyone together during the day that is considered as the day of hearts. Whatever event you are going to hold, just make sure that it will be something that will put the best romantic twist especially that it is related to Valentine’s Day. For more Valentine’s Day related articles, you may also be interested in these Valentine’s card designs and examples.

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