Wedding Photography Flyer

Last Updated: March 11, 2024

Wedding Photography Flyer

In this time and age, the photography industry is visibly booming. With quite a number of people wanting to document every single moment of their lives, being a photographer is definitely a creative profession that is here to stay and thrive. While there are various types of photographers, one of the thriving ones are wedding photographers. Even before the onset of social media, taking photos for weddings has always been a part of most wedding plans since weddings are one of the momentous events of almost every individual.

Wedding Flyer Examples & Templates

If you are a wedding photographer, you may already know that you have a lot of competitors. And if you are seeking for ways on how to stand out against them, worry no more for we provide you with these wedding photography flyer templates and examples that will surely help you stand out in more ways than one.

1. Wedding Photography Flyer Template

Wedding Photography Flyer Template1
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches


Encourage your prospective target customers to avail of your wedding photography services with the use of this flyer. This template contains an effective layout that allows you to feature the best shots of your previous wedding photo shoot sessions. And the best of all, you can download this template free of charge, plus you can also customize and personalize this using various editing software applications Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop.

2. Elegant Wedding Photography Flyer Template

Elegant Wedding Photography Flyer Template


Do you specialize in shooting wedding photos in vintage style? Here is an elegant wedding photography flyer that suits your style as a wedding photographer. With its monochromatic gradient background, this template allows you to provide a flyer to your target audience that has a uniformed look and feel. Aside from that, this template also allows you to print both sides of the page, with one page that contains a layout that allows you to conveniently input your service packages.

3. Minimalist Wedding Photography Flyer

Minimalist Wedding Photography Flyer


If you want to make use of a wedding photography flyer that contains a simple and minimalist layout, then we may have found the best flyer template that you can get inspiration from. This template contains a layout that allows you to highlight just one of the best shots from your previous wedding photo shoot sessions. Aside from that, it has an ample amount of space where you can input the details of your photography services that you can write in an equally minimalist font style.

4. Wedding Photography Premium Flyer

Wedding Photography Premium Flyer


Allow your prospective customers to know what’s in it for them if they will avail of your services with the use of this wedding photography premium flyer. The main highlight of this flyer template is the middle portion area where you can feature some of the best shots from your previous works. The template is perfect if you want to feature a certain photography service and that you want to encourage your prospective customers to avail of that certain package.

5. Wedding Photography Price List Flyer

Wedding Photography Price List Flyer


Make it easy for couples or wedding planners who want to have fast and direct transactions with you by immediately incorporating the price list of your wedding photography services into your wedding flyer. If you are just going to simply write down your contact details, chances are the inquiries would just be all about the prices of your services. Why not make it easier for both parties by directly providing them the most obvious inquiry? However, you should still include your contact information but this time, you will now be delving into more specific details of your services.

6. Wedding Photography Branding and Marketing Flyer

Wedding Photography Branding & Marketing Flyer


Sure, photography branding is obviously important because this gives you a distinct photography style that sets you apart from your competitors in the cutthroat creative industry. What is the point of having an excellent photography brand if you would not be marketing this to your target audience or prospective customers? But worry no more because we provide you with this wedding photography flyer template that helps you to effectively market your wedding photography brand.

7. Wedding Photography Branding Flyer

Wedding Photography Branding Flyer


Be able to build your brand in one of the most effective ways possible with the use of this wedding photograph wedding flyer template. The logo and name of your business are two of the most important elements for raising brand awareness. This template may really look simple at first glance with the wedding photos as its dominating design element; however, it contains a distinct space where you can strategically place your business logo and name, and this creates a sharp contrast from its dominating element. By doing this, you allow your target audience’s attention to go directly to this element and this increases the chance of your brand’s easy recall.

8. Wedding Photography Marketing Flyer

Wedding Photography Marketing Flyer


Make it possible for you to market your photography services effectively with the use of this wedding photography marketing flyer that contains a layout for both its front and back pages. Its layout is rather simple but you have to keep in mind that when designing any creative design material, simplicity will always produce beautiful and effective results.

9. Wedding Photography Pricing Guide Flyer

Wedding Photography Pricing Guide Flyer


As mentioned earlier, the obvious inquiry you would get if you will just simply indicate your contact details on your flyer will be the prices of your wedding packages. Sure, you will most likely be able to convince your prospective clients if the only way to learn more about your services is through direct contact. However, most of the time, clients, such as couples and wedding planners, are constrained by time and because of this, providing them with a flyer that contains a detailed price guide. Through this flyer template, you will be able to successfully gain a client since you are giving them a convenient alternative other than lengthy phone calls as an answer to a really simple inquiry.

10. Wedding Photography Year-End Promo Flyer

Wedding Photography Year-End Promo Flyer

Looking for a wedding flyer example where you can get inspiration from for your own design? Look no further because we have found you an example that can inspire you to create the best design for when you will finally be creating your own wedding photography flyer design. This example contains a really simple design that encourages you not to have any inhibitions if you would like to start and simple for your design.

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