Musical Greeting Card

Gifts come in different forms; some are in the form of a greeting card. Greeting cards are very convenient since they can easily be purchased in stores. They are also versatile since they can serve as a gift whenever you ran out of ideas on what to give or you are afraid your recipient might not like your gift. With greeting cards, you can express your sentiments over another person especially when you are not that very vocal in expressing them personally.

Although greeting cards serve a lot of purposes—for celebrations, during holidays, and to express sentiments—the ultimate purpose is to extend your greeting to someone. It may be plain and cliche, but greeting cards naturally contain a message beyond the words that have been written or printed onto it. You may also see love greeting card designs.

Greeting cards, in general, are a piece of paper with written or printed greetings that usually come with an envelope to which the greeting card is placed. Through the years, as technology has been constantly upgrading, enhancements and twists are also being incorporated in greeting cards and that is when circuits programs are added into its design to produce a melody or a sound upon opening. The plain and standard cards are now upgraded to a melodic and mind-calming musical greeting cards.

Examples of Musical Greeting Cards

Musical Notes Christmas Card

Music Instruments Set Cards

The Edge of Musical Greeting Cards

We usually and commonly notice the standard greeting card which is a piece of paper folded into two or more and placed in an envelope. Its upgraded version, the musical greeting card, is just somewhat similar to the standard cards, only that it will produce a sound upon opening. This type of card obviously has an edge over the other cards as explained below.

1. Sounds

Evidently, the very first thing noticeable in musical greeting cards is their sound when opened. The recipient, especially kids and kids at heart, would naturally be amused by the sound produced. One example is a musical birthday card that, when opened, will generate a tune of the happy birthday song. Many still appreciate this kind of card although this is not anymore so uncommon.

2. Replaceable Battery

When you tinker through the wiring and the circuit behind the paper, you can see that there are batteries attached to the wires, which is the power source of the sound. Through time, the battery may fail or may get low. Good thing is that you can replace the batteries, although not necessary. But, if you still want to listen to the tune over and over again for years, there is no harm in replacing the batteries. You may also see thank you card examples.

3. Creativity

Musical greeting cards are a proof of the creativity or the creative ideas of the people. Imagine, from pure paper to something with circuits attached, there is no doubt, we can still think of more novel ideas greater than what we have accomplished before. You may also like watercolor greeting cards.

4. Appeal

Although musical greeting cards are not any rarer in today’s society, not everybody has the will to casually buy musical greeting cards. Because of this, they are still considered as something exceptional, and its appeal has increased especially when compared to ordinary, plain greeting cards. You may also see graduation greeting cards.

5. Psychological Effect

People, particularly the receiver, would feel an extra joy because of this extra treat. He or she must be so proud to receive such a card. Not only he or she will appreciate you but also he or she will remember it more than any other greeting cards. You may also like to thank you greeting cards.

Modern Greeting Card with Music

Enjoy the Ride Musical Birthday Card

Handmade when Music Speaks Musical Greeting Card

Handmade when Music Speaks Musical Greeting Card

More to Love Valentine’s Day Card with Vinyl Record

More to Love Valentine's Day Card with Vinyl Record

Valentine’s Day Sound Card with Light

Valentine's Day Sound Card with Light

Valentine’s Day Sound Card

Other Types of Greeting Cards

1. Standard or Regular

A regular greeting card usually comes in rectangular shape folded into half and with an envelope. A printed message can be found inside, and a design can be seen in front of the card and a minimal design or just the name of the producer at the back. Additional designs like buttons glitter, and ribbons may also be incorporated. You may also see Christmas greeting cards.

2. Personalized

Personalization of your greeting card can be done online or manually. There are online sites in which you can edit and fully customize the design of your card as well as the content including the font style and size, color, and format. You can also include your personal logo or your company logo if you want to.

On the other hand, you may also personalize your greeting card manually. As you can see, there are a lot of personalized greeting card sold on the internet. So, why not try to make one? Customizing your own greeting card can be so much fun for you are the one to decide on what material to use, the design in front and back, as well as the text and design of your main message. You may also see retirement greeting cards.

3. Electronic

There are websites offering electronic cards, otherwise known as e-cards, that are customized online and then being sent to the recipient.

This virtual greeting card has several advantages. First, because it is sent online, with just a click, the card will be sent to the recipient in a split second. Second, there is less hassle and burden in buying the card as it is purchased on the internet. Third, evidently, it is less costly compared to the tangible one. Lastly, you can keep it for a long time without being depreciated. You may also see congratulation greeting cards.

4. Pop-Up

Pop-up cards are generally just normal, tangible cards that, when opened, have something that will pop up from the inside. It is designed in a way that the fold in between the card is usually the center point of the thing popping up. You can also add glitters and other designs to the paper that is popping up. You may also like business cards.

Photos or messages are usually the ones pasted as a pop-up. This type of card is commonly used during Valentine’s Day and birthdays, for this little enhancement adds an extra surprise factor to the card. No wonder that many people even the older generation are still using this little trick to give a little poke to the receiver.

5. Printable

A lot of internet sites are offering a printable version of a greeting card. Printable greeting cards are also known as digital greeting cards. Cards are processed online, and you can also choose your design and text online. You may also opt for the pre-printed message to escape the burden of thinking what to include in your message. You may also see birthday greeting cards.

These greeting cards are usually available in a PDF or other similar formats, keeping the design to be intact and in order and arranged in a manner that you want them to be.

6. Photo

There are two types of photo greeting cards. First is the photo inserted card in which the picture slides in just like a picture frame. The second one is the photo being printed directly on the surface of the card.

7. Generalization

It is true that musical greeting cards do have the edge, especially on its musicality and presentation over the other types of cards. However, gift-giving does not only revolve around the type of card you are giving but also on the content of the card and of the course the heart of the person giving it. But, if you want to exert more effort or try the other types of cards such as the personalized card, electronic card, pop-up card, and those cards with photos, there is no harm in picking the other types of cards. You may choose them as your gift to your special recipient. You may also see floral greeting cards.

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