12+ Children Birthday Invitation Designs and Examples – PSD, AI

Aside from Baby Birthday Invitations, it is a child’s birthday invitation that is very exciting to design. The elements that you can apply provides a certain joy that can only be found in the specified design activity. Though Adult Birthday Invitations are also fun to make, being more creative and informal when designing a children’s birthday invitation design is what makes the difference.

If you do not know how to make a children’s birthday invitation or if you have no idea on how to design one, fret not as we have listed downloadable samples of children’s birthday invitation designs that you can use as guides and references. Look into the samples that we have for you and decide which of them best represents the aesthetic that you would also like to have for the birthday invitation that you have in mind.You may also see Girls Birthday Invitations

Kids Birthday Invitation

Boy Birthday Invitation Card

Sparkling Kids Birthday Invitation

How to Make a Children’s Birthday Invitation Interesting

Whether it is Girls Birthday Invitations or boys birthday invitations that you want to make, one thing that you should not forget is to ensure the fun factor that your birthday invitation design will have. Listed below are ways on how you can make a children’s birthday invitation look interesting.

1. The first thing that you need to consider when making a children’s birthday invitation is your color selection. You have to make sure that the colors that you will use are high in contrast and resolution so you can make the entire birthday invitation look vibrant. You may also see Quinceanera Birthday Invitation

2. Include design items that are commonly associated with fun activities. Confetti, balloons and glitters are great design materials that you can make use of. If possible, combine these elements so you can come up with a visually festive design for the birthday invitation. You may also see 21st Birthday Invitation

3. Include the photo of the birthday celebrant while doing one of the activities that are expected to happen during the event. As an example, you can let them paint their hands or even their faces if this activity can also be enjoyed by the people in the event. This can help you set expectations properly. You may also see Double birthday party invitations

4. Have themes that are child-friendly. As an example, you can use a Whimsical Birthday Invitation especially if you plan to have a magical birthday celebration.

Modern Children’s Birthday Invitation

Skating Boy Birtday Invitation

Personalize Children’s Birthday Invitation

Watercolour Children’s Birthday Invitation

Tips in Designing Children’s Birthday Invitations

There is a design process that you need to undergo whenever you plan to create a children’s birthday invitation – from the design planning up to its actual implementation. Here are some tips that can be helpful if you are already designing a children’s birthday invitation:

1. It is best if you will incorporate the theme of the birthday party in the design of the birthday invitation. This can promote cohesion to the birthday location and all the birthday cards that will be used for the party. Use bbq party invitations if you will have a backyard barbecue party for your child.

2. Make sure that you are aware of the age of the birthday celebrant. The design of the birthday invitation should be appropriate to the age range of the invited guests especially those that are of the same age bracket with the birthday celebrant. You may also see Baby boy first birthday invitations

3. Develop a design that is visually attractive. Kids are very excited when they see designs that they like. Make your design kid-appropriate so that people can be more excited to go to the children’s birthday party. You may also see Under the sea birthday invitations

4. Include candles and other designs that are associated with birthday celebration for children. Make people be aware of the purpose of the birthday card even just by looking at the aesthetic applied to it. Candles, fairy lights and other design items that has light can best be used for dinner party invitations.

5. Have color combinations that are amazing to look at. You can also develop a color scheme based on the gender of the child birthday celebrant if you would like to.You may also see Boys Birthday Invitations

Children’s Chalkboard Race Car Birthday Invitation

Children’s Football Birthday Invitation

1st Birthday Party Invitation Card

Custom Children’s Birthday Invitation

Animal Theme Children’s Birthday Invitation

Design Items to Include in a Children’s Birthday Invitation

We have already mentioned a few items that you can include in the design of a children’s birthday invitation. However, there are still a lot of design materials that you can use of which of course should depend on the theme of the birthday celebration and the birthday invitation. A few of the design items that you can use include the following:

For a Retro Birthday Invitation to be used in a children birthday celebration, use retro shapes like squares and circles. You can have them in different colors to make the birthday invitation design look more vibrant and pleasing to the eyes.

Have a personalized birthday invitation by adding different photos of the birthday celebrant. Create a collage out of these photos or you can even have an album-like birthday invitation.

Use images of different animals as children are very much into learning new things especially in relation to animals. You can have a variety of animal photos if you have a jungle or safari theme. You can even group these animals based on the ecosystem where they live like having an under the sea children’s birthday invitation for example. You may also see Black and gold birthday invitations

You can use clowns, dolls and other objects that most children enjoy looking at or playing with. You can even feature the favorite toy of the birthday celebrant to make the birthday invitation more personalized.You may also see Superhero birthday invitations

If you want to have the most beautiful children’s birthday invitation, you have to ensure that you will observe all the design applications that will occur in the birthday invitation. It is not enough for you to have a great theme in mind – you need to have the creativity to make the theme and design vision be realized. You may also see 18th Birthday Invitation

Review the samples and tips that we have specified before creating your own children’s birthday invitation. Try making one now and see how you can make a birthday invitation that best fits the birthday celebration for your child.You may also see Childrens Birthday Invitation Design

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