B2B Email Marketing

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

B2B Email Marketing

Given how technology has paved the way for new and more efficient means of marketing, the only thing there is left for marketers to deal with is the competitive market itself. Businesses must work on strategies that will help them stand out from competing brands in order to survive the fast-changing industry. With many communication channels to choose from, email (or electronic mail) is proven to be one of the most effective mediums for marketing. But before we dig any deeper into this online marketing strategy, it’s important for us to first understand how it functions.

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10 B2B Email Marketing Campaigns Done Right

As marketers, we know how important the B2B (business-to-business) concept is to the growth of a company. The exchange of products, services or information between two businesses poses a number of benefits for both entities involved. Unlike a B2C (business-to-consumer) relationship, B2B is all about using your logical skills to communicate with another entity instead of trying to convince them to purchase your product. And because email is a go-to media channel of communication for many businesses, using such to enforce clear and detailed conversations is of high value. You may also see successful marketing campaign examples.

B2B Email Marketing Examples Done Right

Capitalizing on B2B marketing is beneficial in many ways. For one, this builds engagement, and more engagement would mean more leads, which would then turn into more conversions. This persuades clients and other prospects to choose your company over competing brands. This is not just a marketing tool that you should want, it is something that your business actually needs. It’s an investment that will gradually help your business over time. You may also like marketing strategy examples in doc.

Now that we’ve established the significance of B2B email marketing in today’s age, it’s now time to employ your own practices to the mix. But if you’re new to the B2B email marketing game, we have a few examples of clever B2B email marketing campaigns to inspire you:

1. eROI

eROI is a Portland-based agency that uses digital marketing for email marketing and web design services. One of the company’s marketing strategies involves building the brand’s image to remind clients what they stand for. With the perfect combination of creative and informative in one, the agency has provided prospects with a detailed overview of the entity’s vision and mission for its clients. Not only is it a great way to build brand awareness, but it also helps motivate and inspire an audience to join their growing network.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel’s “A Year in Review” email marketing campaign gave readers a run-through of the company’s journey in the business. But instead of merely extending their heartfelt gratitude towards their clients, Flywheel took a fun and creative approach by using colorful and entertaining images of their employees. This made the email appear more personal and intimate to its readers, which then helped reinforce the company’s personality and style.

3. SumAll

Making announcements via email is the way to go. One example of this is the collaboration between SumAll and Flutter, a tool that aids businesses in increasing their Twitter following. This co-marketing move was groundbreaking news for SumAll subscribers, and the company needed to make sure everyone knew about it.

Besides maintaining an open-communication relationship with prospects, this strategy helped create new interest towards the company’s product offerings. It simply convinced prospects, who were on the fence about SumAll being suitable for their business, make the right decision.

4. Backlinko

Backlinko’s marketing goal was simple: to create valuable content that can boost the company’s presence in the online community.

Video marketing was a common approach for Backlinko’s founder, Brian Dean. As part of his company’s marketing strategy, Dean used these videos as content for B2B email marketing. The entrepreneur and marketing genius often sent subscribers videos containing relatable content that he knew people would be interested in. This helped him build a deeper connection with his respective audience due to how he managed to make them feel like they really knew Dean as a person. The best part is, this marketing strategy did not require a ton of money to carry out.

5. LinkedIn

Using live demo with the guidance of a sales rep is an exciting way to prompt user interaction. Knowing this, LinkedIn made it a point to optimize this strategy for their B2B email marketing campaign.


For starters, there are three things to point out from their social selling strategy:

  • Personalized emails which directly address the recipient by name
  • Professional email signatures with an image of one of their sales reps
  • Emails are kept short, clear, and personal

So what did the company achieve with this marketing stunt? They were able to build trust and reliability around the brand. The live demo offers a unique learning experience for prospects who wanted to know how a particular feature works, without having to read through a wordy manual.

6. Evernote

People who sign up to Evernote instantly receive an email from the company to download their product. Companies with a similar strategy usually have a call to action that pushes a user to either login or install their services. This CTA must be direct and clear enough to generate the right response. Fortunately for Evernote, this simple marketing move helped the company gain over 150 million users in recent years. You may also see types of marketing styles in doc format.

