15+ Easter Menu Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Easter is a festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion. Although it originally holds a high religious significance in the Christian faith, many of the traditions practiced in Easter observances are rooted from pagan celebrations that were gradually absorbed by our early church fathers. This includes the symbols of the Easter bunny and the Easter eggs. Some regions around the world are known to celebrate the holiday by hosting parties for their community. Here, special menus are made in honor of the celebration.

Easter Menu Examples & Templates

1. Easter Menu Card

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One of the factors that influence a diner’s decision on whether or not they want to eat at your restaurant are the elements found in your menu card. While we all have different preferences, it’s easy to persuade a person to try something new through a proper delivery of ideas. If you don’t know where to start with your menu design, feel free to use the template provided for your own convenience. Simply edit the content of the menu card to suit your business identity and personal requirements and you’re good to go!

2. Colorful Easter Menu


The captivating display of colors on Easter eggs and other Easter-inspired arrangements is impossible to ignore. Shown above is an example of a colorful menu design that carries a captivating display of elements inspired by the essence of the holiday. It’s a great way to draw attention to the menu items and stimulate the desired response from your customers. By doing so, you can upsell some of your specialties for the season in order to generate better sales numbers.

3. Creative Easter Menu


Get creative with your Easter menu by incorporating text and graphic elements into the card that best depict the nature and identity of your business. Even if you don’t have a lot to offer for the holiday, you can still make the most with what you have by making your menu items appear presentable in the eyes of a consumer. Also, remember to indicate when these items will be made available to the public for everyone’s awareness.

4. Easter Bistro Bar Menu


Who says you can’t enjoy a nice Easter Sunday brunch with a few glasses of alcohol? It won’t hurt to create a special bar menu to commemorate the holiday with your customers. You can even encourage reservations for the holiday by providing your phone number for customers to call. This is great for small-town restaurants that can only accommodate a certain number of people at a time.

5. Easter Buffet Menu


Most people are willing to forget about their diet and get themselves stuffed to celebrate a holiday. An Easter Sunday buffet might be enough to entice customers to splurge their money on what you have to offer. When designing a buffet menu for your restaurant, make sure to prioritize its functionality over its design. Keeping your menu informative will be helpful for customers who might have a few questions that could have easily been answered through the menu card.

6. Easter Café Menu


One of the most notable attributes of a café is its aesthetical design. It has even inspired many individuals to achieve that Instagram-worthy shots for their social media posts. Thus, designing a café menu for Easter must be done strategically. To do so, think of a way to communicate your offered items in the most creative way possible. This should help you attract your target audience and prompt them to order something that might be of interest from the menu.

7. Easter Catering Menu


Hosting an Easter party is pretty common across various regions. Here, hosts usually seek help from catering services to accommodate hungry guests at the event. As a business owner, this is your opportunity to market your brand by designing a catering menu that will help you stand out from the competition. The secret is to plan out a special Easter menu with mouthwatering offers that are sure to leave your clients yearning for more.

8. Easter Brunch & Dinner Menu


This is an example of a holiday menu that’s simple yet elegant enough to make a lasting impression with your audience. A brunch and dinner menu will allow you to showcase your specialties for the holiday through an enticing layout of food and beverage items. Promoting these limited-time offers will establish a sense of urgency among customers that’s almost impossible to ignore.

9. Easter Gourmet Catering Menu


Catering an event for Easter? Here’s an example of a stunning menu board that’s sure to attract the attention of guests at your client’s party. This is an opportunity for you to make an impression with others and potentially gain more customers for your business to prosper. To achieve this, focus on crafting a menu design that is simple, readable, and remarkable from an outsider’s perspective.

10. Easter Sunday Menu


Join the trend by designing a menu that is dedicated to the Easter holiday. You don’t have to invest a lot of money on the menu to make it worth a person’s attention, as the right design techniques can effectively get your message across without much effort. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors and text styles to obtain a visual layout that will make your menu items appear even more enticing.

11. Floral Easter Menu


You can never go wrong with a floral design, especially for a colorful holiday such as Easter. This is perfect for cafés and other establishments that bear a sophisticated ambiance for customers looking for a classy place to dine. Here, the aesthetical aspect of the menu is often favored over its function, so try to find the right balance that will fit well with your intended audience.

12. Formal Easter Menu


For sit-down restaurants that only want the best for their customers, this formal Easter menu might be the option for you. This is great for creating a food menu that features a wide variety of specialties for the holiday. Remember to keep your layout as organized as possible to make it easy for diners to find what they need at a quicker rate.

13. Full-Course Easter Menu


A full-course menu is great for customers who are considering to stay at the restaurant a lot longer than usual. For your Easter menu, remember to separate items according to their assigned categories. Letting people know what they can order as an appetizer, main course, and dessert will definitely add to a unique dining experience that not many restaurants seem to offer.

14. Italian Restaurant Easter Menu


An Italian menu specially prepared for a religious holiday might not be something common in the market, but it’s definitely a gimmick that will help you gain positive recognition from the public. The menu can contain some of your longtime offers and a few new dishes that are only introduced for the Easter celebrations.

15. Special Easter Menu


It’s always nice to look forward to something new from your favorite restaurants. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with new menu items for Easter to see whether or not they are worthy enough to add to your main menu. You can keep your menu as simple as you want it to be, as long as it successfully delivers your message to customers.

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