Birthday Postcard

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Birthday Postcard

What better way to complete a birthday celebration than to greet the celebrant the happiest of birthdays in a fancy birthday postcards? Don’t you just get excited from thinking about postcards designs? If you are not overly excited about them, this article might just give you enough reasons why you should be.

Birthday Invitation Postcard

It is the twenty-first century and exerting the minimal effort in doing some things are no longer practiced or maybe they still are, though not as famous as they used to be. For example, taking pictures of textbooks or writings in the blackboard for a student’s notes, or record a teacher’s discussion while they surreptitiously fall to a deep sleep.

And, too, instead of putting circles in your calendar for a special someone’s birthday, digital platforms of mobile apps are there to remind us about their birthdays. You can just simply greet them by typing your birthday message using a high-tech keyboard and that’s it, and add some pictures after (extremely bad pictures of the celebrant or just a picture of you together).

But, where is the beauty in all of that? Has chivalry finally come to its end? Is greeting someone in via digital platforms suffices the sweetness that a celebrant desires?

This is where birthday postcards come in. Birthday postcards are not only very pleasing to look at like event brochures, advertising brochures, and food brochures, they help create that party ambiance for everyone to know it’s not just a sorority or brotherhood college parties. It’s a birthday celebration, and all things that grant everyone joy should be present in it.

Moreover, birthday postcards are very sweet. Everyone loves receiving and reading messages that are dedicated to the person, especially if it comes from people dearest to the person’s heart. Don’t just greet them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media websites. Muster that chivalry in you and add a  whip cream to what is already sweet. However, there are steps that you must perfect to give justice to a birthday postcard. Ease the creasing in your brows, for we will be providing you the tips in choosing an ideal birthday postcard in a very short while.

Happy Birthday Postcard with Dots

Happy Birthday Greeting Cards with Dots

Old Birthday Postcard

Old Birthday Postcard

Reasons Why We Use Birthday Postcards

You might wonder why there is still a need for birthday postcards to be used when the cyber world offers a much more convenient way of greeting a celebrant. Not only that, you can also greet a celebrant for free and it’s one way of hiding your handwriting worthy of being ridiculed at as well. Surely, there should be no charge in greeting birthday celebrants, so why bother purchasing birthday postcards? Here are the reasons why using birthday cards is still relevant in today’s era:

1. Writing something in a birthday postcard is heartwarming

As one of the closest friend to the celebrant, it’s natural for you to make her radiate with joy in her special day. You can write all the best wishes for your friend in it or anything random that makes him/her cast a peal of laughter or make him/her as he/she is overwhelmed with joy over what is in it. The stuff that you will have to write in a birthday postcard will also depend on your relationship with the celebrant.

If you are greeting a happy birthday to a family member, it is very common to wish them good health or that you are in full support of their dreams and no matter what happens in the future you will always be there for them. If you are not very sure on what to write in a birthday postcard for your friend, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or for anyone special in your heart to be general, here are some tips to help you out:

  • If you are writing to a friend whom you are not very close to or who is very far away, you may include how is life in a foreign country, or how are you.
  • If your lover is the celebrant, you can always sincerely express how much you love him/her and that you are in full support of their dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may be. Tell him/her the promises that are meant to fulfilled in the future, that is if you are very certain that your current lover will be the one you are spending the rest of your life with. Fill the postcard with appreciation to him/her and appreciation to life with him/her. Yes, birthday postcards can be love letters as well.
  • If you are greeting your best buddy with birthday postcards, you can write an inside joke in it or the insults that you share on a daily basis. This will absolutely make their day great.

2. Presenting a birthday postcard before a birthday celebrant displays you exerted effort in their special day

The search of the perfect birthday postcard can be quite a challenge. There are birthday postcards where witty captions or inspiring captions are in it. If you are looking for a postcard with a caption that best suits the celebrant, you can always customize or even create a birthday postcard of your own. Exerting effort no matter how insignificant the cause is will make others think that you are sincere in doing such actions, or that you have a heart of a saint. It is only right to exert effort for the special day of someone special to you.

Great for house display. In some households, it can be observed that various postcards are displayed in it. That’s because postcards like travel postcards, or any cards in general such as thank-you cards and wedding cards are so lovely to look at and make a house very welcoming home.

In the traditional days, postcards or greeting cards were even displayed in their houses to show they are famous in town for visitors were always dropping by, or that their wealth ran so vast that they invite anyone in their house for a big celebration even if there are no special occasions to be celebrated. Just to give you an idea, you can actually collect postcards that are sent to you by anyone and have them posted in the walls of your room to create that home-like or rapturous ambiance.

Birthday Circus Theme Postcard

Pink Birthday Postcard



Vintage Retro Birthday Postcard 

Vintage Retro Birthday Postcard

Chevron Birthday Postcard

Chevron Birthday Postcard

Colorful Birthday Party Postcard

Colorful Birthday Party Postcard

Tips in Choosing the Best Birthday Postcard

It’s no surprise for you to be very wary or careful in choosing the best birthday postcard, considering that you will be handing them to people who mean a lot to you. Well, here are some tips to help you out with it:

  • Choose a birthday postcard with a celebrant’s type of design. There are various designs of birthday postcards. There are vintage, playful, heavily saturated, seemingly hand-painted pictures and more that you can choose from. But, your interest in choosing which you think is the best one should not be the basis of choosing it. It should be the interest of the special someone since you are not celebrating your birthday. Since the taste of people differs from another, you can ask the celebrant days before her birthday what beauty is for her. This, at least, gives you an idea about what the celebrant’s interests are. Although this increases the task in looking for that birthday postcard, at least you know what you’re looking for. The ideal birthday postcard would be the design that best represents him/her as a character and his/her taste.
  • Make use of today’s digital medias. Instead of visiting different stores in your search of a birthday postcard, you can just look it up in the internet. You can even make use of e-cards, since most e-cards have these funny or witty captions that reminds you of a memory with the celebrant.
  • Consider the size of the postcard. You have to consider the length of the message you are going to write because you can only fit so many words in it. If you are going to be wordy about your birthday message, add some stickers, silly pictures in it, the most ideal size of that card would be 6×11 or even bigger.

Kids Birthday Postcard


Nautical Birthday Invitation & Postcard

First Birthday Postcard


Floral Birthday Postcard

Floral Birthday Postcard

So, those are some tips which you might want to keep in mind to make the most of her special day. Don’t just greet the birthday celebrants via the internet. Give them a piece of your heart and have it written in birthday postcards to make it personal. Etch both of your fondest memories and well wishes in these postcards, so they’ll have a fond memory that they are going to auction in their treasure box of happiness.

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