7. Buffer

Buffer has not one, but two B2B email marketing strategies up their sleeve that you can learn from.

Since we all know how important first impressions are in the world of business, Buffer’s welcoming committee made sure new subscribers were greeted accordingly. This also opens doors to bring the conversation even further by introducing social networking platforms that you are in. And as if the first strategy isn’t enough to do the trick, Buffer takes it to the next level by asking subscribers for referrals. Not only is this an attempt to keep the conversation going, but it also allows clients to provide their own input or suggestions on a given matter. You may also like how to create an executive summary of a marketing plan.

8. KlientBoost

Similar to how SumAll acquired Flutter, the announcement of Klientboost’s partnership with Bouncex was an industry highlight that clients needed to know about. Working with another company on a given business venture can lead to endless possibilities. This also allows both companies to reach newer markets and explore various opportunities that are nearly impossible to achieve on their own. This alone is enough to entice prospects with better, more reliable services that merging companies have to offer. You may also check out marketing plan examples & samples.

9. Mutual of Omaha

Finding an excuse to stay in touch with prospects is extremely easy, especially if you know how to turn special holidays into marketing gold mines.

Holidays and other observances are an opportunity for you to initiate a conversation with clients. It serves as a great excuse to send e-cards to your subscribers containing a special message about the season. It doesn’t have to be a sales pitch nor do you need to add anything other than your greeting and well wishes, as this email marketing strategy is meant to strengthen your relationship with clients, without the use of marketing messages.

10. Unbounce

Sending a thank-you email to prospects who have downloaded a piece of content or file, or even completed an action on your website, is a great way to stay connected with your audience. At Unbounce, anyone who downloads their material are bound to receive a thank-you email from the company. But rather than using an HTML design email template, the folks at Unbounce thought it would be better to send a plain text to make the message seem more genuine and authentic.

Apart from a message of thanks, you could provide links to your resource and product pages as well.

General B2B Email Marketing Example

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Tips for Effective B2B Email Marketing

Though you can never force your audience to open the emails you send, there are a few ways to help pique their interest. Here are a few tactics that you can make use of for your B2B email marketing journey:

1. Create a Compelling Subject Line. The subject line is almost like a trailer for a movie. It gives the person a glimpse of what to expect, without giving away any further details on what it’s about. With this in mind, make sure the subject line of your email is compelling enough to prompt an immediate reaction. About 50 characters or less would be enough, as long as the point of it is made clear. You might be interested in what is brand marketing?

2. Make it Brief. Imagine opening an email only to be greeted by a huge wall of words. Are you sure this is an email or an excerpt from a Harry Potter book? It’s not only a hassle to scroll through, but you’re also leaving a bad impression to recipients. You must strive to deliver your message concisely without beating around the bush. Keep in mind that not everyone has the time to read through every word, so you need to be as to-the-point as possible. You may also see types of marketing styles.

3. Get Automated. These days, utilizing an autoresponder for your email marketing campaign is a timely and relevant approach that prospects would surely appreciate. Not only will this help encourage an interaction, but it also proves how much you care about your audience. This ensures prospects are taken care of for the time being.  

4. Keep it Focused. Whatever your purpose may be, make sure the content of your email is focused on that. You don’t want to start asking your audience to do more than one thing at a time, as this can often be misleading, or it may cause miscommunication. Content marketing must be applied when crafting your email as well. This will serve as a guide to create valuable content that’s worth the read.

5. Target Audiences. If you want to connect with your audience effectively, then you must target them accordingly. Tailoring the content of your email according to the likes of its recipients is vital to email marketing success. There’s no other way of reaching your audience than creating something that will likely catch their attention, so it would only be wise to create specific content for a given demographic at a time. You may also like marketing goals examples.

The role of email as a marketing channel is pretty clear. Not only is it of incredible value in creating sales leads and revenue, but it is also a critical tool for retaining clients and customers. Delivering engaging information and content to a targeted list can help the company build a solid audience base, strengthen brand identity, and positively influence its prospects. So the next time you create an email marketing campaign, make sure to keep our promotional B2B email marketing tips and examples in mind.

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