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Be a head-turner. Be an eye-catcher. Be a jaw-dropper. In every business, these are the basic things that you must be working on in your marketing. You must appeal to the people not only through your designs but also through your offers. With the different marketing materials available, there are a lot of options you can choose to be used in your marketing. A coupon is among the most commonly and typically used because of its convenience and versatility. You may also check out here birthday coupon designs and examples. Additionally, you can find more designs in these links:

In order to get the interest of your market, you must release coupons especially during occasions, special events, and holiday such as Christmas, New Year, and Love Month. These are the typical seasons where most people are willing to spend more because of the events. For the Valentine’s Day, you can take the opportunity to launch your love coupons to your customers, the examples of which are presented below. You may also see referral coupon designs.

Romantic Love Voucher Template

romantic love voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Personalized Romantic Love Voucher

personalized romantic love voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Relationship Romantic Love Voucher

relationship romantic love voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Romantic Love Voucher Template for Girlfriend

romantic love voucher template for girlfriend
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Romantic Love Voucher Template for Her

romantic love voucher template for her
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Anniversary Gift Love Coupon Card Example


Inexpensive Romantic Love Coupon Example

inexpensive romantic love coupon example

Modern Love Coupon Example

modern love coupon example

Funny Valentine Love Coupon Example


30 Best Ideas for Love Coupons

Normally, it would be our honor and pleasure to serve our loved ones as this is one of the forms of love. Through coupons with different perks, they can have endless benefits that are not only for them but also for your relationship to grow stronger and mature. May it be something that they need you to do or something that would set them free from obligations, these can surely help in the growth of your relationship. Sometimes, in order for you to understand each other, you must let loose and let your partner do whatever he or she wants. This would also give you a hint on his or her qualities as well as the kind of person he or she is. You may also see restaurant lunch coupon examples.

Hence, during a special occasion such as your anniversary, your partner’s birthday, or during Valentine’s Day, you can give him or her a special gift—love coupons! Wondering what you might include in your love coupons? Here are some of the top ideas for the content of your love coupon:

  • 24 hours of no arguments no matter what
  • One big bear hug
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A massage of your choice
  • One evening of dancing
  • One free intimate fantasy
  • A romantic picnic for two of your choice
  • 30 minutes of cuddling
  • A night of stargazing
  • Eat out at a restaurant of your choice
  • Shopping with you anywhere without complaining
  • A handwritten list of your best qualities
  • One free car wash
  • Free kiss
  • One evening at a hotel
  • New lingerie—you pick it out!
  • One semi-formal date
  • One shopping spree
  • One breakfast date
  • Your choice of one household chore completed
  • Personal assistant for a day
  • One kiss and make-up session
  • One evening of listening to romantic music
  • One morning of sleeping in late without complaining
  • One night out on the town
  • Free access to the remote for one night
  • One guilt-free evening out with your friends
  • One activity of your choice
  • Favorite home-made dinner of your choice
  • One full body massage

Valentine’s Day Love Coupon Example


Printable Love Coupon Example

printable love coupon example

Editable and Printable Love Coupon Example

editable and printable love coupon example

Clean Love Coupon Example


Love Languages and Examples

Humans are wired to be attracted to and love another human. This might be because of the qualities and personality that that person possess or that may be because both of them perfectly understood each other’s love language. Love language is something that you cannot see or predict; it is something that you will observe, assess, and understand from the perspective of that person. Knowing the love language that an individual possesses will help his or her partner gain an understanding on what he or she likes and prefers. Understanding the other person is very much important in a relationship since this will serve as one of the strong foundation of your relationship. You may also see business coupon.

There are different love languages that you must know in order to understand why your partner is acting that way. Moreover, when you perfectly understood the love language of your partner, it is easier for you to make him or her happy as well as to please him or her and be considerate toward his or her actions.

Because individuals have different love languages, you must not expect that what you wanted from your partner is the same that he or she wanted from you. You must carefully analyze what your other half’s preferences are—his or her love language. You may also see gift voucher designs.

So what then is love language? These are the ways on how people express and interpret love. There are five love languages that you must know in order to understand each other. They are as follows:

DIY and Editable Love Coupon Example

diy and editable love coupon example

Love Coupons for Him Example

love coupons for him example

Bundle of Love Coupons Example

bundle of love coupons example

Graphic Love Coupon Example

graphic love coupon example

Words of Affirmation

In this love language, words are used to affirm other people. There are a lot of people that would prefer to hear the words “I love you” and other compliments as they value the words more. They will feel so loved as the words hold real value according to this language. Those people who prefer words of affirmation as their primary love language also hold on to promises in words. They would expect a lot especially when the promises are spoken in words. They will be so much grateful whenever the other person would fulfill his or her promise.

