16 Business Billboard Designs and Examples

Every billboard is different and distinct from each other. Each one has its own appeal, characteristics, style, and impact. In creating a billboard, you have to consider things such as the readability, presentation, and layout of your billboard. Not only that, you must also know and understand your target market to know their needs and wants as well as your competitors to know what they are up to.

When you invest in billboards, you must also consider whether to make it the traditional printed way or go with the trend of having digital boards depending on your budget and depending if it really is a must and the area is conducive for digital boards. Whatever design you are choosing and no matter how much budget you allocate to your billboard, the most important thing is that it can capture the interest and attention of the people passing, by leaving an unforgettable impression thereby promoting brand awareness to the public which is needed to establish the branding of a certain entity.

Examples of Business Billboard Designs

Corporate Business Billboard Signage

Custom Business Sign Work and Billboard

Business Billboards Mock-Ups

E-Commerce Business Billboard

Digital Signage : Billboard, Rollup Banner, Shop Sign, Promotional Counter and Location Board

Real Estate Business Billboard

Corporate Business Billboard Signage

Signage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Agency Billboard

Urban Flyer Poster Billboard Mock-Up

Editable Corporate Business Billboard

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Signage Billboard and Rollup Banner

Black Friday Billboard

Construction Business Billboard Template

Fast Food Billboard and Roll-Up Banner Template

Urban Billboard Mock-Up

Creative Business Billboard Template

The Pros and Cons of Billboards

Before deciding on whether you will build a billboard or not, you must first examine the different advantages and disadvantages of billboards and see if the disadvantages are tolerable enough. You must also weigh if the advantages are more than enough to compensate the disadvantages or if there are ways to lessen the effect of the disadvantages.

Here are several advantages and disadvantages that you must know before creating your billboards.


Ever wonder why billboards are still commonly used advertising materials until today? Did it ever come to you why did marketers choose billboards as among the commonly preferred marketing tool? This is because billboards possess advantages that are unique and distinct from the other advertising materials. It has a lot of advantages to the company posting their ads through billboards. Here, we will discuss the advantages of billboards and what is its edge over other advertising materials. This is also your basis of comparison to its disadvantages and decide whether it is worth the risk and whether the investment will yield a good return.

Passersby Get to See Them

The first thing that you observe in billboard advertising is that it has size big enough for the people to notice it. Because of that, it can easily capture the attention of the people even without trying. The designs and graphics are just for enhancements and to leave an imprint to the minds of the people. Billboards are often placed on an area conducive and accessible by the public especially in the downtown areas where many people converge, so it is hard not to notice billboards.

Knowing this advantage, although not necessary, you may include your contact details in your billboard. A phone or mobile number is highly discouraged since the people you are showing your billboard to are moving and passing in every direct. Instead, a URL is encouraged because people can easily remember links especially when they are short enough.

Creates Visual References

Most people are visual. They can easily remember the things that they have seen especially when it has an impact to them. Billboards can perfectly do that since billboards are attractive visuals where people usually pay attention to. Through the design that you will incorporate, you can create an eye-catching and memorable billboard. The moment that you capture the people’s interest, they will pay attention to what is written in your billboard and this is where the role of your font size and style come into the spotlight. They can easily read your billboard if your font is readable enough and without any visual distraction.

An Increase in the Sales

One of the unique features of billboards is that it can create impulse buyers. There are drivers who might pass along your billboard and realize that the thing or service you are offering is what he perfectly needs as of the moment. Because of that, he will immediately stop by your store and purchase what he needed. He will most probably be satisfied when his cravings will be fulfilled or his expectation will be met, thus leaving your store feeling satisfied.
Another thing that drives the increase in the sales of the company through billboards is that it can build awareness to the people. Psychological research shows that the more the people will become aware or will know the brand of the product, the more he will get accustomed to that product, and this will result to him choosing your product over the other brands that he never recognizes. People will surely respond positively to those brands who are familiar to them as compared to those brands that did not ring a bell to them.

Provide Directions

Billboards can also serve as a signpost where people will be guided to a certain direction. For example, in your billboard, you can add an instruction of the direction that they must go in order to arrive at your store or the store offering the things posted in the billboard.

If the customer is interested enough, he will surely make a stop to your store and buy the things that make him interested. There are also other people who might be in doubt at first on whether to take a stop at your store or not, but their doubts will be cleared when they got to see the directions on how to get to your store.

