5+ Child Funeral Program Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Losing someone you love will never be easy, but the pain is truly unbearable when you lose someone at such a young age. As a parent, you wish to see your child grow to become a remarkable person in society. But the uncertainty of life also means that you cannot be sure when your child will be taken away from you for good. As much as it pains you to see your child lying in a coffin, you have to be strong enough to lay him or her to rest.

With that in mind, a funeral service means that there are specific steps that should be taken. To ensure that the people attending the service know when specific activities will be done or held, you should have a funeral program. The program conveys in important details about the deceased and the activities involved in the funeral service. In this article, child funeral program templates and examples are provided to give you inspiration when you create one.

Child Funeral Program Templates and Examples

1. Baby Boy Funeral Service Program


As much as you hate the fact that your baby boy is gone, you need to properly lay him to rest. You need to have a proper funeral service to pray for his eternal repose. Together with your family and friends, you should say your final goodbyes to the sweet little angel. Having a funeral program that chronologically lists all the activities for the entirety of the ceremony will help people become aware of what’s supposed to happen. If you are looking for a well-designed funeral program for the burial of your son, you can take inspiration from this example.

2. Child Funeral Program


As a parent, you would imagine that your child will be the one laying you rest should your time come to an end. But certain things happen and that cycle somehow takes a total 180-degree turn. To honor the life your child has lived, you need to have a funeral service that will exhibit the light he or she was to people’s lives. In order for the people to know what activities are included in the service, you should distribute a funeral program that presents the important details not only about the service but also about the deceased. You should create a beautiful program to embody the beautiful life he or she has lived.

3. Tiny Feet Baby Funeral Program


A funeral program provides the schedule for the ceremony and the sequence of events or activities included in the funeral service. But it can also be used as an obituary card to present pertinent information about the deceased and/or pay tribute to him or her. Similar to this example, the funeral program has a section for a short obituary, acknowledgments from the family and the schedule for the funeral service. Since this program was designed for a deceased newborn child and the funeral needs to be done immediately, it has fewer details but quite a few designs.

4. Beautiful Little One Child Funeral Program


Different religions also mean different ways of honoring the departed. In Christian tradition, it is common to have a mass funeral service first before the burial or memorial service. In this sense, a funeral mass program should be handed out to the attendees to let them know of the specific activities that need to be carried out in accordance to certain religious traditions before proceeding to the burial. But to make sure that the fun and amusing personality of the child is shown in the program, you need to choose child-appropriate designs or incorporate his or her favorite toys, colors, and so on. Looking at this example, the designs and illustrations will somehow comfort you even for a short while.

5. Pink Butterflies Child Funeral Program


Let the light your child has shown the world be known even on his or her last days with a beautifully designed funeral program. As you can see in this funeral program example, the family has chosen to celebrate the life of the child through embodying her as a free soul just like a butterfly. It is quite a comforting thought that will somehow ease the pain of knowing she is no longer with them. In this sense, you can also design the funeral program you use for the funeral service of your child like this—light and comforting as he or she would want it to be. But design and illustrations aside, make sure you provide your guests with enough information and details about the service itself.

6. Baby Funeral Program


Just like how there is nothing wrong with designing the funeral program with a fun and amusing theme, there is also nothing wrong with using basic design and layout with the one you use. In the most basic sense, the funeral program’s main purpose is to provide a clear sequence of event in the ceremony to help people become aware of the process. Thus, having a simple yet informative funeral program should be your priority. Besides with its simplicity, it can be easily DIYed, which is always a cost-effective option for you.

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