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debit card designs and examples

It seems as if the world is always looking for, and thinking of, new and more convenient payment methods. To name a few, we now have charge cards, prepaid cards, mobile banking/payment, checks, and debit cards, all for the purpose of making a shopper’s life easier. You may also see greeting card designs & examples.

These inventions are developed to keep up with the many billing needs of the market’s various types of consumers, especially since merchants have also discovered different marketing areas, such as web-based stores and shops.

Having multiple forms of payment methods also offer customers the chance to choose the payment form that they are most comfortable with. Also, since more and more consumers have embraced other payment methods, of which the most popular is the credit card, this will result in a more convenient shopping, and convenience has been proven to be the most alluring and most effective sales technique. You may also see thank-you card examples.

Imagine not having to bring cash anywhere!

Stores who accept different forms of payment also enjoy a substantial raise in sales since customers often go for shops who can cater to their various billing needs.

Glossy Background Card Example

glossy background card example3

Multi Colored Card Example

multi colored card example2

Customization and the Financial Industry

Many people are now obsessed with personalizing everything. Mugs, tees, tumblers, notebooks, people seem to want their personal touch engraved into everything they own. Which is why it does not come as a surprise if even debit cards can now be customized.

Since there are various banking companies with similar products and services offered competing in the financial industry, each one is desperate to make their company’s image more appealing than the other to lure customers into choosing them over their countless competitors. For this reason, the art of customizing a card has become a trend in the hopes of having something different to offer to new customers. You may also check out best greeting card designs & examples.

Customization is also another form of self-expression. If you choose an image of your dog as the design on your debit card, it speaks a lot about your attachment to your pet. Or if you use a more classic, minimalist design and print, it can also say about your love for simple elegance. This is probably why people love personalizing so much, and why they fall for this sales technique. Because customization gives them the opportunity to manifest themselves. You might be interested in examples of business card design.

Personalizing debit cards can also make a plain, ubiquitous cash card appear more interesting and unique. This way, no two cards can ever look exactly the same. A study has also been conducted on the difference on sales between a regular debit card and one that has been personalized. It appears that a higher number of people use debit cards more often if it has been customized according to their preference. You may also see holiday card designs & examples.

Mall Exclusive Blue Debit Card Example

mall exclusive blue debit card example1

20 Colored Debit Card Set Example

20 colored debit card set example2

Mall Exclusive Purple Debit Card Example

mall exclusive purple debit card example1

What are Debit Cards?

Debit Cards are cards that allow you to access money from your checking account. These are a very convenient form of payment method since they are accepted in retail stores that accept credit cards as well. They are very much like credit cards except that your money comes from your account, not the bank’s. Debit cards are also supported by major banking companies who are well-trusted and well-founded in the financial industry. You may also see examples of musical greeting card designs.

Since debit cards also give you the option of cash withdrawal, you will be given a pin to be able to access your card in retail stores and ATM machines. This is a commodity that credit cards or charge cards do not offer. Also, with debit cards, you can pay for your transaction immediately, unlike with credit and charge cards wherein you have to pay for your transaction on a later date with additional fees. You may also like business thank-you cards.

So how does this work? Debit cards work by allowing the merchant to place a hold on your account for the amount of money you owe them for your transaction. Your bank will then show you these pending transactions on your account which will be completed once the merchant finish submitting their transactions. Then, the money will be taken from your account and it will show on the records that you have completed a transaction. You may also check out vacation greeting card examples.

Although debit cards allow you to access from your existing money, some banks may allow you to overdraw your account. Basically, this means that you can spend more than what your account is worth. But you should expect certain fees when you overdraw your account, though. Banks will do nothing for free.

There are also additional fees associated with your debit card so make sure you carefully read the rules before using one. These fees may include accessing ATM machines, or monthly service fees, or general fees related to your debit card. Make sure you personally keep track of your money on paper or an app really be safe. You might be interested in corporate greeting card examples.

Debit Cards, as with everything else, can also be stolen. So you need to take precaution that the information on your card be kept private or else hackers can have access to your money and make purchases without you knowing it. Always check your account for unauthorized transactions. If your simple card has been physically stolen, however, it is best to contact the bank as soon as possible to disable your existing account and prohibit the thief from using it, and creating you a new one you can use instead.

