10+ Best Wedding Facebook Cover Examples & Templates [Download Now]

wedding facebook cover

Social media is undeniably the best medium to use if there are information, updates, and other similar things that you want to announce or promote, such as your upcoming wedding event or your wedding services. One of the best social media platforms that is commonly used by all is Facebook. Aside from posting status updates, promotional images, and the like, Facebook also allows you to further enhance your reach of your announcement and your brand awareness by uploading a personalized Facebook cover that possesses all the elements that you would need for an effective Facebook cover.

Wedding Facebook Cover Examples & Templates

In this article, we have provided various templates and examples of wedding Facebook covers that you can either use for your personal needs or for business purposes.

Wedding Facebook Cover Examples & Templates

1. Wedding Accessories Facebook Cover

wedding accessories facebook cover


Do you run a business that specializes in providing wedding accessories? Make sure you showcase your products in your official Facebook page with the use of this wedding accessories Facebook cover! Display wedding rings, jewelry, shoes, and another wedding bridal and groom accessories in a professional but undeniably attractive presentation with the use of this wedding Facebook cover template.

2. Wedding Facebook Timeline Cover

wedding facebook timeline cover


Facebook covers are one of the best avenues where you can inform people regarding your upcoming wedding event. Similar to this wedding Facebook timeline cover, you can also create one of your own where you can include the important information about your wedding days such as the date, the venue, and even a simple photo of you as a couple to further excite people about what’s going to unfold. But since this kind of Facebook cover is perfect for your personal Facebook account, the elements you want to include in your wedding Facebook cover is boundless. So add whatever element you want and just make sure that it would collectively look amazing and cohesive.

3. Wedding Photo Collage Facebook Cover

wedding photo collage facebook cover


Had a wedding prenup photo shoot? Display your photos in your respective Facebook profiles using this wedding photo collage Facebook timeline cover template! You surely did not spend on your wedding prenup photo shoot just to keep the photos for yourself, didn’t you? Sure, you might have already posted it as a Facebook post, but know that there is a big possibility that your wedding prenup photo album might get buried with all the future Facebook posts that you are going to post related to your wedding (such as Facebook wedding invitation posts!).

4. Wedding Photographer Facebook Cover

wedding photographer facebook cover


If you are a wedding photographer, you might want to make use of a wedding photographer Facebook cover in promoting your photography services. Even if you are not yet adept at designing, you can create something like this simple but professional wedding photographer Facebook cover template above. In order to come up with a simple one, all you need is to combine the following elements: a sample wedding photo (preferably your best shot), your brand or business name, your contact details, and your list of photography services. Sounds simple, right? Start creating one of your own now!

5. Wedding Photographer Facebook Timeline Cover

wedding photographer facebook timeline cover


Display your best shots as a wedding photographer in your wedding Facebook timeline cover! In this type of Facebook cover, you don’t rely on the written content but you rely on the visuals instead. With just your brand or business name and contact details as the only written content, you have to make sure that you convince your target clients with the use of images alone. And this is why you really need to have some time to sit down, browse through your previous projects, choose the best images that you want to include, and create a well-organized wedding Facebook timeline cover out of it!

6. Wedding Photographer Photo Collage Facebook Cover

wedding photographer photo collage facebook cover


By creating this style of a wedding Facebook cover where you can create a collage out of your best shots or works as a wedding photographer, you can sell a story to your clients related to marriage and weddings that they can relate and that you have to actually make sure that they can relate so that they will avail of your services soon for their weddings.

7. Wedding Photography Facebook Cover

wedding photography facebook cover


Similar to the previous template, this Facebook cover template shows minimal written content and that it heavily relies on its visuals like the most Facebook covers you can find across the Internet. But you can still get creative and make the most out of your Facebook cover by strategically placing your best shots in it, choosing the shot that you consider as the best among the best, and using it as the large background image.

8. Wedding Planner Facebook Cover

wedding planner facebook cover


When you are just starting out to build your Facebook presence as a wedding planner, you don’t have to go grand on your first attempt because you can always play things safe when you are just testing things out by opting for simple designs first. All you need is a wedding-related image and your brand or business logo and you can actually create even the simplest wedding Facebook cover on your own, or, better yet, use this template that we have provided for you to help you immediately get started!

9. Wedding Planner Facebook Timeline Cover

wedding planner facebook timeline cover


Are you a wedding planner who wants to build a social media presence, such as on Facebook? It’s your day today because we will help you in building one by providing you with this wedding planner Facebook cover! Similar to the previously given template, this template also comes with a simple finished look, but something that looks simple does not mean it’s not good because if you look closer, this template creates an impact to your potential clients and serves as a driving force that will eventually lead them to avail of your wedding planner services.

10. Wedding Magazine Facebook Cover

wedding magazine facebook cover


Do you publish magazines for weddings? Here is an example of a wedding magazine Facebook cover where you can get inspiration and ideas from when you will be designing your official Facebook page’s Facebook cover. This example may look simple, particularly that it simply creates a collage out of their previous issues, but something simple can actually be useful especially if your sole purpose for having a Facebook cover in the first place is to lay out your previous works to encourage people to buy your magazines and even avail of a monthly subscription.

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