Baptism Brochure

Last Updated: March 6, 2024

Baptism Brochure

Whether you are organizing a baptism service or just wanted to provide people with information with regard to baptism, creating a baptism brochure is the first step that you can do. There must be a balance between aesthetics and functionality when it comes to creating a brochure template; hence, make sure that while your brochure is very informative, it is also designed appropriately and elegantly. Below are several well-designed baptism brochure templates and examples that you can refer to.

Baptism Brochure Examples and Templates

1. Simple Baptism Brochure

Simple Baptism Brochure


Despite having different religions, it is common for people to be baptized whether at birth or when they become an adult. If you want to share anything about baptism, a baptism brochure is a great way to share your knowledge. Similar to the brochure example displayed above, you can post your own eye-catching title with an equally eye-catching background and design. Note that the title is among the first thing that captures the reader; thus, make sure that you are putting extra effort on your title.

2. Water Baptism Brochure

Water Baptism Brochure


Water baptism is a common type of baptism for Christians. This kind of baptism started in the New Testament when John the Baptist was baptizing people with the use of water as a medium, signifying that they turned away from the evil and turned to God. The other types of baptism are baptism with the Holy Spirit, baptism with fire, baptism into the body of Christ, and baptism of repentance. Provide this information, and all other baptism-related discussions, in your brochure, similar to this water baptism brochure example.

3. Christian Water Baptism Brochure

Christian Water Baptism Brochure


This Christian water baptism brochure serves as an invitation for baptism as it provides the following details: frequently asked questions regarding baptism, location map of the baptism service, things to bring, arrival instructions, and basic information of the person who wants to be baptized, such as name, age, date, phone number, email address, and years of being a Christian. The person has also the freedom to choose who among the leaders would baptize him or her.

4. Baptism and Christening Brochure


Baptism and christening are usually used interchangeably by many people. While they are generally the same, the difference lies in the person to be baptized. Christening is usually reserved for infants, while baptism, although encompasses both infants and adults, is usually for adults. Here is an example of baptism and christening brochure that will provide you more information about baptism and christening.

5. Baptism and Discipleship Brochure


When a person is baptized, he is said to be a follower of Jesus, also known as his disciples. This does not mean the person will no longer or must not commit any sin. This only means that you are surrendering your life to Jesus and that you have turned away from your past trespasses and is already facing a new life with the Lord. Present this vital information to your target readers with the use of a brochure, similar to the one presented above.

6. Baptist Believer’s Baptism Brochure


Enlighten people regarding the basic things about baptism through the use of a simple document containing all those important information, similar to this brochure example. Among the basic details are as follows: definition of baptism, reasons to be baptized, and explanation regarding death, burial, resurrection, and new life.

7. Baptism Class Brochure


In this baptism class brochure, anyone is invited to attend baptism classes first before being baptized in order to fully grasp all matters regarding baptism. For Christians, baptism is something that you must contemplate first before deciding to wholeheartedly surrender yourself to the Lord to experience a pivotal moment in life as a follower of Jesus.

8. Baptism FAQs Brochure


Many people have a lot of questions regarding baptism in general. In order to provide them sufficient answers, a baptism FAQs brochure will surely help. Just like the one presented above, your brochure must answer the following key questions as regards baptism: What’s the big deal about baptism? Why should I be baptized? Who should be baptized? If you want to touch people’s lives, you can start by giving them explanations and enlightenment about baptism.

9. Baptism Service Brochure


Included in this informative brochure are the following important key points about baptism: scriptural references about baptism, requirements and conditions for baptism, symbolism for baptism, the meaning of baptism, and what to expect on the day of baptism. It is important that a person will fully understand first why he or she needs to be baptized before he or she will undergo the baptism act.

10. Believer’s Baptism Brochure


Immersion, aspersion, and affusion—these are the categories of water baptism that every believer must know. Immersion is performed by submerging an individual in water, aspersion is conducted by sprinkling holy water onto a person’s head, and affusion is performed by pouring water onto someone’s head. These and other facts about baptism must be communicated to the people with the use of a brochure, similar to the example brochure above.

11. Bifold Baptism Brochure


If you have got a lot of things to say with regard to baptism, having a bifold brochure to contain all those key information is the answer to your needs. With a bifold baptism brochure, you can utilize the space in order to fit all the details that you want to incorporate in your brochure. You can refer to the above example so you will have an idea on how to design and what to include in the brochure.

12. Catholic Church Baptism Brochure


Included in this Catholic church baptism brochure are as follows: an overview regarding baptism, the effects of baptism, and pastoral guidelines for baptism. Additionally, also presented are requirements for being a godparent to the person who is being baptized.

13. Christian and Catholic Baptism Brochure


Explained in this brochure example are the differences between baptism for Baptist Christians and baptism for Roman Catholic. In this paper, it is discussed that Baptist Christians baptize adults who already have the capacity to decide on their own, while Roman Catholics baptize infants as they believe that people are born with sin so the sin has to be washed away.

14. Detailed Baptism Brochure


Got some interesting information regarding baptism that you want to share with the whole community? Write them down in a brochure, such as this detailed brochure example, as more people would become interested in a brochure because it contains a compact, brief, and concise information rather than those books with lengthy discussions. It also comes in handy and is very convenient for every person to carry the brochure around inside their pockets or in between their books and notebooks.

15. Holy Baptism Brochure

This brochure will help an individual in the preparation for a baptism ceremony as it contains the following details: choosing sponsors, scheduling a baptism, about the church, and about the officiating priest or pastor. The contact information of the church must also be included in case the person has some inquiries, questions, and other concerns. Other details about the church are also important such as the name and complete address of the church.

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