Personal Development Goals Examples for Betterment

Who does not want to improve the quality of their individual lives, right? You cannot deny it but the main goal in every single thing you do, like investing in your education or enduring eight or nine long hours at work is part of your desire to attain personal development. Attaining self-development is one of the things that drives you to improve the quality of your life goals and to become a well-rounded person.

What are personal development goals and how does it make our lives better?

What Is Personal Development and How Is it Achieved?

Personal development is anything that improves or enhances the entire aspects of your personal growth. Personal growth does not only affect the self, but it also affects the people around you as you grow, even if there are outside factors such as the people and the surroundings around you that could affect your personal growth. Your personal growth should always be guided with your own blueprint like a business plan manned with your full control. It is when you attain personal development that you become more aware and knowledgeable of your own self.

Attaining personal development can be daunting and overwhelming because most of it would take a long time and extra effort. That is why there are goals that have been created related to the attainment of personal development. But it does not mean that it is not achievable just because it is daunting and overwhelming. At a first glance, the path to self-growth is tricky and difficult but if you take some time and clearly outline your plans in manageable steps to your path to self-growth, you can definitely achieve whatever you want that will benefit to your personal development.

Planning for your personal development may sound selfish since it is all about the self and it is personal. However, you cannot achieve personal growth if you do not interact and have good relations with other people. can be achieved through both, self-development and the development of others. Take for example the lives of the teachers, mentors, and instructors. They teach and help you in some aspects of your life that improves or enhances your personality. Sometimes you wonder how they hold so much knowledge and wisdom. It is not because they are perfect or extremely intelligent. It’s because, in the process of helping and guiding others, they were able to gain knowledge and wisdom that contributed to their self-growth. Our teachers, like any human being, do not know everything but they keep learning each day from the people they encounter and guide.

Personal Development Goals

If you still do not know what area or aspect of your life that you would want to enhance or improve, here is a list of some of the personal development goals that will help you in the various areas of your life.

1. Want to Jumpstart Your Life? Start it With Having Confidence.

Self-confidence is probably the jumpstarter of every single successful move in history you ad a lot of people may not be aware of this. You might think that it is your goals, dreams, and aspirations are the ones that make you start doing things you so feared in the first place. But no; it is your self-confidence.

Take this scenario for example: an aspiring writer wanted to start her writing career in college by applying for their school publication. On the day the deadline for submission of applications, she had already completed all the requirements. Her application letter was perfected and polished, her resume is filled and complete, and her sample works for submission were credible and impressive–she was all set and ready to submit it for the application. On the day of the results day of who was accepted, she was not able to pass. You might wonder why when she has completed here requirements. But the thing here is that how could she pass when she was not able to take the exam and the interview? There was one thing she forgot from the very start, the essential thing all the physical requirements would be of no use without–her self-confidence. If only she did not doubt herself, she would have confidently submitted the requirements for the application. Having self-confidence works wonders. Imagine if she had enough confidence even in the mere passing of requirements; she would probably be starting her writing career early, right?

Before you are going to act on achieving your dreams, release all the self-doubt, and just be confident. Win or lose, at the end of all you will still feel good because you were not idling and doing nonsense wishful thinking because you tried.

2. Your Relationship with Other People Matters.

Cultivating healthy relationship goals with your family, friends, and school or workmates is a factor to your self-growth. No man is an island, as what they say. Your relationship with the people around you could somehow affect the other aspects of your life.

For example, you were about to take a major exam, let’s say a board exam. On the day before your board exam, you got into a bad fight with your parents. You were not able to solve your issues overnight that is why on the day of your board exam, you were listless and restless. You could not get your mind and heart focus on the exam because you cannot help but think of your quarrel with your parents and think of how you are going to resolve it. And when the day of the results arrived, you failed.

Another example: in a team meeting, you were planning for an upcoming project. You got into an argument with a teammate because you had opposing opinions on a certain topic and that your teammate’s opinion won the hearts and vote for your other teammates. You were still not able to get over with your argument that right after your meeting, your work was affected since you could not help but think about how to get even after your opinion was shunned.

