Commercial Roofing Contract

Commercial Roofing Contract Examples

Did you know that there are, more or less, 550,000 new small businesses in the United States every month? Well, believe it or not, that’s a fact cited by Jacques Famy Jr. for the Advance Point Capital. Surely, that sounds very good for a commercial roofing contractor like you! They might be startups, but one of them has got to have the financial means to own a commercial establishment. And, they will need your roofing services sooner or later. With that being the case, you need to be prepared with a ready-made contract just in case you win bids on these prospective clients. Make use of our examples below to get an idea of how these contracts look like! Moreover, you can learn how to make one through our article below! Read it now!

5+ Commercial Roofing Contract Examples

1. Commercial Roofing Contract

commercial roofing contract
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2. Commercial Roofing Contract Proposal

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3. Company Commercial Roofing Contract

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4. Sample Commercial Roofing Contractor

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5. Sample Commercial Roofing Contract

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6. Printable Commercial Roofing Contract

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What Is a Commercial Roofing Contract?

A commercial roofing contract is a legal document that legally binds a commercial roofing business and a potential client into a business agreement. This may pertain to an arrangement for roof replacement, roof repair, roofing installation, and even recurring maintenance. The document also acts as a warranty for the participants to carry out the arrangement’s specifications about the contract payment schedule, roofing estimate, invoice provisions, and more. According to Cotney Construction Law, there are certain areas that must not be forgotten. These include indemnification, contingent payment, retainage, warranties, warranty disclaimers, and no damage for delay clauses.

What To Look For In a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Key Exteriors stated in its blog site that there are more than a hundred thousand roofing businesses in the United States, employing more than 260,000 people. That’s quite a lot of options when you want your commercial establishment’s roof done. Let’s say you can break down that number according to your area, and leave you with only two choices. How will you know which one to hire? Home improvement service provider Re-New Home Designs have given us six of the must-have credentials that we should be looking for when employing a commercial roofing contractor. The qualifications consist of business license, training certificates, insurance policy, referral, warranty, and project portfolio.

How To Prepare a Commercial Roofing Contract

A commercial roofing contract can be made with a contract lawyer’s help. Obviously, it comes with a price. If you insist on creating the project contract without professional help, then we won’t allow you to do it by yourself. We will be giving you an outline that can assist you in creating your much-needed contract. Check it out below.

1. Set Contract Title and Name Contract Participants

Contracts have many variations, like employee contracts, training contracts, sales contracts, and many more. Each variation has a unique purpose. This contract, for example, is a service contract whose purpose is to detail the arrangement between a service provider and its potential client. To avoid confusion on what this document is about, you should set your contract title first and foremost. In addition, you must also name who the involved parties are. Don’t forget to include their basic information like addresses, email addresses, and contact numbers.

2. Write Down the Stipulations

The main function of a contract is to give full details of an arrangement of two parties. Without any delay, write down all your stipulations, as well as those of your clients. This section must include the following areas:

– Service definition and scope of work
– Observance of Insurance requirements
– Payment specifics
– Exclusivity terms
– Indemnification
– Warranty
Dispute resolution policies

3. Include a Clause for Contract Termination

All contracts have an end, for better or for worse. This is why you should incorporate a termination of contract clause. This clause gives you a chance to propound the rights to conclude a contract once the job is completed or when things didn’t go as planned. An instance of the latter situation is when a breach in the contract takes place. Through the specifics that the sufferer set in this clause beforehand, it can immediately cut the ties.

4. Present Other Bargain Essentials

Make sure that your contract has a thorough content. Missing a single piece could lead to big problems. Other bargain essentials may include roofing estimate, resource accumulation, supply delivery dates, and many more. This section does not only make your contract complete but also protects it from any dispute or helps in clarifying uncertainties.

5. Save Signature Space

Contracts are made official through signatures that are inscribed by the service provider, the client, and a judge. Therefore, reserving a little space for these signatures is a must.


What is a contract lawyer?

Contract attorneys refer to the lawyers who work on a temporary basis. Many of them are hired by businessmen to handle the composition process of a service contract. Their expertise in legal jargon, procedures, and processing helps any contract’s compliance and conciseness.

What steps should be taken if there will be a breach in the contract?

The very first thing you must do is to formally discuss it with the breaching party. Then, carefully review the specifications written in the contract’s dispute resolutions. Most of the time, your options would be to change the contract stipulation, entirely quitting the contract, and mediation to court.

Does a service contract have to be written?

No. Verbal agreements also exist. However, they are very difficult in many aspects. Written contracts, on the other hand, offer many protections, and are easier to organize, which are some of the reasons why they are opted by most people.

Contracts are very important for both service providers and the client. Frankly, such a document doesn’t guarantee the work will be completed. However, such a document ensures that both parties at least tried to make the business arrangement work. Salim Ghauri, better known as the Bill Gates of Pakistan, quoted,” When you sign a big contract, do not have big celebrations. Celebrate when you have successfully delivered the contract.” Hence, it is highly recommended that you produce a contract for your commercial roofing company’s every project.

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