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In the field of marketing, there are many ways on how a business can ensure the sustainability of its operations as well as the development of its connection to its target and prospective customers or clients. There are different branding principles and advertising activities that can be implemented to ensure the continuous exposure and relevance of the business to the market. The usage of gift coupons is very relevant in a variety of marketing processes. This helps establishments to promote their brand in a way that can benefit both the operations and the customers. In general, gift coupons are electronic or printed tickets that can either be presented or redeemed by the clients of a business.

If you want to further develop your sales promotion, then your business should consider using a gift coupon or a voucher. We have curated ten samples of gift coupons which can give you an idea of how you can create and design your own gift coupon. Always be reminded that gift coupons should contain precise information formatted in a pleasing manner with the help of design materials and appropriate document layout.

Red Gift Coupon

Restaurant Gift Voucher

Restaurant Gift Vochure

Sleek Gift Coupon Sample

Distribution Channels of Gift Coupons

As one of the marketing styles that a business can use, using a gift coupon should be helpful to both the customers and the business. Corporations and other business establishments use different distribution channels that can help them promote the usage of their gift coupons. Being able to use the appropriate and correct distribution channel can help the business achieve their purpose or objective of using gift coupons. Listed below are some of the distribution channels that are commonly used in presenting gift coupons.

  • Physical mailing. Though digital and technological developments have been rampant the past years, mailing gift coupons to the addresses of your customers can still be effective. This makes the offer more personal which can convince the customers to use the gift coupons delivered to them.
  • Coupon envelopes. In the check-out counters, there are coupon envelopes that are commonly displayed which contain gift coupons with different amounts. Coupon envelopes are usually given as gifts from one customer to another. The person who would like to give the coupon as a gift purchases it directly to the business. This is very helpful especially to customers who are not fully aware of what the person who they will give a gift wants.
  • Magazines, newspapers and other print media. Have you ever browsed through different print medias and saw coupons that you can cut out? Do not think that it is not real as most companies tie up with these print or publishing-related businesses to further advertise their coupons. Since gift coupons, depending on the regulations of the business may expire; there are only specific issues of magazines and newspapers that may contain a specific gift coupon.
  • Social media. With a lot of people using social media, it is beneficial for businesses if they will use this platform to promote their coupons. Some businesses use their own social media accounts and online pages while some acquire the services of influencers and other social media personalities.
  • Email newsletter. If you have signed-up to the email newsletter of businesses, it is most likely that they will provide you information about their seasonal coupons. This will help the business connect with you as often as possible.

Elegant Vintage Gift Coupon

Restaurant Food Gift Voucher

Creative Gift Coupon

Creative Gift Coupon

Usages of Gift Coupons to Customers

Gift coupons can be used in different processes may it be related to marketing processes or even in corporate branding. As we have mentioned a while ago, it is the jurisdiction of the business on what to put in their gift coupons and how they will allow their customers to use it. Some of the usages of gift coupons that are beneficial to customers include the following:

  • To redeem a financial discount that is offered by the business for a particular time period
  • To allow customers have free shipping every time they buy in the online site of the business. This can be subjected to terms and conditions like the minimum amount of the items that the customers need to purchase so they can make use of the free shipping offer.
  • To qualify for rebates every time customers purchase a product or acquire a service
  • To give discounts to loyal customers especially those who have already patronized the products and/or services of the company for a long time period
  • To ensure that customer will be aware of deals and other sales promotions. Businesses use gift coupons to give details about their marketing and sales activities like buy-one-get-one offers and lower or markdown prices announcement.
  • To give first-time customers a great welcome to the business. There are some gift coupons that are only given to first-time customers. This suggests repeat business as new customers need to use the voucher again so they can benefit from the offer or gift incorporated into the coupon.
  • To give free trial offers especially in product launches and events where the business participates
  • To  provide the business a material that can be used for giveaways may it be for their anniversaries and other activities

Retro Style Voucher

Chinese Style Coupon

Advantages of Using Gift Coupons to Businesses

If you think that gift coupons can only be used for the benefit of customers, then think again. Just as how sales promotion brochures are used, businesses will not use gift coupons if they will not benefit from it. Companies and corporate establishments especially those whose operations is related to retail needs to properly plan their gift coupon program so they can ensure that the process can also be advantageous on their side. Here are some of the advantages that businesses may experience if they will use gift coupons as a part of their marketing and promotional activities:

