Wedding Donation Card

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Wedding Donation Card

It is such a beautiful sight to see people madly in love with each other be secure enough to go into a lifelong commitment. Seeing people express their love for each other and tying the knot makes you believe that love is truly worth all the risk. As you know, marriage is not a temporary union, it is a long-term partnership; it is a challenging journey that should be traversed together by two people that truly love each other.

The wedding day is when the newlywed couple is showered with lots of love and gifts from families and friends. And it’s been a common practice to give favors to the guests for all the support and love they have shown them. But instead of trinkets, some couples choose to donate to charities in honor of their guests—a selfless display of love that extends beyond what is usual. In this sense, donation card templates are used to explain that a donation will be given to the charity of choice instead of giving out party favors during the wedding reception.

Wedding Donation Card Templates and Examples

1. Simple Wedding Donation Card

Simple Wedding Donation Card


If you are looking for a more memorable party favor donating to charity is a good option. A certified etiquette consultant has suggested that it is best not to the identity of your guests to the organization. You should not take the liberty of giving their personal information if they do not explicitly tell you so. Thus, in your donation card, you can just state that a generous donation will be made as a substitute for the wedding party favor. Similar to this example, you just need to convey that you are going to donate to the charity of your choice instead of giving out trinkets and things as party favors.

2. Vintage Style Donation Card

Vintage Style Donation Card


Just like with the other materials that you use for your wedding, your donation card should be consistent with your overall theme. If you are going for a floral theme, it is best to also use floral designs and illustrations in the card. As you can see in this example, the donation card is adorned with beautiful flowers as its border. And although it has heavy floral designs, it has still managed to emphasize the message it intends to convey. Thus, it is best to use an easily readable font style and minimal text background; just like in any graphic design, balance is everything.

3. Magnolia Flowers Wedding Donation Card

Magnolia Flowers Wedding Donation Card


Although what you intend to do with the donations is selfless and truly amazing, some very traditional guests may not be on board with the idea. Some people may consider it impolite to give wedding favors to others, that’s why it is important to clearly explain your decision to your guests before the actual wedding day. You can explain it in your save-the-date invitations or wedding invitation that you intend to send donations to a charity instead of giving favors during the reception. And to reiterate this thought, you can distribute your wedding donation cards during the reception to help remind them that you are extending a hand to those in need instead of giving tokens to the guests.

4. Beach Wedding Favor Donation Card

Beach Wedding Favor Donation Card


As mentioned, there should be consistency with the materials you use for your wedding. As ordinary as a wedding donation card sounds like, making its designs and illustrations consistent to the theme will help in achieving the vibe or feel you were going for. In this donation card example, you will immediately know that the theme was related to the beach, either that or they’re having a beach wedding. But designs and illustrations aside, the contents of your donation card should be well-written. It should immediately explain its purpose, i.e., tell the guests that a donation will be made to a charity instead of handing out party favors on the reception.

5. Winter Wedding Charity Favor Donation Card

Winter Wedding Charity Favor Donation Card


Make a statement in a chic and fabulous way. Although explaining that you are donating to a charity of your choice instead of giving wedding tokens is a serious matter, you can do it with the use of an amazingly designed wedding donation card. You can use intricate design elements that are related or relevant to your overall wedding theme and use elegant font style to emphasize important texts in the content. The content of your card templates doesn’t also need to be lengthy, convey your message as short and as direct as possible. This example is the perfect guide to use if you want to create or have a sophisticated winter wedding donation card.

6. Dog Charity Wedding Donation Card

Dog Charity Wedding Donation Card


Make your donation cards more fun and exciting with the use of cartoonish illustrations. Looking at this example, you can see how the illustration related to the chosen dog charity makes a fun twist to a serious donation card. It has a very simple layout and basic design, the only attention-getting element is the cartoon dogs drawing. And instead of a long message, it has a short sentence that conveys that a donation will be made to the charity in lieu of tokens or favors. Take inspiration with how easy-breezy this donation card is designed and formatted, perfect for the chill vibes if that’s what you’re going for.

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