15+ Best Baptism Banner Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Baptism is an essential part of Christian life and is considered a sacrament in most churches and as an ordinance in others. It serves as a visual testimony of one’s commitment to Jesus Christ. Regardless of an individual’s religion, when one gets baptized, a ceremony is usually held and there will be a small gathering after. In order to give life to your celebration, decorations such as baptism banners can surely help. Check out the awesome baptism banner templates and example presented below.

Baptism Banner Examples and Templates

1. Baptism Welcome Banner


Great for outdoor baptism celebrations, this example of baptism welcome banner can enhance the venue of the baptism and can help in welcoming guests and visitors. The designs are perfectly tailored to fit the event such that the white and lavender floral matches the high-quality photos of the children being baptized.

2. Boy Baptism Banner


For the baptism of boy babies, this banner is surely the perfect fit. It contains the following essential elements of a baptism banner: name of the event, name of the baby to be baptized, date, time, venue, photos of the baby, and of course other graphics and designs related to the baptism celebration.

3. Baptism Banner Invitation


This baptism banner is a form of an invitation to the relatives and friends of the family who had their child baptized. Because it serves as an invitation, it must have the following essential elements: invitation statement, name of the event or celebration, name of the child, date and time of the baptism ceremony, specific location of the baptism event, and the baby’s photo.

4. Baptism Web Banner


Similar to the previously discussed banner, this is also a form of an invitation for the people to come to the event. Since it is a web banner, it must be posted on websites and other platforms where the intended recipient can view the banner. This can even be posted on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

5. Pastel Baptism Banner


Light pink, light blue, and light green are examples of pastel colors that are typically used in banners for a baptism event, just like the one presented above. It provides a soothing and calming effect, perfect for baptism celebrations as baptism is a symbol of one’s new life, a calm and peaceful but still challenging life with Jesus Christ.

6. Simple Baptism Banner


In addition to your venue designs, place cards, welcome signs, and other decorations, you may also post a simple baptism banner, just like the one displayed above. It can serve as a backdrop, and it can also be hung at the front door. You can customize your own, such that you can choose the colors for the text, the text or words to be displayed, and how you display it.

7. Fabric Baptism Banner


While a lot of baptism banners are made of thick paper or vinyl, other banners are created using mesh, canvas, or fabric. In the example above, the banner is made of fabric, and the details may be printed or hand-painted. Baptism symbols are also incorporated, such as the cross and florals.

8. Pink and Gold Baptism Banner


To achieve a sophisticated and elegant look for your banner, you can check out the pink and gold baptism banner example above. It contains art deco designs, in which it features sharp straight lines and corners. You can tell it is an art deco design when it is characterized by relative simplicity, planarity, symmetry, and unvaried repetition of elements.

9. Classic Baptism Banner


Besides wedding and Christmas parties, you can also have a themed celebration for the baptism of your baby. If you want to have a classic-themed baptism party, the above example is the most suitable banner that you can use. This minimalist design utilizes only two colors—brownish gray and white—which makes the banner visually pleasing and decent.

10. Gold Baptism Banner


Draw your guests’ attention with a gold baptism banner, such as the example presented above. In the banner example, the texts are in a cursive font, but you can customize your own and choose other appropriate and formal fonts, for example, serif and sans serif fonts.

11. Navy Baptism Banner


Navy blue and gold is a perfect color combination that you can use in your baptism banner, similar to this navy baptism banner example. You can choose the text that you want for your banner, but the typical wordings are “God bless,” “Baptism Celebration of,” and “Welcome to the Christian World.”

12. Baptism and Christening Banner


A gold baptism banner, just like this example, is a perfect complement for pink-colored designs. If you create your own banner design, make sure that the designs, especially the colors, would complement well with each other. Instead of vibrant and striking colors, the color palette that is typically used in designing baptism banners includes soft and pale colors, such as soft millennial pink, whimsy yellow, light azure, and creamy mint.

13. Girl Baptism Banner


It is common for parents to decorate the venue of the baptism celebration with designs related to the gender of their baby. Just like in this girl baptism banner example, different shades of pink are used and are being complemented with gold, serif font. Although serif fonts are typically used for these banners, you may opt for another font of your own preference and style.

14. Classy Baptism Banner


Maintain a classy and graceful design when you create a banner for your baby’s baptism, and refer to the example above to have an idea on how to design and what to incorporate in your banner. Minimalist designs are preferred by many since it is appropriate no matter what the gender of the baby is.

15. Artsy Baptism Banner


You are not restricted as to where you hang your banner especially when it comes to baptism banners. You may choose to hang it outside the venue hall, hang as a backdrop, or hang it by the window. Just like this artsy baptism banner example, it is placed near the furnace, adding a special touch to the overall decoration of the venue.

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