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Standing in a store aisle of travel postcards and thank-you cards, have you ever thought about sending a greeting card to celebrate a special occasion? It could be a birthday, a graduation, an annual holiday or maybe even a person’s first day on the job!

Of the various ways to send your greetings and well wishes to someone, you care about, using a greeting card is proven to be the most effective method. While some would consider it as an ancient practice in this digital revolution, there’s no denying how romantic and sincere greeting cards can be. Truth be told, greeting cards and other print materials build a deep connection between two entities that digital platforms fail to offer. It captures our personality and wit in ways that our recipients will remember us for. Though greeting cards can often be formal in nature, a new era of funny greeting cards has surfaced to entertain and inspire. You may also see the DIY thank you cards.

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World End Greeting Card

Funny Birthday Greeting Card

The History of Greeting Cards

Over the years, over a billion greeting cards have been sold and sent to cover various occasions and events, such as birthdays, graduation celebrations, weddings, baby showers, and so much more. You may also see the menu card samples.

The tradition of sending cards to friends and family goes way back to many centuries ago, sometime around the age when the Chinese and Egyptians used to exchange messages of goodwill at the beginning of each year in order to ward off evil spirits that may haunt them. But these cards in no way resembled the type of cards we have today, nor were they ever used to celebrate other festivities. You may also like the photo thank-you cards.

By the early 15th century, handmade paper Valentine’s cards became popular in various parts of Europe. However, it has been said that the Germans were the first to print greetings cards onto wood blocks to extend their greetings during the 1400s. But these handmade cards were too expensive for most people to afford, making it purely accessible to wealthy individuals. You may also like the business thank-you cards.

When the 1850s came to be, greeting cards have taken on a newer form. Instead of being a handmade and hand-delivered gift, greeting cards gained its popularity for being an affordable means of personal communication. The first known Christmas greeting card had already been born by then, making its debut in London when Sir Henry Cole hired an artist to design a holiday greeting card for all his friends. A few years after, Esther Howland brought greeting cards into the U.S. by establishing a publishing firm that produced beautifully-decorated cards. It was not long before card manufacturers like Marcus Ward & Co. and Goodall and Charles Bennett began the mass production of these greeting cards, hiring respected illustrators and designers to do their magic. By the mid-1850s, a German immigrant named Louis Prang, now known to be the Father of the American Christmas cards, opened his own lithographic business near Boston, starting the era of the greeting card industry. He then went on to produce exceptionally-crafted greeting card designs, published deluxe editions of his cards that were only available in England and released a complete line of Christmas cards in America by the 1870s.

Today, greeting cards celebrate all kinds of events and occasions, whether this is for a child’s first day in school or to congratulate a colleague for a job promotion. Technological advancement has even allowed manufacturers and publishers to skip the conventional approach by selling digital cards that may be sent via electronic mail and social media. Despite the abundance of e-cards in today’s market, physical greeting cards still have a special place in social history.

Funny Dinosaur Greeting Card

Funny Christmas Greeting Card

Funny Sloth Greeting Card

Funny Valentines Greeting Card

Humerus Greeting Card

Why Greeting Cards are a Special Part of Us

The days go by faster than we would have liked. One day, it’s Valentine’s. The next day, we have relatives coming over to celebrate Thanksgiving. But because of how quickly time flies, we don’t have enough time to run to the nearest store to purchase a gift. While some would opt to skip the holiday gift-giving tradition instead, something as simple as a greeting card serves as the perfect solution to your last-minute agenda examples.

But like everything else in this world, innovation caused drastic changes in the industry. The popularity of printable greeting cards took a huge blow as soon as electronic cards were first introduced. People started purchasing cards online for a cheaper price, others even began crafting their own digital cards from scratch. But even with the widespread use of e-cards, a good fraction of today’s society still value the essence of the traditional greeting card.

You must be wondering, why would anyone bother with an old-fashioned greeting card when there are modern alternatives that seem just as good?

For one thing, greeting cards are visually pleasing enough for one to appreciate. Publishers often decorate these cards with bright and bold colors that are easy on the eyes. From the texture of the material used to the personalized stickers that grace the cover, there are endless possibilities with how you may design your card. Some designers even go as far as creating watercolor greeting cards for their customers to enjoy. People tend to hold on to creatively-designed greeting cards a lot longer as well. Many individuals like to keep these cards as a personal collection of memories and sentiments shared.

