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Letters are still being used as a means of communication especially in business transactions. If you own a company and would want to improve your branding in order to up your game in the competitive business world, you can make use of a company letterhead to get you started in improving or enhancing your brand as well as in boosting your company’s reputation.

However, letterheads are not exclusively used by businesses or companies because you can also make use of this for personal purposes. Personal letterheads can be used similarly to that of a company letterhead: if you apply for a job and you used your personal letterhead for your cover letter or application letter, you are also enhancing your brand and this puts you at an advantage from your competitors.


You might speculate what can a personal letterhead do in order to improve or enhance your personal branding and boost your reputation, let’s say, when you are applying for a job, when in fact it’s just a sheet of paper with your name sprawled all over its top portion.

So, here’s why: personal letterheads often come in an impressive and attractive form and it also includes all the essential elements that most people, especially recruiters or employers, need to know about you. By impressive and attractive form, it means that personal letterheads do not only provide the receivers of your formal letter its essential elements but it also includes the design elements that make your personal letterhead stand out among the pile of application letters from the pool of applicants.

Personal letterheads are remarkable documents that reflect who you are as a person and give the idea that you are someone who would look meticulously into the details of even as simple as a letterhead. That’s what most recruiters and employers would look for in an employee; that’s what a personal letterhead can do to help in improving or enhancing your personal branding and in boosting your reputation as an individual. You may also want to know about Corporate Letterhead Designs and Examples.

Personal Letterhead Example

personal letterhead example

Blue Border Personal Letterhead Example

blue border personal letterhead example

Black and Red Personal Letterhead Example

black and red personal letterhead example

Classic Personal Letterhead Example

classic personal letterhead example

Chic Watercolor Personal Letterhead Example

chic watercolor personal letterhead example

Clean Personal Letterhead Example

clean personal letterhead example

How to Make Creative and Presentable Letters

You might have noticed, but when you would look at any basic letter you may have already written, you feel that something is missing. No matter how much you try to improve the overall written content of your letter, something just does not feel right and that the adjustments you have made on the written content do not give any much help to fill the void that you are currently feeling as you stare and read at your professional letter.

In order to make your simple letter creative and presentable, making use of personal letterheads can definitely help you with that. Making use of personal letterheads for your plain letters can be likened to adding the best ingredient to a bland dish. Personal letterheads add so much spice on a basic old plain letter that it will definitely be eye-catching and remarkable to the eyes of its receiver.

With the use of personal letterheads, you will be able to add watermarks, borders, motifs, photos, and other design elements that do not steal the limelight that should go to the written content but rather enhances it.

Elegant Personal Letterhead Example

elegant personal letterhead example

Pink Personal Letterhead Example

pink personal letterhead example

Creative Personal Letterhead Example

creative personal letterhead example

Vector Personal Letterhead Example

vector personal letterhead example

Monogram Personal Letterhead Example

monogram personal letterhead example

Reasons Why You Should Use a Personalized Letterhead

In designing your personalized letterhead, you should never take it for granted. You must put a lot of attention into its design details because compromising it means putting your branding and reputation on the line. For whatever purpose you are using your personal letterhead, always keep in mind that your letterhead is the first point of contact for both your current and potential clients. You may also see business letterhead designs & examples.

Personal letterheads should not be taken for granted since these are the most important printing collaterals if you would use it in the business setting. It is not just a form of professional correspondence but it plays a major part of your identity as an individual.

To expound more on the use of personal letterheads, here are other reasons why you should make use of a personal letterhead for your letters:

1. Personal letterhead increases your credibility.

You might assume that personal letterheads are just a waste of time and even think since some letterheads do come in fonts sizes and styles that are bigger than the usual.

However, personal letterheads could help in giving you a professional and respectable look and feel. Using one would help to build a relationship with the individuals receiving your letters printed on your personal letterhead. But take note that you would not only be creating a so-so relationship because you are building a relationship that is based reliability and trustworthiness—just imagine that. You may also see round logo design examples.

