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A brochure’s development over the years have been tremendous, thanks to the artist who have decided to cross beyond the borders of ancient norms that were never there to start with. The modern brochure examples, when put in comparison with the old ones greatly, differ in content, images, and the equipment that are used in creating the most persuasive brochure.

Modern Bi-Fold Brochure Template Example

modern bi fold brochure template
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Size: US, A4


Modern Tri-Fold Brochure Template Example

modern tri fold brochure template
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Size: US, A4


These paper have developed through time like almost everything in this world has and yet encyclopedia has never put brochures under the category of extinction. This only means that its purpose is demanded in putting the economy in a perfect balance. Funny as you might consider it since a brochure merely is just a piece of fancy paper with details about a product and fine-tuned images, but this paper has a content affects significantly an inflation of economics for this is one of the marketing strategies that is considered by many a businessman a game changer.

Outdoor Recreation A4 Brochure

outdoor recreation a4 brochure

Ski Resort Bi-fold  Brochure

ski resort bi fold brochure

Sport Store Half-fold Brochure

sport store half fold brochure

Extreme Sports Event Tri-fold Brochures

extreme sports event tri fold brochures

Diving Tri-Fold Brochure

diving tri fold brochure

The Evolution of Brochure

Time has aged so fast and the changes that the world has witnessed a variety of changes in the different aspects of living. Although there are times where a progress of a certain era are impeded by negative factors which also affects the entirety of a country. Most of these factors have molded a country into either becoming better or just aspire to become by influencing them in using whatever it is to make a damned life more livable.

It took millions of years for people to strive in making various lifestyles explore the extremities of convenience and up until now, the search for that remains in progress. Considering the latter’s statement, it gives everyone just the idea that, in the field of marketing, a lot strategies would have to adapt to the trend of the coming generation to make marketing more effective than the current. But, of course, it would take an innovative mind to make the present a part of history.

White Business Brochure 

white business brochure

Medical Care Brochure Template

medical care brochure template

Company Business Brochure

company business brochure

Strategies in promoting a certain product or event has led to a significant advancement in all countries economy. One of these marketing trends that has evolved through time is the production of brochures.

Stating this “fact” might make you wonder why this kind of marketing has never ceased to exist. You can only underestimate it jut by thinking about it, yet it is perfectly understandable why this fact makes you wonder about it. The twenty-first century made a huge advancement in the course of technological development. This development has influenced a lot of aspects in life that progress and growth, be it personal or not, that has increased the number of life advantages. This is the type of accommodation that everyone greatly desires in life.

People who are assigned to promote products and services have made good use of this technological advancement and the changes from the past is evident. Brochures have changed over the course of time and have perfectly adapt to the changes of many generations trends. Brochures gained its popularity in the field of business way back 1940. The style way back then was heavily of hand drawn illustrations and fonts.

Creative Medical Brochure Template

creative medical brochure template

Simple Medical Brochure Templates

simple medical brochure templates

The use of photography was lightly used, which was a progressing move, but they had to put a highlight (red circles) regarding what the business was selling. Rather than taking just the photo of what is promoted, a model was included in it, which made the brochure not as effective as of today’s. The pictures were, too, not as vibrant compared with the brochures in the current because the cost of print was worth a fortune. In comparison with today’s cost of producing brochures, the production is a lot cheaper if these are printed in great quantity.

Despite the expensive cost of brochure production, brochures were still used in the 1950s proving its effectiveness in marketing products, services, and events. There was already a huge improvement in brochures for they took advantage in photography. Traces from the previous decade were very palpable for they rely on hand-drawn elements, especially when it came to font style.

Music Concert Event Brochures

music concert event brochures

In 1963 there were huge changes in the production of brochure thanks to Kodak’s introduction of color photography and, too, the the cost of printing press took a significant plunge. This era made brochures more inviting to the target and random people and businesses all over the world flourished significantly. Traces of the previous era were still manifested, but barely noticeable compared to the brochures of 1950s.

The 1970s version of brochures were an almost complete coming up with the collaboration of photography and printing. The progress faded the traces of the late brochures and made everything more vivid. Since this era did not enjoy the convenience and limitless possibilities of of desktop publishing software, the images were not as realistic as today’s brochures. There was a great risk in producing brochures in this era for it involved manual destructive editing.

Rock Event Brochure

rock event brochure

A4 Events Brochure

a4 events brochure

Ballet Workshop Tri-Fold Brochure

ballet workshop tri fold brochure

In the 1980s until today, the images become very vivid and since there is already a desktop software to allow graphic designers to create a realistic image of the product or service which is far more convincing than the previous eras. Because of today’s high technology, promoting a product, service, or an event is a lot more easier. Graphic designers sure are enjoying today’s high technology for these not only make their tasks easier, they also play a huge part in the growth of their passions because these technologies lead to unopened doors of opportunities.

The innovative minds of artists are always insatiable that they always seek for something to make brochures more appealing than they are now, even though they are already very appealing. There is not telling that the progress of brochure will stop and remain the way it is now for there will always be improvements that brilliant minds aspire to apply in it no matter how little the details would be.

Why Are Brochures Still Used in the Digital Age?

Some people always wonder how brochures are still used in the business field when they can just promote various products, events, and services in cheap websites, anyway everyone is busy with their phones and computers looking for information of their interests and obsessions. It is only natural that an idea such as this may occur in your mind for you are right about a  business creating a banner as a way of effectively marketing business goods.

Polygonal Abstract Brochure

polygonal abstract brochure

Green and White Brochure Design

green and white brochure design

As what was discussed above about the progress in brochure making, you might formulate a theory of your own by asking yourself why did businesses in the past made use of brochures, especially if you consider how much of a fortune it was to print brochures. A brochures way in promoting something has been effective ever since and instead of having them faced out in the current generation, artists made very good use of technology in making some improvements in brochure making. Brochures will never be faced out because practically speaking brochure distribution is the cheapest and one of the most effective marketing strategies to promote businesses.

In the battle between brochures and advertising banners, brochures have a higher chance that their content will be read by both interested and uninterested consumers. A brochure is much more demanding to be read than a banner. Although both are very are proven effective in informing people about a business, a brochure delivers information far more brief and concise than that of a banner.

The brochure has these catchy statements which compel a reader to read all the text in it without ever tiring from the details because of the paper that is used, the finely tuned images, and the straight to point information. A banner tries its hardest to convince people with its content and is sometimes successful about it, but there are times wherein a reader decides to look at other websites for their offers might be a lot better than yours. A brochure makes you forget about other products for their way of persuading people to become interested in the product even if a business does not affect your life.

Halftone Business Brochure Template 

halftone business brochure template

Vector Business Brochure Template

vector business brochure template

Black and Yellow Modern Brochure

black and yellow modern brochure

Brochures are, too, very versatile when it comes to promoting various kinds of businesses. For example, there are medical brochures, company brochures, business brochures, event brochures, advertising brochures, real estate brochures, travel brochures, fitness brochures, and much more. Compared to other marketing strategies, brochures do not only provide all the details of information,

it can also give confidence in satisfying a businessman about his product or service which he thinks might be weird. If you are a businessman who is uncertain about the success of your company’s growth, printing a brochure can be a very good thing in making people become interested of your “peculiar” business. A brochure’s versatility is one of the reasons why this is still used in the modern age.

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