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There are various ways for people to express how thankful they are when it comes to all the blessings they have received. Given that technologies have made a drastic impact on each individual living in the age of digital revolution, expressing our feelings of gratitude are made.

But, of course, (human as we are) we have the tendency to aggrandize the traditional practices of writing our gratitude in the form of gratitude or thank your cards. Receiving cards, such as photo thank you cards and birthday postcards, still have that unwaning magic where the sender grants his or her recipients a special warmth that just makes up their day.

Memorial Thank You Card Template

memorial thank you card template
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Condolence Thank You Card Template

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Watercolor Memorial Thank You Card


Memorial Thank Floral Notecard


If you fancy creating a memorial thank you card of your own, you can use the samples below as your guideline. And, too, if you are uncertain about what to write on your thank you cards, we provide you with sample messages to keep you guided.

Thank you cards are technically used as a sincere and/or professional medium when expressing how thankful a person is to another entity. As for memorial thank you cards, though this is dedicated to those had died at the cost of a country’s liberty. It is natural to be thankful to the people who had risked their lives for others and the country’s progress sake, and that is why we offer you these affordable memorial cards to honor the men whose passion in defending the country and its people never waned.

DIY Collage Thank You Card


Photo Memorial Thank You Card

photo memorial thank you card

Reasons Why You Should Write a Memorial Thank You Card

You might ask why is still there a need for us to thank those who are dead when they are already deprived or the chance of reading them. During the last Monday of May, Americans pay their visit to the heroes who have passed away, designing the gravestones with flowers and thank you cards. Writing a thank you card is never a waste of time and, yes, your thank you card will be read by people who hold dear memories to the fallen hero. There are so many reasons to be grateful for from the fallen heroes, which can help you reconsider the worth of memorial thank you cards. Below is a list of those reasons:

  • Freedom has been extended to such a degree that makes living more comfortable than being under the rule of a tyrant foreign ruler.
  • To honor the lost lives’ dignity and passion in keeping everyone safe from the harm of those who oppose as threats to the country.
  • A life of comfort can be hardly met if it were not for the contribution of the fallen troops.
  • They put their life on the front line not only to protect their lovers and families but also for strangers including those who care so little about the country’s liberty.

Five Examples on What to Write in Your Memorial Thank You Card

Like business thank you cards and graduation thank you cards, your memorial thank you card should be crafted with sheer effort. The lives of those who fought for our freedom deserve so much more than just a simple thank you. If you find yourself unsure of what to write in it, here’s a list of sample messages that you may use as a reference (to make it more sincere, don’t just copy everything; instead, state how grateful you are to add a touch of your personality on it):

  • Truly, it is one of the greatest honors that a person like you have an unwaning courage that continued to endure even in the face of death. The effort you spent during the way is fully acknowledged by all. Even if the random shrapnels of war took its shelter in your body, by all means, to destroy it, rest assured that your body is now sheltered by the free land and people that acknowledge your greatness.
  • A mere thank you is too little a word to offer for a man or woman that possessed such greatness– as a matter of fact you still do. Despite the mortal life that you had been blessed with, your greatness continues to echo in eternity. I wish your family all the best. Forgive me for I can only do so little and only bless your grave with an infinite gratitude.
  • Cheers to the people who had sacrificed their lives with visions only of protecting the used-to-perceived failing unity of this country. You have sacrificed so much just for the future of the country. To those who had not seen the dawn of the future, we assure you that it’s the brightest and that your efforts are taken with full pride. Our gratitude combined is far too little to repay what we owe you.
  • You have taught us the virtue of patriotism and we sure are supremely honored to be a part of the vision you all shared with the martyrs of a successful cause. We are forever grateful for the noble deeds you had shown this country.
  • To the fallen hero whose greatness remains venerated through time, the degree of your combined courage and patriotism has inspired the living in bettering ourselves for the sole progress of this country. Rest assured that all the lives lost are and will never be in vain.

Tips in Designing a DIY Memorial Thank You Card

Aside from writing a powerful content, the choice of your thank you card’s design plays a vital role when coming up with an effective output. The design also plays a significant role when expressing a sincere gratitude, for this shows off your effort in gauging the most fitting design for a thank you memorial card. If you find yourself uncertain about getting your memorial thank you card design right, you might just benefit from reading the tips we offer below:

  • Stick to the theme. It is important to never deviate from the theme to prevent misleading information. Most often than not, memorial cards have this ethereal feel to it. You can always add a touch of your personality on it, but you have to make certain that the essence of memorial day is not overpowered by the personality you add to it. Exercise control. If a close relative of yours is one of the fallen heroes, you can actually add an interest that you both share or something that best represents your late relative.
  • Develop the content first. Before making an outline of your design, it’s necessary to write the draft of your content in a scratch paper. You might find the card too little a size for your novel-like-length content so it’s necessary you write it on a scratch and write the summarized content on the actual thank you card. Being concise prevents boredom. Make sure that you are using an ink that dries fast (especially if you are left-handed) to keep things neat and comprehensible. Once you are through with the content, you can now apply borders so that there is a good line of transition between the content and the design. This helps retain the readability of your content while the design does not pale to your powerful content.
  • Create a format to follow. We all know how frustrating it is to make something we thought as exemplary and sooner or later find out that an output is a total mess. Set your preventive measures by developing a format you are going to follow. Creating a format eases a disorganized mind. You might be thinking about creating multiple sections on your thank you card, which is common for cards. In so doing, try developing a clear format or create a checklist to help you become confident about your final output. Through this, you are able to minimize possible faults and develop more ideas.
  • Refer to samples and templates. For an easier way to create an exemplary memorial thank you card, you can always refer to the cards that are provided to you here. From the design to the content, you can always use the samples and templates here as your guidelines. Not only that, you might even be inspired to create one that is a little similar to a sample here. But if you are just stricken with sheer exhaustion from work and still want to express your gratitude, you may click the buy button to download these affordable samples and templates.
  • Relate the characteristics of the thank you cards to the receiver. A memorial card is most appreciated when a characteristic of the deceased manifests on it. This applies not only to the design but also in the other elements of a thank you card, most especially the content. To not make your content a plain, general thank you message try a conversational approach. Since DIY thank you cards are used as a medium to communicate to the deceased, imagine yourself talking to them as if they were still alive and write everything down. Through this, determining their characters is easier and developing a content is more sincere.

Loving Memory Memorial Thank You Card


Brown Memorial Thank You Card Template


Minimalist Memorial Thank You Card Template


Ideal Designs for Memorial Day Thank You Cards


Vintage Multipurpose Memorial Thank You Card


Sympathy Memorial Thank You Card

sympathy memorial thank you card

Although these warriors had breathed their last during the cruel battles over the country’s liberty, there is still a need for us to thank them for life now is more livable than the dark past. This, too, show how much pride we take in our troops and our patriotism. The love for our country must always be valued for the liberty we are enjoying right now was hard won. Many lives had been spent, and the best thing that we can do right now is express how thankful we are through memorial thank you cards. Create or download one now and write your feelings of gratitude on it.

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