6+ Lunch Menu Examples & Templates [Download Now]

There are various marketing tools that restaurants use to attract more customers and one of which is separate menus for a specific mealtime. For example, cafes have separate menus for their brunch meals since their main offerings are usually cakes and pastries. As long as this is done right, separate menus will always be a sustainable and effective restaurant marketing strategy, cafes, and other dining establishments can benefit from. If your restaurant offers a specific set of meals for lunchtime, you may want to make a separate lunch menu for that.

Lunch Menu Examples & Templates

In this article, we have provided some lunch menu examples and templates that you can conveniently customize using various editing software applications such as those that are under Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite.

1. Luncheon & Lunch Baptism Menu Template

luncheon lunch baptism menu template
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Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches, 5×7 inches, 4.25×11 inches + Bleed


2. Lunch Menu Template

lunch menu template
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Whether you own a grandiose five-star hotel or a humble quaint diner, your lunch menu’s design quality must never be compromised and that it should be designed according to the tastes of your target customers. Your main goal should basically be aimed at impressing and enticing your customers and due to that, it will all come down to the design elements that you will be incorporating in your lunch menu. Such design elements include the font styles and sizes, the color palette used, negative space, the quality of images, and other decorative elements. If you are looking for a template that will ensure all of those, worry no more for we have already provided you with this template that contains every single design elements that you simply need.

3. Sandwich and Wraps Lunch Menu

sandwich and wraps lunch menu


One of the famous restaurant hacks to make your lunch menu even more attractive for your customers is by including elaborate descriptions of every meal. An ideal restaurant menu description is one that is short, explains what the dish is, and, ultimately, makes the customer want to order it. You can clearly see that in this sandwich and wraps lunch menu example where you can see that every sandwich and wrap that the restaurant serves includes an elaborate and effective description. But before you try and make your own descriptions, make sure that you have already learned as much menu description writing tips as you can so you will be able to write compelling and well-thought-out descriptions for every item in your menu.

4. Fast-Food Lunch Menu

fast food lunch menu


Restaurants and other dining establishments are businesses, meaning, these all have the goal of making a profit. And because of that, entrepreneurs have come up with different psychological pricing strategies in their menus. One of the common pricing strategies includes converting zero ending prices to nines. A perfect example of this strategy can be found in this example where you can see that most of their meals end at .99 such as $5.99 and $7.99. This strategy is commonly known as “charm pricing” which involves in “9” or in “99.” So if you want to make sure that your lunch menu will be able profitable enough with little or no effort, do consider applying this strategy.

5. Elegant Lunch Menu

elegant lunch menu


There is a variety of menu design styles out there, and in this example, we show you an example of an elegant lunch menu. A lunch menu is not just a mere list of food and prices. If you think so, you’re obviously missing out on an opportunity where you can possibly make more profit for your business. With the help of a menu, such as this lunch menu example, you are able to provide your customers with a clear set of meals to choose from. It is also through a lunch menu that you will be able to share a story about your dining establishment’s story and include pertinent information about your business such as your contact numbers and social media account handles where your customers can take note of in case they need it someday.

6. Italian Restaurant Lunch Menu

italian restaurant lunch menu


Looking for design inspiration for your Italian restaurant’s menu? Look no further because here is an excellent example that you can easily follow. This example features specific items for every course meal, namely appetizer, salads, soups, and main course. It is in categorizing your lunch menu design this way that you will be able to make it convenient for your customers when they will be choosing what they would like to order especially if they want to experience a full course meal.

7. American Lunch Menu

american lunch menu


One of the best-known hacks of menu designing is by including images of the different meals being listed in the menu. Upon crafting your own lunch menu, it best that you would set an ample amount of space where you can incorporate the images of the meal that you are offering during lunchtime. It is best that you incorporate relevant and excellent images of the meals so your customers will be more enticed and inclined to try it all out. Similar to this American lunch menu example, it features good imagery of every meal that is being served by the American restaurant during lunchtime.

We hope that this article has been a great source of lunch menu template and examples for you. Regardless if you own a five-star restaurant or a simple mom-and-pop diner, having a separate menu for lunchtime will certainly give your valued customers a favor.

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