However, because they believe that words hold so much power, negative or insulting comments would cut them deep. They would tremendously be hurt, and as a result, they cannot easily forgive unless the other person would promise not to do it again and to make it right the next time. This will reassure him or her that everything will be okay. But, that person will expect more, and this expectation must be satisfied by the person making the promise. Moreover, when it comes to promises, when the other person would break his or her promise, this will become a disaster, and he or she must do something to gain his or her trust again. You may also see discount coupon examples.

Quality Time

Another love language is quality time. This means giving someone your undivided attention. And by undivided, this does not mean sitting together on the couch watching television together because when you spend time together this way, you cannot fully give your whole attention to your other partner. When I say undivided, this means that you are looking at each other and talking with your devices put away and focusing on each other. This means that you have all his or her time without the disturbance of other. Selfish as it may seem, but the person whose love language is quality time would feel so special and loved when you give him or her your full attention.

Having quality time does not mean that you have to spend your whole day talking and being with him or her. Instead, this means that you have spared time with him or her despite of your busy schedule, and the time that you have allotted for your relationship is undivided. Distractions, failure to listen, as well as postponed dates can be so much hurtful to these people. Hence, being with them and giving your full attention are something crucial and you must work on. You may also check out here thank-you voucher designs.


Mostly, when talking about the subject of love, the gift giving love language speaks the loudest. This includes receiving gifts and visible and tangible symbols of love such as flowers, chocolates, or greeting cards. By gift, this means something that is tangible that you can hold in your hand and you can proudly say, “She remembered me,” or, “He was thinking of me.” People who have this kind of love language would feel so much loved and appreciated when they receive such physical gifts because this would also mean that the person sending is thinking of him or her. It is really the thought that counts here, and the tangible things are just the representatives. It also means that those thoughts are expressed in actually securing the gift and giving it as the expression of love.

Gift giving is said to be one of the easiest love languages to learn. In fact, most people can easily give gifts even if they do not know yet the love language of their other half. And, although your primary love language is not gift giving, you can still learn to give gifts by knowing what your partners want as of the moment. You may also see blank coupon designs and examples.

Acts of Service

“Actions speak louder than words” is the best quote that would represent this love language. By acts of service, this means that you are doing the things that you partner would most likely like you to do as this would give him satisfaction and assurance of your love for him or her. Through your deeds, he or she can tell that you have clearly expressed your love for him or her. Examples of acts of services are setting the table, cooking a meal, emptying the dishwasher, picking up a prescription, arranging a date, vacuuming, keeping the car in good and operating condition, and doing the laundry. These works require careful planning, thought, time, energy, and effort, which means that, when done with a positive spirit, they are indeed expressions of love. You may also see shopping voucher designs.

Hence, if you found out that your partner’s love language is act of service, expect that you will be doing and working on stuff rather than simply speaking or talking about it because talking, for them, is cheap. Actions, for them, really speak a million words and could express more than what words can express.

Physical Touch

Last but not the least, there are people who prefer physical touch among the other love languages. A person whose love language is physical touch believes that nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. This does not only mean touch in the bedroom but also mean everyday physical connections such as holding each other’s hands, kissing, embracing, sitting close to each other while watching movies, and many other reaffirming physical contact. For people whose primary love language is physical touch, they might feel unloved and unappreciated without it. This does not necessary mean displaying your affection publicly (PDA); instead, this only means that getting a little touchy-feely makes them feel secured, appreciated, and loved.

On the other hand, any form and type of physical abuse is a total deal breaker for them which makes them upset and disappointed. Hence, you should be careful in handling and taking care of these people whose dominant love language is physical touch.

Last Few Words

There are five love languages of a person, namely words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. When you have observed that your partner has this dominant love language, for example, quality time, that does not meant that you should stop doing other forms of love such as acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, and physical touch. This is because, people as we are, we still wanted to experience other forms of love although we have that one dominant love language. This will only make your relationship grow stronger because apart from his or her characteristics, you already know how he or she interprets and express his or her love. You may also see spring voucher designs and examples.

Now that you know what are the five love languages, you are now able to know and understand what your other half desires. Not only that, you also know how to behave and how to make him or her happy and feel loved. Hence, understanding the love language and applying what you have understood in real life is important if you want to have a harmonious and happy and contented relationship.

Lastly, do not miss to check out the examples of love coupon above for your dearly beloved!

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