Performance Agreement Contract

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Performance Agreement Contract

Employees in public or private companies are well aware that their performance is a requirement. Whether they may be in the probationary stage of their employment or they have gone through years of regularization in the company. They all go through the performance agreement contract by the time they were hired. Human Resources in any kind of company or businesses are familiar with this kind of agreement contract. Basically anyone really. This kind of agreement contract is used as a way to be familiar with the performance of the employee or the candidate applying for the job. The agreement contract differs with how the company runs it and the policies being placed in it.

What matters to them is the agreement contract be taken seriously and used in a way to track and assess the performance of their employees. But why is it so important? What purpose is there for a performance agreement contract? If you are wondering why this agreement contract is beneficial, I suggest you check out the article below for more.

3+ Performance Agreement Contract Examples

1. Performance Agreement Contract Template

Performance Agreement Contract Template
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2. Formal Performance Agreement Contract

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3. University Performance Agreement Contract

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4. General Performance Agreement Contract

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What Is a Performance Agreement Contract?

A performance agreement contract is a document that the employer gives out to the candidate or the newly hired employee. This agreement contract consists of the rules, regulations, terms and conditions, as well as the policies that the company has about an employee’s performance. Some performance agreement contracts state the time frame of said contract to take effect and for how long. In addition to that, a performance agreement contract is also used as basis for assessment if the employee especially the newly hired employee’s performance is what has been expected by the employer or better than the expectations. Of course a performance agreement contract can also be used for students who may be in a scholarship. Their performance would matter as much as their final grades. As long as they are able to keep up with what has been demanded of them in the agreement contract, highlighting their performance, they are able to keep the scholarship.

The purpose of the employee or anyone who may need it for work or for academic purposes, to sign the performance agreement contract is to make sure that they follow exactly what has been written and agreed on in the contract. As well as to consider and to let them know that if they do good, they may get rewarded, if they do not improve, and this may depend on the policies, they may be given a chance to try again or they may have to find a different place. Performance agreement contracts also do have some risks to them, but this basically helps the employer know about the person more.

How to Write a Performance Agreement Contract?

Are you thinking about writing an agreement contract for performance? Regardless if it is for personal, employment, events or even academic? Do you want to know what should be placed in the agreement contract or if you already have an idea but you have no format or idea on how to formulate your agreement contract? No worries if you have answered yes to all the questions. Check out the following tips on how to write your own performance agreement contract. Again, each agreement contract may differ, but the important thing to remember is they have a purpose.

1. Person’s General Information

For any kind of contract to work, the most important thing to remember is to add the person’s general information. Their complete name, address, contact details, position if they are working for a company, the name of the school if they are students or the name of their business if they are an independent contractor. As a performance agreement contract can differ from what use it may serve you, a person’s general information would still be the most common thing you can find.

2. Payment or Performance Fees

This part of the agreement contract is based loosely on those performers who may be doing gigs like special events. The payment and or performance fees are also something to look at before they sign. As for the one writing the agreement down, you must be very specific with how much you are paying and if it is by the hour or by the day. This is also important to highlight so as not to cause any issues with both parties.

3. Terms and Conditions

All agreement contracts must have terms and conditions. Not only is this an important factor for contracts, it also helps the person before they sign to understand that this is what they are expected to do, this is what the rules or the policies state and must be followed. The terms and conditions help them in a way that it shows them what should be done and in the right way.

4. Signatures

For the agreement contract to be complete, both parties’ signature must be present below. This is not only to seal the deal, but to make sure that both parties have understood their roles, their responsibilities and have agreed on what has been written down and discussed.

5. Duplicate Copies

The best way to make sure that both parties have agreed on the contract is to have one copy each. That way, if there may be things that need to be discussed, both parties have the signed agreement to use as proof. Duplicate copies mean lesser issues as well.


What is a performance agreement contract?

A performance agreement contract is a document made solely to assess and base the assessment and growth through your performance in the company, in school or for an independent business.

What happens if the agreement contract is destroyed?

If one of the parties breaks the agreement, the whole contract becomes null and void. Unless the other party decides to find another way around it to make it work for both.

Is it a requirement to sign the agreement contract before reading?

It is better to read the whole contract before signing it. As the contract is not only legally binding, it is also a requirement to sign. This is to make sure you have understood what you have read and have discussed with the other party.

Agreeing to something before signing and reading can be risky. Let alone signing a contract without understanding what you are expected to do. A performance agreement contract can be used mainly for assessing the candidate for a job performance, or even for a student and the scholarship. The agreement contract can also be used for those who may want to ask for small bands or acts to perform in social gatherings, and with that, the agreement comes along. Again, when you are given this kind of document, always read everything before signing.

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