You know how you keep getting the same email over and over again — otherwise known as spam? Well, this is definitely not something you need to worry about with printed greeting cards. You don’t have to stress about losing your card in one of the many folders in your computer, nor do you have to worry about accidentally pressing the delete button without having a back-up for your card. For a person who can be quite forgetful and careless at times, this is a big deal. You may also like the thank you card samples.

But most of all, printed greeting cards tend to be the most meaningful. You can send a romantic greeting card to your significant other, and watch as their eyes light up as they scan through the heartfelt message written on the card. The mere thought of knowing that someone cares about you enough to go out of their way to write a greeting card can be quite overwhelming (but in a good way, that is). It’s a thoughtful way to make a person feel special, regardless of whatever milestone or life-changing event they may be going through.

Funny Pug Life Greeting Card

Funny Awesome Sauce Greeting Card

Funny Birthday Greeting Card Sample

Funny Birthday Greeting Card for Dad

Tips for Achieving a Funny Greeting Card Design

What’s the biggest challenge of designing a funny greeting card? Naturally, it should be able to tickle one’s funny bone. But what’s humorous to one person may not have the same effect on another. While we all have our own understanding of what’s funny and what’s not, creating a greeting card that can leave a positive impression on the vast majority can be a daunting process. To ensure you don’t end up crossing the line with your witty personality, the following are a few tips you may want to consider:

1. Get to know your audience. We all find amusement in different things, but this typically reflects our personal interests. For instance, you can make a young child laugh at a joke that fits his or her level of understanding. Jokes about political and social issues may be too complicated for them to comprehend, considering how they are yet to learn about the struggles of reality. So, do your own research by studying trends and analyzing market behavior. It must be relatable to your audience and relevant to the season. You may also see the thank you greeting cards.

2. Make your purpose clear. Clarity is essential for any form of print media, especially when it comes to making funny greeting card designs. The outcome of your card design may either be a hit or a miss with your audience. Of course, this would depend on the message you are trying to deliver. Cards bearing funny statements give recipients an indirect clue of what the card is for, like how a funny birthday card may say something amusing about your age. You may even use images or illustrations to emphasize the point you are trying to convey. You may also like graduation greeting cards.

3. Create something simple yet compelling. Every designer knows the value of simplicity in design. Apart from preventing a cluttered layout, there are other ways to achieve an effortless design. You can use a color palette of muted tones to give off a minimalist look, or you may even maximize the use of white space to attain a clean design. The key is to make your greeting card simple yet compelling enough to entice an individual. A good card design can keep a reader engaged throughout the experience by bringing significant visual elements into focus. You may also see the thank you card examples.

4. Be sensitive to your illustration. Some jokes are funny, but there are instances when these so-called “jokes” can be a little too much for some people. There’s a fine line you shouldn’t cross, otherwise, you may have to send an apology card to your recipient as well. It would be best to avoid sensitive topics that some people may find offensive. Although it was never your intention to offend anyone, there are just some things that cannot be avoided no matter how hard you try. It’s okay to be funny because everyone needs a laugh every now and then, just make sure to keep it as clean as possible. You may also like the wedding card designs.

5. Deliver a witty message. Following the topic of sensitivity, being witty is the easiest path to take. Sarcastic and ironic statements tend to be a bit more difficult for some individuals to grasp, so you may want to steer clear from those. Writing a pun that reflects both your purpose and your message is a great way to draw attention. If you’re worried about sounding too corny, then scratch that thought. Openly expressing your thoughts and emotions add to the overall essence of the greeting card itself. You may also like the rack card designs.

6. Ask for feedback. As a designer, there are moments when we can be a bit biased with our own creations. That being said, it would be best to ask a friend, family member, and colleague for their honest opinion. Make sure your critic is a dependable and trustworthy individual, or you may just be getting empty praises from an unreliable source. Once this is done, you can then make the necessary adjustments to your greeting card design. You may also like the business card designs.

Designing your own greeting card can be a fun process for anyone, regardless of the creative skills possessed. The sincerity and comfort brought by a greeting card express feelings and emotions that are difficult to convey verbally. It allows you to keep in touch with loved ones and let them know you are thinking about them during certain seasons, without having to communicate through modern-day technology. Greeting cards are designed to send a direct message to people who mean the most to you. It’s about making a person’s day better with one card at a time. You may also like the birthday card designs.

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