If you always have problems with every people you meet, perhaps you have to think and evaluate yourself because maybe, just maybe, you are the problem. Do not destroy good relationships with your friends and family just because of your pride.

3. Stop Cultivating Bad Habits like Procrastination.

Here are common scenarios of a procrastinator: scrolling through your social media feeds instead of getting actual work done and choosing parties or movie marathon over finishing a project thinking you still have time since the deadline is still a month, a week, or even a day away. If you are a guilty procrastinator, here is a good and a bad news for you. The good news is that procrastination is not a character trait; it is a habit. The bad news is if you keep procrastinating, chances are, it will eventually become your character.

Before you put off your things-to-do, think of a valid reason why you cannot do it immediately. Take this quote from Samuel Smiles which goes: “Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap a destiny“. If you always keep on procrastinating, procrastination will eventually become your character; it will become your identity. Stop allowing your time to be stolen by procrastination. Stop pushing opportunities away due to procrastination. And stop digging your own grave because of too much procrastination.

4. Have a Good Habit of Waking Up Early.

The proverbial phrase by John Ray that goes “The early bird catcheth the worm” still holds a value up to this time. If you are a lark or an early bird then good for you; this personal development goal is not anymore that hard to achieve. But if you are a night owl, then this goal will be a great challenge.

You might say that you work best at night and that you can create more mind-blowing masterpieces at midnight than at high noon. But who knows you might be able to do the same thing in the morning? Being a night owl would not help you if especially if you have a day job. If you would keep on being a night owl while having a day job would make you unproductive. It is best to have a grow a habit of waking early. Aside from that, it conforms to your body rhythm, you would also be able to do more and be productive if you start your day early.

5. Become More Proactive.

You will always encounter difficult situations in your life and in every difficult situation, you will have two options: to be reactive or proactive. Difficult situations would hardly bring out the best in us that is why when you found yourself in one, always choose to become proactive. Master the difficult situation instead of letting the situation control your emotions and actions. If you choose to be reactive, the tendency is that you will tend to respond immediately and when you respond immediately, you will most likely make rash decisions that you will greatly regret later on.

Being proactive could help you in becoming a highly effective individual. Once you become proactive, you become totally in-charge of your life and whatever goes and happens in it. You create your own life. If you want things and events to happen in your life, you make it happen. If ever you fail, you would always take responsibility for it and you would always own up to your mistakes. You will less likely to blame people for your failures and mistakes. In short, you will be able to create a life that you want and aspire.

6. Learn to Stand on Your Own and Solving Your Own Problems.

Life will always have problems. And since it never runs out of its unlimited supply of conflicts, it would also not run out of all the possible solutions; in fact, you are given a lot of choices but it is only up to you if you will make an extra effort to figure things out. There are some people who would want to have everything to be given to them at an arm’s reach or worse; some would want everything fed to them. Do not be like this kind of people since this kind of attitude would not help your self-development at all. If you always depend on people and have them solve your problem, what would happen when you are alone? How are you going to help yourself then?

However, this does not mean that you should not ask help from others. After all, no man is an island. But be wary when you find yourself getting dependent on other people. Take for example this family situation: an only child had always been dependent on his parents that he did not invest for his college education thinking that his father’s business was enough for him to last through a lifetime. An unfortunate event happened to his parents that left him alone and helpless. Since he was dependent all his life, he was not able to run his father’s business properly that it went down to nothing and he was not also able to look for a job since he was not able to graduate in college. Now, education is not exactly the basis whether you are going to have a decent job in the future. But the thing is, he was extremely dependent he does not even know how to think of any effective solution.

7.  Move On and Release the Past.

It is all right to look back to your past but the things are, just look back and do not repeat the same mistakes you had before. Do not allow the ghosts of your past to crawl on your skin or make a cameo appearance in your present, and most especially your future. If you want to have a worth-remembering past, always strive hard to make a worthwhile present.