Gold Mockup Debit Card Example

gold mockup debit card example1

Black Red Debit Card Example

black red debit card example1

Elegant Debit Card Design Example

elegant debit card design example1

Customizing Your Debit Card

There are only two simple steps in customizing your card:

Pick A Bank.

Since customization has become an effective sales technique, many banks have embraced this already. Which means that picking a bank to help you customize your card will be easy. The tricky part is choosing a bank you can trust with your money. You don’t want to leave your savings in the hands of just anybody, right? So here are a few guidelines to help you choose the bank for you. You may also see photo greeting card designs & examples.

1. Accessibility.

Even with the emergence of ATM machines and online banking, turns out that many people still prefer to visit the bank’s branch itself, especially those who are still trying to learn the basics of banking. Studies show that a surprising 70% of all bank users still prefer doing their transactions inside the bank. Which means that although you can basically do anything online now, make sure your chosen bank has a branch near you so you can visit it anytime you need to. You may also like music business card examples.

2. Find a bank that fits your lifestyle.

Unsurprisingly, banks can also cater to the different needs of their customers. Whether you’re a businessman or just a regular employee who wants to save money, there is a bank for you. Look for one that can assist you with your needs.

3. Look for digital features.

Let’s face it. This world loves having the ability to access everything through a smartphone and this even applies in banking. Some banks may not have the digital features you need for your convenience so if you prefer having your account accessible on the tips of your fingers, find a bank that can offer online services as well. You may also check out wedding card designs and examples.

4. Watch out for fees and overdraft.

Before you apply yourself to a specific bank, make sure you understand its terms and familiarize yourself with the charges that may come with using their services.

Unnecessary additional fees are the last thing you need so make sure you know the bank’s procedure before you commit. Also, some banks may allow you to overdraft (which we have discussed earlier in the article). As much as possible, avoid overdrawing from your account because you will be charged by the bank and this is an addition to your expenses that you don’t need. You might be interested in bridal shower thank-you cards.

Choose a bank with a more tolerant overdrawing policy or one with low-balance alerts to update you on the amount left on your account so you don’t spend more than what you have.

ATM Debit Card

atm debit card

Debit Card Mockup

debit card mockup

Pick A Theme Or Image

Since our main goal is to customize your debit card, you might want to think hard for this one. What exactly do you want your debit card to look like? Whose photo do you want on it? It may be quite difficult for you to choose just one out of all the things you love in this world so here are a few suggestions:

1. Favorite color.

If you want your credit card to be simple yet totally you, picking a favorite color is the safest way to go. You can color your card a deep scarlet to express confidence and passion, or perhaps a lovely touch of tangerine to give your card that sunny, happy look, or why not a lovely ocean blue if you love the sea. You may also see membership card designs and examples.

2. Fangirling/Fanboying.

Nothing shouts “I’m a fan” louder than having your favorite character’s face plastered on your debit card. So which fictional character are you obsessed with enough to want his face on your card? A Disney princess? A World of Warcraft hero? A literary figure? Pick a face!

3. A loved one.

Are you a first-time mother who love nothing more than your little angel? Pick the most adorable shot of your baby and put it on your debit card! You can also choose a pet’s photo. After all, they are nothing less than families. So take your rottweiler everywhere you go by putting his face on your card! You may also like farewell card designs and examples.

4. Prints and patterns. 

This one, when used rightly, can give your debit card the sophistication and style it originally lack. Why not try filling your card with elegant feathers in black and white? Or an alternation between different dog breeds in a lovely pastel color? Or the classic Argyle pattern to give your card that preppy look? Get as crazy and as unpredictable with your card as you are in the other aspects of your life. After all, like everything else, your card is an extension of you. You may also check out handmade card designs and examples.


Debit cards are the new thing and it’s great that we are trying to be in on every latest trend. Although, at the end of the day, it won’t matter as much that your card looks pretty. The main thing is that your account money is safe and that your bank is trustworthy.

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