2. Personal letterhead improves your image and strengthens your brand.

Again, as mentioned, personal letterheads have the capability to improve your image and strengthen your brand.

Once you would have a personal letterhead, it would immediately give the idea that you are someone who can provide a high-quality performance, product, or service. Plus, if you have a personal logo, business card, and envelope, this will hardly get unnoticed by the people who receive these and they will surely see the effort that you have poured into your image and branding.

3. Personal letterheads boost your reputation.

As an individual, you may also put importance on your reputation. You can boost your reputation even as simple as using a personal letterhead for correspondence. This is because people will be able to view you as someone who is a professional. It would also mean that you are someone who always means business. You may also like best company logo examples.

Floral Design Personal Letterhead Example

floral design personal letterhead example

Professional Personal Letterhead Example

professional personal letterhead example

Golden Dots Custom Personal Letterhead

golden dots custom personal letterhead

Minimalist Personal Letterhead Example

minimalist personal letterhead example

Modern Personal Letterhead Example

modern personal letterhead example

Personal Letterhead Design Tips

Planning to create your personal letterhead design? Do make use of these personal letterhead design tips should you want to get started designing:

1. Make sure you use the right software for your design

The software that you use when designing your personal letterhead could affect the final result of your personal letterhead. If you want an ultra-simple layout, you can make use of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Pages, or Microsoft Publisher; however, these come with limitations. If you want to have an elaborate final output, you may use the different Adobe software such as the Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator. You may also see examples of modern logo design.

Adobe InDesign is very helpful in customizing layouts for personal letterheads. It is probably the most suitable program for creating custom layouts, as it is tailored toward creating more flexible publishing layouts.

2. Consider the alignment and positioning of your personal letterhead

To have an effective personal letterhead, you have to make sure that you consider the sizing of your personal letterhead. There is a standard size for a letterhead but it depends on the region where you are in. Like for example, you are to send a letter in the United States or Canada, set the size in 8.5 inches by 11 inches. You may also like examples of 3d logo designs.

Additionally, you may also want to think about the grid of your personal letterhead layout. However, keep in mind that personal letterheads are not as complicated as laying out magazines, but you might want to make use of a grid in order to make your personal letterhead look wholesome.

3. Make your personal letterhead adapt to your audience.

While it will be best if you use one consistent letterhead all throughout, it is also important to take note of the people you are usually sending a letter to.

If you still have a hard time designing your own personal letterhead, you can make use of the templates that we have collected and compiled for you here in this article and modify it to the way you want it to be. You may also see examples of corporate logos.

Rainbow Personal Letterhead Example

rainbow personal letterhead example

Script Personal Letterhead Example

script personal letterhead example

Watercolor Personal Letterhead Example

watercolor personal letterhead example

Wooden Personal Letterhead Example

wooden persona letterhead example

Benefits of Using Personal Letterheads

1. By using a personal letterhead, you will be able to save time when writing a letter since you are already a step done. It is not much time saved but it’s better than nothing. You may also see wedding logo design examples.

2. These personal letterhead examples can be easily and quickly printed.

3. Personal letterheads can also be sent as an email.

4. Personal letterheads are helpful to those who are uncertain when it comes to writing a personal or business letter.

5. Personal letterheads can set you apart from your competitors. It helps you stand out to the point that you will become remarkable and unforgettable. You may also like examples of business logos.

When to Use Personal Letterheads

There are several instances and occasions wherein you can make use of a personal letterhead. Some of these are:

  • Personal purposes
  • Business purposes
  • Letter to congratulate someone, be it family or friends and other significant individuals in your life
  • Letter to thank someone, be it family or friends and other significant individuals in your life
  • Letter of appreciation
  • Response to an invitation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Announcement purposes
  • Advertising purposes
  • Notice letters
  • Letter of confirmation

Wrapping Up

Personal letterheads may just be an option to you but once you would take this option, you would not regret it because the use of this puts you at an advantage in some of the aspects of your life. This makes you stand out since there are only a few people who have known the effect that personal letterheads could bring.

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