Targeting the People Who Have the Capability to Purchase

Here is another thing that makes billboards advantageous to the company creating it: it targets people who have the capability to purchase. While almost all people can get to see your billboard, not everyone will get interested for a couple of reasons, one of which is lack of financial capability.

Those who do not intent to spend for the product you are featuring on your billboard will really not become interested on your billboard. However, those who have the financial capability to purchase often see billboards and get to choose which one will provide them with the most benefits.


In a coin, you can see that it always has two sides. Similarly, when talking about billboards, we must accept the fact that they also possess disadvantages. Sometimes, it is hard to admit that the thing we love and prefer has a negative side. However, that is really the case of billboards. Although you can observe that it has a lot of advantages that are very beneficial to the company advertising, there are also cons in creating and building billboards. Hence, before deciding to build a billboard, consider its disadvantages first if it is tolerable for your company. Otherwise, never push yourself in doing so. Among the advantages of having billboards are as follows.

Exposure Time is Brief

Although you might agree that billboards catch people’s attention even from afar,the exposure time for billboards is incredibly brief. In 5 to 10 seconds, the attention of the people, especially those who are driving, can already be diverted to the road rather than the advertisements on the road, simply because they are driving and they must be careful to avoid any accidents caused by negligence. When you carefully think about this, does the amount you pay for the advertisement worth the exposure? Are you willing to spend a certain amount of money for that billboard ad considering its brief exposure? The decision always lies on the hands of the upper management or those of the marketing team if the advertisement is worth its expected return.

Specific Markets Are Hard to Target

Because billboards are placed in an area where many people can see, you cannot target a specific demographic for your advertisement. This entails that your billboard is going to be seen by many people including those who are not interested in them and those that do not feel the need to purchase them. You cannot specify which group of people you are advertising your brand to. Because you are advertising to the general public and not to a specific group of people, you cannot easily measure how well did your billboard affect your target market. You cannot also get the assurance on whether your target market have seen your ad or not.

Limited Information

Billboards are innately huge, but the information presented in a billboard is usually limited. It is not the same as a brochure or catalog where you can place a complete list of your products and services; instead, a billboard is like a teaser to the movie that only contains information that can trigger the interest of the people. It does not enumerate all the products and services offered by the company, but instead, present a general concept or an idea regarding the product that they are offering. This is among the challenges in creating a billboard—how to make it communicate to the people and catch their attention but without the use of too much words or long descriptions. You have to make an advertisement that, when people see it, can be associated immediately to your company.


Another disadvantage for billboards is that it is stationary; it does not move from one place to another. There are times that prospects and target markets change their movement patterns, which is caused by external influences. But your billboard will only stay in one place. The moment that most of the people in the area are not anymore your target market, no matter how long you will stay on the billboard, you cannot attain increase in the sales because you are targeting the wrong people. Hence, always observe your surroundings and see whether you still have your target market hanging around the area; otherwise, you must transfer to another place accessible by your target market.

Visibility Issues

Not all billboards are presented well. Some billboards failed to communicate with the people because it is so much cluttered and the information presented in the billboard is too much. This is the reason why marketers would always say, “Keep the statement for your billboard concise and brief.” Having a short message will allow people to read the entire thing. Short words would also help you in your font size, as the shorter your message will be, the larger is the font size of your text. If you fail on doing this, there might be visibility issues. Your viewers will no longer be interested in your billboards and you cannot anymore get their interest and attention back.

In Sum…

In creating a billboard, you have to weigh first its advantages and disadvantages. Every business entity has a different approaches for the disadvantages as some may find it tolerable considering that they are already large business and depending on the business type as well as the target market.

As a quick review, the advantages of having billboards are as follows: passersby get to see them, they create visual references, increase sales, provide directions towards your business store, and target the people who have the capability to purchase. On the other hand, it has also several disadvantages and these are the following: the exposure time is brief, specific markets are hard to get, information presented is limited, it is stationary, and there might be visibility issues especially if the layout is not properly designed.

The last verdict lies on your hands on whether to build a billboard or not; just a little hint: a lot of marketers and business entities are doing so, so why not try this great opportunity to have your own product or services and even your brand be advertised on large boards? We are always here, privileged to helped you out in your billboard designs. Scroll back and see if some designs presented fits your billboard preference.

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