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In the digital world that we are living in today, are handmade designs still needed and demanded? We have observed in most of the designs today that they are created digitally. Indeed, many people prefer digital designs as they are convenient, less hassle, and sometimes less costly.

Handmade Floral Variety Card Pack Example

Handmade Floral Variety Card Pack Example

Hand Drawn Wedding Invitation Card Example

Hand Drawn Wedding Invitation Card Example

However, it is also undeniable that there are some people who prefer the personalized, handmade cards. This is so because handmade cards provide a special touch and requires extra effort, making the card more personalized and letting the recipient know that he or she is special. Thus, even though we are surrounded by a lot of digital designs today, many are still seeking for handmade designs because of the reasons presented above. And if you are looking for handmade card, you have absolutely arrived at the right place. You may also see luxury business card examples.

Benefits of Handmade Designs

Handmade designs can be traced back from the early times when technology has not yet taken the center stage. In those times, people are crafting things, especially greeting cards, one by one through the use of their hands or simple tools such as scissors, punchers, and many others.

Their lives and process are a lot simpler as compared to what we are experiencing today. And now that we are already living in the digital era, many people can still get enough of the handmade designs. They prefer this type of card because they still believe on the importance of giving your time, patience, and effort to your work of art. They also know the advantages and benefits of handmade designs over those that are created digitally.

We cannot blame other people of choosing the digitally designed or even the premade commercialized greeting cards as those cards can be easily secured, requires lesser time to acquire them, and they can be easily found elsewhere as opposed to handcrafted personalized greeting cards which are rare, requires more time in creating them, and they cannot be easily found. You may also see thank-you card examples.

Despite the above hassle, many are still choosing the traditional handmade greeting cards because, as has been said, they are unique and they provide the recipient a sense of being special.

Additionally, to give you information on why many people still choose handmade cards, below is a brief list and a short description of the advantages of handmade designs. This is for you to be informed and appreciate the benefits of handmade designs just like handcrafted creative greeting cards.

1. They Are Unique

The first thing that is advantageous with regard to handmade designs is that they are unique. If you are creating a greeting card, there is no other greeting cards similar as to what you are creating. You will not be worried if there is a design out there in the market similar to what you are giving to your recipient for your design is one of a kind. Others may imitate your design, but at least you are the first one to come up with the design. You may also see birthday card designs & examples.

2. They Are More Personal

Because handmade cards are, in essence, created personally by the hand, there is a sense of personal touch incorporated in the design. It is worth knowing that the best greeting card you received is personally made by the sender or the sender is letting someone personally create the greeting card. The concept and ideas of the card is also something personal, the thing that you can be proud of.

Handmade Butterfly Thank You Card Example

Handmade Butterfly Thank You Card Example

Succulent Thank You Card Set Example

Succulent Thank You Card Set Example

Floral Mother’s Day Card Example

Floral Mother's Day Card Example

3. They Are Customized

Handmade designs are customized, and that is the reason why they are easy to edit or modify. If you are creating your own card, you can customize it into something that you want or perceive. You are free to include any design that you want, and the overall design will be in accordance to your preference as you will not be limited in any way on what to do or not to do. Put your thoughts into the materials, and surely, you will come up with a design that you can call your own. You may also like fall greeting card designs & examples.

4. They Are Crafted with Love

Of course, if you are making your own greeting card, you will really devote so much time and effort in making it. And it is said that love is spelled as T-I-M-E. So once a person is creating his or her own card, it can be safely assumed that he or she is crafting his work with love. On the part of the recipient, it is heartwarming to know that you are given a card that is crafted with love through the time and effort devoted in making it. You may also check out what to write in a thank-you card.

5. They Are Fun to Make

You may think at first that creating card is a tedious task as you need to go through the details. However, as you go along the way in creating the card, you will surely find yourself enjoying the work that you are doing, especially when you are free to customize it and add anything that you want. It is also a form of expression and freedom through creating a work of art for someone dear to you.

6. They Are a Way to Extract Your Creative Juices

Another thing beneficial in creating a handmade card is that it is a way to extract your creative juices. When your hands are already stagnant and your brain rusted, you can no longer think of novel ideas especially when it comes to designs and decorations. But when you are challenged to do a handmade, customized greeting card, your brain would be forced to generate new ideas so that you can come up with a creative and appealing greeting card. Although it is not a must that you make it something novel and creative, but the challenge that it brought to you will force you to extract your creative juices. You might be interested in examples of name card design.

Thank You for Hosting Card Example

Thank You for Hosting Card Example

Handmade Kraft Birthday Card Example

Handmade Kraft Birthday Card Example

Christmas Handmade Celebration Pack Example

Christmas Handmade Celebration Pack Example

7. They Are a Common Stash-buster

When you are personally creating a handmade printable greeting card, and you find yourself enjoying on what you are doing, most likely, you are a great hoarder of the materials to be used for the craft. You unintentionally create a stash of reserved materials needed to make a greeting card. Especially in times of sale of those items, it is easy to get ahead of yourself and stock the things that you think you can use in the future. Over time, you may be awe struck to find out that you already have a stash full of hoarded materials. And when the right time comes, you will use those stocks for your greeting cards, hence a “stash-buster”.

8. They Are Usually Less Costly

Another thing that is beneficial in creating a handmade greeting card is that it is usually less costly. When you just know how to make use of the things around you, you will surely come up with a greeting card that is less costly. You may also used recycled materials in your greeting cards. Not only did you save costs, but you can also help lessen the pollution in the environment. You may also see diy greeting card designs & examples.

9. They Are Environment Friendly

In relation to the discussion about, handmade greeting cards are usually environment friendly especially when they are made from recycled materials. Moreover, there are also photo greeting cards that, although not made from recycled materials, are made with biodegradable materials such as paper or card stocks. Materials with plastics or styrofoams are highly discouraged since these materials will take long years to decay and are great pollutants.

10. They Support a Tradition of Skilled Work

Lastly, handcrafted product is also a way to support a tradition of skilled work. As digitally created greeting cards make it possible to replace traditional handmade designs made by the skilled workers, it is important that we will still preserve the tradition of skilled work, making it a financially feasible career choice.

Handmade 3D Wedding Card Example

Handmade 3D Wedding Card Example

Calligraphy Thank You Card Example

Calligraphy Thank You Card Example

Handmade Fiance Birthday Card Example

Handmade Fiance Birthday Card Example

Floral Hearts Anniversary Card Example

Floral Hearts Anniversary Card Example

Wrap Up

With the advent of technology in the society today, it is expected that less people are using or patronizing handmade or handcrafted designs. Luckily, there are still many people who find handmade designs important and more beneficial. Many still believed the magic touch of handcrafted designs. They let the recipient feel that they are special and important as handmade designs requires time, patience, and effort. You may also like love greeting card designs & examples.

It was discussed above that there are a lot of benefits that handmade designs can provide, and these are as follows: they are unique, more personal, customized, crafted with love, fun to make, a way to extract your creative juices, a common stash-buster, usually less costly, usually environment friendly, and they support a tradition of skilled work. You may also check out examples of animated greeting cards.

Because of those benefits, more and more people wanted to create their own card or buy a handmade card. Ultimately, never miss the examples of handmade card designs provided in the above section whenever you need one to send to someone dear to you.

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