16+ Classic Wedding Reception Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

Aside from the Wedding Invitation, guests also look forward to having their hands on the wedding reception invitation. A wedding postcard mainly focuses on the wedding ceremony while the latter gives an idea of the fun that is expected to happen during the wedding reception program. Some wedding reception invitations even have the details of the food that will be available for the guests’ consumption.

If you want to create your own wedding reception invitation, it is best for you to make it look classic and regal. This can help your guests be aware that your wedding reception will have a well-planned and organized program. Need help with regards this design undertaking? Browse through this post so you can see samples of classic wedding reception invitations as well as some tips on how you can have one of your own.You may also see wedding thank you cards

Wedding Reception Invitation Template

wedding reception invitation template

Burlap and Lace Wedding Reception Invitation

wedding reception invitation

Black Wedding Reception Invitation

chalkboard wedding reception invitation

Printable Wedding Reception Invitation

printable wedding reception invitation

What to Include in a Classic Wedding Reception Invitation

A classic wedding reception invitation must be comprehensive just as how Floral Wedding invitationForest wedding invitations and all wedding cards are. There should be a complete list of all the items that you would like your guests to know in relation to the wedding reception. Some of the details that you can place in this particular wedding card include the following:

1. The program of the wedding reception

2. The location and time of the wedding reception

3. The expected time when the guests are already expected to be in the reception venue

4. The specification on whether it is a wedding party announcement, a Lunch Invitation, or a wedding dinner reception

5. The name of the newly weds as well as the host of the party

6. The suggested attire for the reception

7. The name of the caterer or the food items that will be available for the wedding reception. You may also see  fall wedding invitation

8. The kind of food service that will be done

9. The seating assignments of the guests, if applicable

Floral Wedding Reception Invitation

floral wedding reception invitation

Elegant Wedding Reception

elegant wedding reception

Classic Wedding Reception Invitation

classic wedding reception invitation

Design Tips When Creating Classic Wedding Reception Invitation

You should make sure that the design of your wedding reception invitation is aligned with the wedding theme and the design of your wedding program. For instance, if you will have Luxury Wedding Invitations and Wedding rehearsal invitations themed in the same manner, you should come up with a royal and elegant wedding reception invitation. If you will use classic wedding invitations, here are some design tips that can help you to develop a classic wedding reception invitation:

1. Have different representations of wreaths and other classic elements. You can have silhouettes, watercolor splashes and painted lines to make the wedding reception invitation design more appealing. This can also be great with Outdoor Wedding invitations.

2. Use simple yet classic calligraphy when developing the content of your wedding reception invitation. You can use it for the main invitation content or you can even incorporate it in all the texts that you will place in the wedding invitation.You may also see Vintage wedding invitations

3. Add borders with rustic-themes like floral stencils and broken lines. There are a lot of ways on how you can create this classic design addition. Ensure that you will consider all the other elements that you will include in the wedding reception invitation design so you can still make the entire wedding card presentable.You may also see Traditional wedding invitations

4. Unlike Funny wedding invitations that commonly have vibrant color selections, it is suggested to use colors of soft hues so to align the color selection to the classic vibe of the wedding invitation. Though you can have more variations aside from muted tones, ensure that your color palette is soft to the eyes and is not too vibrant.

Elegant Chic Floral Gold Wedding Reception

elegant chic floral gold wedding reception

Vintage Wedding Reception Invitation

vintage wedding reception invitation

How to Make a Classic Wedding Reception Invitation

Unaware on how to make a classic wedding reception invitation? Do not worry as we can make things easier for you. A step-by-step process that can help you develop a classic wedding reception invitation is enumerated below.

1. Know the theme of the wedding so you already know where you can incorporate your wedding reception invitation design.You may also see outdoor Wedding invitations

2. Be knowledgeable of the wedding reception program and other items linked to it like food service so you can easily have an idea on how you can design the wedding card.You may also see Wedding Party Invitations

3. Will the wedding have a Lace wedding invitation design or Modern wedding invitations? Consider the design of the wedding invitation so you can pattern your wedding reception invitation design from there.

4. Start the design process by using Blank Wedding Invitations. It is essential for you to already have a design idea on mind so that you are already guided within the entirety of the design process.  

5. Gather all the design materials that you would like to use to realize your design vision.

6. List down all the content necessary to be known by the guests and place them in the layout of the wedding reception invitation.You may also see Romantic Wedding invitations

7. Add all the other design elements and textures to finish the wedding reception invitation design.

8. Identify whether there are some changes that you would like to execute. Add, remove, or change items when necessary.You may also see Island wedding invitations

Simple Wedding Reception Invitation

simple wedding reception invitation1

Confetti Wedding Reception Invitation

confetti wedding reception invitation


Elegant Retro wedding Invitation

elegant retro wedding invitation

Modern Photo Frame Wedding Reception Invitation

rustic wedding reception invitation2

DIY Wedding Reception Invitation

diy wedding reception invitation

Design References for Classic Wedding Reception Invitations

Maximize the usage of our samples by reviewing them keenly. Observe how they are designed and formatted so you can have more references when making your own classic wedding reception invitations. Aside from samples, you can also refer to templates that you can easily download. These documents will help you layout your wedding reception invitations in an easier manner.You may also see Gay Wedding invitations

All your wedding cards should be design-related with one another which is the reason why you need to look into all the designs of all the other wedding cards before finalizing the design of your classic wedding reception invitation. Do not forget to look at the Fairytale wedding invitationsWatercolor Wedding Invitations or any other kinds of wedding invitations that you will use. Since you are already guided by our samples, tips, and guidelines, create your own classic wedding reception invitations now.

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