  • Gift coupons can be a great way for sales promotion. If the business could not achieve its sales target, it is most likely that it will use a gift coupon. This program, though lowering the prices of products and/or services can help the business acquire more customers and/or clients. This is the reason why proper planning is necessary as gift coupons if used in an unplanned manner, can result to losses rather than advantages.
  • Gift coupons can help a business precisely identify its conscious consumers. Businesses need to execute surveys and other information gathering activities so they can efficiently continue their operations. If they will use a gift coupon program, it will be easier for the business to identify the specific consumers who are always on the lookout for the activities of the business especially those that are related to special price offers.
  • Gift coupons promote price discrimination to a target audience. Just because price discrimination is concerned does not mean that the usage of gift coupons can negatively affect the operations of the business. With the lower prices of goods, the more foot traffic it is that the business can expect. This is a very tactical move for businesses.
  • Gift coupons can help companies to target selective markets and regional territories. If businesses will use gift coupons, they can get the attention of the market in a wider scope. There are some customers who are intimidated by the price points of the products/services of the business which is why they do not even bother to check the business out. If a gift coupon will be used, then the curiosity of these market can be ignited. The business may minimize its sales during the gift coupon usage but repeat business by first-time customers who have used the gift coupons can help the business be recognized, known and trusted.
  • Gift coupons can acquire new leads in market niches where the price competition is observed to be great and hard to fully penetrate. With a lot of competition, businesses in the same industry can find it hard to stand out from their competitors especially those who offer the same products at a lower price. If the price is only the vantage point that can affect the decision of customers, then using a gift coupon can truly be effective to a business to promote its product offers for a certain time period.

Fashion Gift Coupon

Benefits of Using Gift Coupons

Most of the simple marketing tips for small businesses curated by professionals contain the usage of gift coupons. A gift coupon can always come in handy in varying situations. Aside from the advantages that we have presented above in terms of the usage of gift coupons both on the side of the business and its customers, there are more benefits that can be expected when a gift coupon is used:

  • The mode of exchange that using a gift coupon promotes can make the purchase or acquisition transaction easier, faster and more efficient.
  • The usage of gift coupons makes it appealing to customers as they can just use the gift coupons as payments when applicable. This allows them to not carry too many monetary bills.
  • If safety and security will be considered, gift coupons are still on par with using cash. Through the help of technology, gift coupons already contain security features which can be traced to the business. This makes using gift coupons more beneficial as it can be carried within the premises of the businesses with the customer being assured of the transaction’s credibility.
  • Gift coupons can be used in a lot of ways which makes it an effective tool for activities like gift giving, personal shopping, and corporate incentive provision.

Gift Discount Voucher Sample

Modern Gift Coupon

Is Using Gift Coupons as a Marketing Activity Really Effective?

With proper planning, a gift coupon can be one of the best tools that a business will use as a part of its marketing and advertising activities. With the promotion of products in a very appealing manner, the business can ensure that people will be interested to know more about them and their offer. Here are some of the reasons why we think that using a gift coupon is an effective marketing activity:

  • A gift coupon is easy to create and fast to produce. You can use templates and samples if you are not familiar with how gift coupons are made. More so, you can ask professional help from graphic designers and other artists. With this, you can create a marketing tool that you can use in a lot of marketing undertakings.
  • A gift coupon can be placed and disseminated in different mediums which makes it an efficient marketing tool. We have already specified the different channels where a gift coupon can be presented. Since the usage of gift coupons can work both on physical and digital activities, it will be easier for businesses to communicate with specific markets where the usage of the gift coupon can be beneficial.
  • A gift coupon can represent not only the offers of the business but also the company’s corporate brand. The design of the gift coupon is a representation of the corporate branding of the business. A gift coupon may be small in size but it can surely represent the aesthetic of the business which can make the company and its products more memorable and recognizable.
  • A gift coupon appeals to the market. There are a lot of businesses in different industries that use gift coupons. This only proves the effectiveness of this tool. There is also a huge percentage of the market that can be more interested to practice their purchasing power if they believe that they will get more than the worth of the monetary value that they are willing to spend.

At the end of the day, it is the result of the activity and how the tool is incorporated in the successful corporate branding of the business that can validate the effectiveness of using a gift coupon. If you will create a gift coupon for your business, always remember the things that we have specified. Be guided within the entire process of gift coupon creation so you can observe all the features of the gift coupon including its content and format.

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