You may not have forgiven the people in the past and forgotten their transgressions towards you that is why you cannot help but be affected by your past. The funny thing is that, sometimes, children are way better than adults; they can say sorry and easily forgive and forget without hesitations. But if your problem is that still find yourself getting angry at the thought of what happened to you in the past even if you have totally forgiven the people who hurt you then, maybe the real problem you have not forgiven yourself at all. It has been said that the hardest person to forgive is your own self. It will be challenging but you have to learn to forgive yourself and accept everything that you are, flaws and all, in that way, you put a higher notch on your self-development process.

8. Manage Stress Effectively.

With all the school works or workloads you are facing every day, stress has become your friend. Stress is the kind of friend you know who is toxic to you but you allow yourself to be accompanied by that friend anyway. It is true that stress could somehow keep you motivate as you pursue your goals however, it does bad things to your bad. Stress contributes to a lot of physical illnesses like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, and sleeping problems.

When faced with a lot of problems, we tend to start stressing out. The technique here is that do not let stress have power and control over you. Do not make stress your motivator. There is no need to overreact to everything, especially trivial things. Take time to relax and think things over slowly and carefully. Even if you are equipped with the skills to help you combat your problems but you are already stressing things out and is not composed, you will likely fail.

9. Learn to Make Better Decisions.

Decision-making is a great factor in the shape of your life. A lot of people have said that your life would become better if you start making good choices. However, life is always full of surprises. You might make decisions you think are good for you but in the long run, it would cause a lot of complications or additional problems. If that is the case then do not just make decisions you think are good for you; also make decisions that will help you grow and decisions that would make you become a better person.

Good choices cannot always shape you to become a better example. Consider this simple scenario for example you have relocated to a big city and since it is a big city, there are a lot of chances of getting lost. Now you have to go to a certain place and you have no idea how to get there. You have two options: first, you can opt for online car-hailing service where you will surely arrive at your destination, and; second, you can hail a bus. The former can be good for you because you can just sit comfortably in the back seat of the car without worrying about getting lost. The latter could be thrilling since it has many stops. There are a lot of chances of getting lost when riding a bus. Although there are signs of the stops, you can still get overwhelmed and you might get lost. Sure, getting lost is scary, but it is in getting lost that you can find yourself. The truth is, the choice of riding on a bus could help you. Here are two reasons: one is that if ever you get lost you will be able to gain new experience and familiarize the new place you are in little by little, and; two, you will be able to practice independence since in getting lost, you would be forced to face and solve a problem on your own.

10. Work on Your Attitude.

Take this poem of Max Ehrmann titled Desiderata as your guide for this goal:

You might be familiar with a quote from Confucius that says “do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you”. You do not have to break the bank to be nice and kind to others. Sure, there will always be instances wherein the people around you are no better than you are. However, how you would handle those kinds of people determines how mature you have become. No matter how successful you are in all your endeavors, your career or in your family life but you do not treat other people right, you can never be truly considered as successful. Money or fame, even if summed up, could not sum up to the value of having a desirable attitude.

Your attitude affects your life, like how your decisions do. But your attitude also affects your decisions. A positive attitude will make a wrong decision right or at least, bearable. For example, you made the wrong choice of a degree program in college. When the wrong choice is paired with a wrong attitude, chances are, either you will intentionally perform in classes poorly or that you will lose interest in studying anything at all and eventually drop out of school. But when the wrong choice is paired with a positive mindset and attitude, chances are, either you will be driven to learn a new skillset or that you in the process of learning a new degree course, you will be able to know what you really want in life.

Do not put pressure yourself too much on attaining these personal development goals. You can make one of these personal development goals as your long-term goals and attain it through small steps or take short-term goals. Do not be too hard on yourself and give your own self some time and understanding. And when you face setbacks in your journey to develop yourself to become a better person, remember that you are always better and you can always get better than all of the problems and setbacks you are going to face in your life.

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